5 Examples for Mailsoftly Email Templates 

As Mailsoftly content creators we have created dozens of blog posts on the Mailsoftly blog page to cover various subtopics of email marketing in detail. Many of these posts also feature original and CTR-boosting email template examples that our users can easily utilize as they need. So far, these template examples have been available as copy / paste material, but now, let's take a look at them within the Mailsoftly platform! In this article you can find original & useful examples for Mailsoftly email templates created within the Mailsoftly email marketing software!

5 Mailsoftly Email Template Example

Promotional Cold Email Examples 

Cold email templates are among the most in-demand template examples in a variety of different areas. Whether it's promotional newsletters, sales-type emails, reminder emails, networking emails, media pitch emails or link-building emails, cold email templates are essential for anyone who sends emails in any capacity. For more details on the importance of cold emailing and other usage-related information, please check our "What is Cold Emailing" blog post. We previously shared the sample Promotional Cold Email Example we created in plain text in another blog post related to ChatGPT and cold email topics within the Mailsoftly platform.

Below you can check a campaign example for a new product line of male running shoes for 2023. With a short description of target audience and other details: “There are no discounts but the offer to spend $200 and receive free next day shipping is what the campaign is offering. The tone of the company is exciting and high energy and our target audience is males 25 - 50."

We created a new newsletter example within Mailsoftly by using the email sample ChatGPT provided to us. Below you can see the preview version of it: 

Promotional Cold Email Preview

Now you can freely create and use this template or a similar one within Mailsoftly just by signing up!

Promotional Cold Email Template Examples

Happy Birthday Email Examples for Customers


One another creatable template option within Mailsoftly is the Happy Birthday Email Template Example, doubtlessly it will be necessary for almost every user. Whether it's for business contacts, family celebrations, or friend gatherings, everyone wants to congratulate their loved ones and acquaintances on their birthdays. Ready-made email templates can be your savior in this regard! Whether you use them for sales or simply to say "Happy Birthday," these templates are sure to bring a smile to the person celebrating their birthday. Plus, if you offer them a discount code, gift card, or free shipping on their special day, it's sure to make them even happier!

We have previously shared various written versions of Happy Birthday Email Examples multiple times. This time, we preferred to use one of them as an example within Mailsoftly. With just a click, you can access your dashboard to integrate the template below and easily customize the previewed email body. Preferably create your own template from scratch and save it for future use.

Preview of the mail ready to be sent: 

Happy Birthday Email Preview

Happy Birthday Template

Event Invitation Email Template Example 

We have underlined several times that event invitation email templates allow you to quickly create professional-looking emails without spending a lot of time on design and copywriting. Additionally using event invitation email templates supports email marketing efforts positively. Because, event invitation email examples are more efficient, effective, and professional-looking, while also making the email marketing process easier to stay on brand and engage with your audience. Within Mailsoftly you can simply customize an event invitation template with your event details and branding, personalize it according to your audience and send the crafted email to your segmented audience within a few seconds! It’s just simple as it, if you’ve already created your contact list and segmented your audience according to the right specifications. Just check the below email template example for an Meetup event invitation which will be planned to be organized in 2023! 

  Below is the preview image of the event invitation email:
Event Template Preview

Just sign up to Mailsoftly to use that template!

Event Template Example

Valentine’s Day Email Examples & Messages for Clients


Valentine’s Day and it’s hipe may seems to be over however our love of email marketing lasts forever 😉 Through the Mailsoftly’s blog we created many new and useful articles on Valentine’s Day email marketing such as Examples of Valentines Day Email Newsletter , Best Valentine’s Day Messages for Clients and Valentine’s Day Messages for Employees 2023. In this article we provided email templates and subject lines for Valentine's Day with original and customizable content for our readers. These Valentines’ Day ready to use templates can be integrated within Mailsoftly’s email template page from now on! You can easily create your own template with just a few clicks, customize and personalize the email body, and save them for later use. Just check the below preview example created to be sent to the clients. 

Valentines Day Template Preview

Below you can see how the template is listed within the email templates page. You can easily customize that template according to Nonprofit Valentine’s Day Email Examples [2023] or Valentines Day Email Marketing Templates for 2023

Valentines Day Template Example

Women's Day Email Example 

The March 8th of every year symbolizes Women's Day internationally and significantly it is an important occasion to celebrate the achievements of women and promote gender equality. Like other special days on the calendar, email marketing  practices help us to create effective email campaigns or just csimple newseltter reminding recipiesient the importance of the day itself. 

Using a Women's Day email template can help you highlight this message and show your support for women's rights. Because Women's Day is a topic that is likely to be of interest to many people, especially women. By using a Women's Day email template, you can create a message that resonates with your audience and encourages them to engage with your brand. After all, using a Women's Day email template also can help to create a sense of community and connection with your audience. By acknowledging the importance of Women's Day and sharing a message of support, you can help your audience feel more connected to your brand and its values.

Now, let’s check the below example of a preview image of the Women's Day email template example : 

Womens Day Email Message Preview

This is a convenient email example for sending employees on 8th of March to show them the support of their company. You can see that it is also personalized at the subject line, and address section as well. You can just add your own email signature to such an email body and send it to the female employees on International Women’s Day with an audience segmentation. Moreover you can schedule the email beforehand, for instance on 6th of March and send it at the early hours of the day on 8th of March. In addition to all of these, you can preview your email just like the above one, send a test email to the test group emails in order to check if everything is fine before sending it to all the contacts.
Finally you can easily save your template for further use, customize it for other special days and save time for mass email sending processes. 

Below you can see how is the saved template looks like at the email template page: 

Womens Day Email template

Sign Up Mailsoftly To Use Many More! 

In conclusion, using email templates for events and occasions like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Women's Day or just for Happy Birthday can help businesses, organizations, email marketers and even individuals to save time, ensure consistent branding, create a professional look, and engage with their audience in a meaningful way. By using pre-designed templates, marketers can focus on crafting a compelling message that resonates with their audience, while leaving the design and technical aspects of the email to the template and personalization part to the email marketing software Mailsoftly!  This not only saves time and effort, but also helps create a more efficient and effective email marketing campaign that can generate higher engagement, increase brand recognition, and drive business results. Whether it's Valentine’s Day, Women's Day or any other occasion, email templates can be a valuable tool in any marketer's arsenal for creating successful email campaigns. 

You can try Mailsoftly for free now to achieve these features! Mailsoftly is an email sending software that offers a range of features to help businesses and organizations create successful email campaigns. Email templates, personalization and email automation are some of the key features that Mailsoftly offers. As we mentioned throughout the whole article Mailsoftly provides pre-designed email templates that businesses can use to create professional-looking emails quickly and easily. With a variety of templates available, businesses can choose the one that best suits their needs and customize it with their own branding and content. The email sending software product Mailsoftly also allows businesses to personalize their emails using dynamic content and segmentation. This can help email marketers to create more targeted and relevant messages that resonate with their audience.

By means of email automation feature, Mailsoftly offers users to schedule their email campaigns beforehand. By combining these features with Mailsoftly's email sending capabilities, businesses can create effective email campaigns that engage with their audience and drive business results. With the help of Mailsoftly's templates, personalized content, and automation features, email marketing professionals can save time and effort while still creating compelling messages that resonate with their audience!