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Who Are We?

Mailsoftly is developed by the consulting company, Albert Solino Co. with the aim of creating solutions both for our own problems and consultant’s problems. Albert Solino has been giving management consulting services for more than 15 years to small or medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. We target to grow and improve our communication channels with our existing and potential clients. Therefore, we have used some popular mail sending softwares and applications to manage our marketing campaigns, especially for the email marketing projects. We’ve tried almost every popular e-mail software in the market. We thought some features for email marketing were very important in order to improve our communication and effectiveness of our efforts. However, these products were inefficient for these kinds of needs. Finally, we came up with our own system! 

We took the advantage of being in the consultancy business and combined it with our professional software developer team that were already working on some other software products. After determining the strategy, we build our own system in order to reach our clients in a more personalized way. Within the scope of getting to know real information about everything in emailing, we built some stats & analyze features; in addition to categorizing the contacts easily, and segmenting the audiences dynamically. These well known softwares may have many facilities however, they could not provide our demands at the end of the day. So, we got fed up with this and started to create our own system, Mailsoftly!

If you are already using Sendgrid, Mailchimp or any other popular platform like these, you can still continue to use them but you can also use Mailsoftly as an interface. With Mailsoftly, you can use email services, delivery systems, smtp settings and more.. Receiving detailed statistics for each of your contacts. Easily see those who open your email, who click your links etc. You can add more information on your contacts and you can tag them, label them. This quality is not easy to find! These platforms may claim otherwise but that’s what we experienced. So, the first thing that matters is the feasibility of the system to our own needs; and if our team members are happy with the features or not. Then, if our clients and our users are curious to use our own email server system with adapting their own email servers. We constantly improve the product and we are very excited about it. We get tremendous praises from our first users which is very exciting.

This product is being developed by the expertise of Albert Solino Corporations. Albert Solino has 15 years of expertise by working in a lot of different sectors in every industry. Albert Solino Corporation offers services and products and the Mailsoftly is a spin-off. Albert Solino is not a kind of stand-alone startup but it’s a little bit more like a spin-off we can’t call and we offer our system to our existing clients which they love. We are also using Mailsoftly software, as our own system to build our potential users and to promote our distinctive projects. 

Story Behind The Name

On a summer night, co-founder Alkan was sitting on his balcony with his friends in Istanbul. He was with his friends, drinking beer and having fun. Normally, his balcony has closed windows, but for that day windows were open. End of the day, his friends turned back to their houses and Alkan went to sleep. In the morning, he realized that they forgot to close the windows. He entered the balcony and saw a pigeon inside! It was sitting on the boxes in the balcony. 

Alkan has two kids, five years and three years old. When they saw the pigeons they also loved to see that. So, they just let them hang around there. And then, it started to carry sticks to make a nest. After a while, it finished making its nest and laid eggs there. It raised 5-6 baby pigeons. Alkan and his family saw the eggs and babies hatching. They watched how the mother pigeon taught how to fly. It was funny to watch because they were trying to fly and fail and try again… Alkan’s flat is on the eighth floor so they were using his balcony to exercise their flying. It was a very good experience.

We believe this story wasn’t a coincidence. As you know, pigeons were used for communication in the ancient world, at world war times especially. They carried letters for kilometers from one place to another… They could go miles and miles away from home and find their home back. They have some kind of navigation in their head. They know where their nest is. So, the pigeons were still coming to Alkan’s balcony but they were making some mess all around. Alkan and his family couldn’t use the balcony anymore so they had to clean the balcony and birds stopped coming. 

So, this pigeon family was actually giving a signal to our product Mailsoftly. Mailsoftly delivers emails and pigeons used to deliver mails. 1 or 2 years after this pigeon story, we have decided to launch Mailsoftly and decided to make a pigeon as our icon. “Mail” part of the Mailsoftly name comes from this pigeon, and “Softly” comes from its feathers. A magical moment turned into a magical story of Mailsoftly.

Our Vision

Bringing structure and organization to the way you manage your emails. Giving yourself more time is our greatest vision. We aim to eliminate the problems that may arise from the lack of communication among rapidly changing priorities, and offer you a more efficient communication method. We provide services for you to organize your e-mails, determine your contact list and deliver your shipments quickly.

Our Mision

Mailsoftly provides great comfort in the email world by minimizing the loss of time that people do not notice. In today's technology, we realize the importance of speed so we make sure that you don't waste your precious time. We ensure that you deliver e-mails, which are the largest communication source in the corporate world, to the right people in the most accurate way.

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