Best Cyber Monday Emails

Cyber Monday is one of the best sales that happen each year. The idea itself is in the name, cyber indicating that it is online and Monday tells you the day it occurs. It is the Monday that follows Thanksgiving weekend; some Cyber Mondays boast more deals than Black Friday. Many stats can provide valuable feedback as to why Cyber Monday is so great! One that particularly stood out was that in 2021 over 77 million people participated in Cyber Monday, which generated approximately $62 million. Now Covid could have been a factor, but that amount of activity can only increase if Cyber Monday Emails are sent out. Email Marketing is an effective way to promote business during this cyber period. 

Tips for Writing Cyber Monday Emails to Boost Conversion

Exclusive Deals: Make deals Cyber Monday exclusive, driving more sales on that particular day. Creating an offer specific to the one day gives the feeling of "I can't miss this deal. It won't return ". Do what is best for the company if that means a significant discount on products that aren't usually on sale or offering an enticing freebie with certain purchases. Often there is a trend to make it an extension of Black Friday, but feel free to switch it up and make it its day. Stand out from the crowd - people are attracted to a one-of-a-kind experience instead of something generic. 

Countdown Email: A countdown sparks the idea of Urgency; showing a countdown is a great way to keep promotions in front of customers' minds. It is enticing and enacts FOMO. There are a few ways to use Count downtimes during Cyber Monday.

  1. There are two countdown times, one placed at the header of the page and the second at the footer, increasing the visual Urgency.
  2. Make the CTA (Call - to - action) button directly below the timer so that recipients can take action immediately and avoid other distractions. 
  3. Use highlighting words! Mentioning words such as "Last Chance," "Today Only," or "Limited Time" are all words that inspire action. 

Sale is Coming Email: Don't alert your customers of a deal the day before; instead, send our promotional emails to build up the excitement. Be aware of the frequency you send emails; too many are annoying, and too few will negatively affect your sales. Ideally, 3 - 4 emails leading up to Cyber Monday is an excellent way to prep customers. Announcing the deal is a great way to entice customers and keep them on alert. In addition, you are sending the promotions the week before gives customers an idea of what they can purchase. 

Design: Make sure your email matches the energy of the sale. This can be tricky because there is no 'theme' such as Christmas having Santa and Valentines having red and pink colors. Also, Cyber Monday has no designated features, so it is time to get creative! Sometimes you will see people using the leverage of the 'cyber' idea and keeping it tech-looking, but it is up to your brand what design works for your message. 

Subject Line:  Subject lines are the salesman of your emails. They initially catch your audience's attention before even interacting with the email itself. There are many ways to think of creative subject lines, for even such as Cyber Monday, there's a lot more flexibility in the creative aspect of it. Check out this link if you want to get into the specifics of subject lines during Cyber Monday.

Personalization: Personalization is a generic topic regarding email marketing; it is a basic understanding across all platforms that the more personal you are, the more you stand out. But this being said, adding a touch of personalization to Cyber Monday emails is a great way to catch your audience's attention. For example, suppose you can do some audience segmentation and figure out what email campaigns need to be run based on previous preferences. In that case, you will have a ton of interaction with your email and a ton of interaction with your website. Personalization is a way of making a customer feel valued and heard while using that to your advantage by marketing toward them. 

  1. Subject Line containing the First name
  2. Cyber Monday is clear 
  3. Content that is related to purchase history

Segment your Email List: It might be obvious to segment your emailing campaigns, but it is highly advised to Resegment them based on Cyber Monday preparation. If you're asking yourself why? It's because email lists evolve due to the customer's preferences. If you are eating your customers and changing their preferences while doing your job well, you will gain more data and insight about them and what they prefer. There are a few ways to segment your data: the first would be based on purchasing preferences, and the second would-be Deal Seekers. 

Purchasing Preferences: You can look at this by segmenting based on who participated in last year's Cyber Monday. or who has interacted with or opened deals or emails regarding Cyber Monday.

Deal Seekers: These individuals only interact with your company and make purchases when there is a deal. Their search or purchase history often increases around holidays or Flash sales. Technically this is the holiday that is made just for them. 

Go against the Grain: Open the email by mentioning that there isn't a sale; instead, use this chance to discuss how the brand itself is already priced more affordable than competing brands and keep it simple. In this case, it could be fun to add a mockery of some sort to the idea of Cyber Monday. 

Create a VIP offer: Make something specific to VIP guests or members. When having sales, if there is the chance to incorporate something exclusive for VIP gues, then jump on that opportunity. To earn that VIP level, there must be a certain amount of money spent or frequent visits. Etc, so why not reward them for this consistent effort? Incorporating eye-catching VIP offers will be great because it is an offer only available to existing customers. Add a 50% discount with early access if a deal is running. That is an incredible deal that members would love to take part in. It will help build connection and a sense of family if you make those guests feel important. 

Cart Abandonment: This is a prime example of A retargeting campaign; after the car has been left empty, retarget those customers and bring them back into their purchase. Often, customers forget an order or leave it in the cart, and sending an abandonment email is recatching their attention. These are effective ways of getting customers to complete their purchases. A few tricks to include when having an abandonment email sent out is to include an image of the product, including a visual that will spark their interest. Then you can also add a link to the car itself or the product they were interested in and a quick brain-related design so they can associate the email to your company. 

Final Reminder Email: The day before Cyber Monday hits, send a massive reminder email. Making the idea of cyber Monday fresh in their heads will not only create excitement about the holiday but also plant the seed of making a future purchase. FOMO is very adamant in society; the fear of missing a great deal is what people hate the most. 

Cyber Monday Email Best Practices

  • Make the email newsletter mobile-friendly! - This is very important as most interactions with emails are done through phones. With this in mind, you must run a mock email to see if it is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Timing is Key - This can be considered in two different ways; the first would be when the email is sent out, and the second is time zone. Both can drastically affect the success of the email. First, looking at when the email should be sent out, we briefly went over this, but it all depends on when you are planning to hold your flash deal. This will drastically change when the email is sent out. Second, the time zone is essential to keep in mind because if there is an email sent out country-wide at 9 pm, some will receive it at 6 pm, some at 9 pm, and some at 12 am. These are not all optimal times for email marketing, so the time zone must always be considered. 
  • Subject Line - This was mentioned above, but the subject line is drastically essential. Ensure that the subject line contains the words' Cyber Monday', the discount included, and ping words. Ping words will catch your user's attention, such as free, biggest sale, save, discount, off, coupon, etc. You also want to ensure a sense of Urgency by adding a time or including the words' last chance. This is also an appropriate time to incorporate emojis into subject lines to give off the feeling of fun and friendliness. 
  • Pay attention to CTA - in all Cyber Monday emails that show success; there are a couple of CTA - Calls to Action, directing the customer to the landing page or the product page. This is where you can have a pop-up page and collect their information to add them to your mailing list. 
  • Throw out some rewards! - As mentioned before, this is your chance to recognize consistent customers, giving them an extra special offer such as an additional 50% off or extending their deal for 48 hours. 
  • Segment your Audience - Cyber Monday sales are for everybody! So make sure to take the time to segment your audience so you are reaching out to the correct person for the results that you'd like!
  • Know your audience - Give them what they want; a successful way to do this is to look at the previous year's sales and retail with high success rates. Before Cyber Monday, you can restock those items and decide to run similar sales so customers recognize it and jump on the deal!
  • Add a human touch! - Add some fun; this can be a little written blurb from the director or a cute story attached to the email or product description. This way, you create a connection with the customers, who are emotionally attached. 


Cyber Monday is one of the most considerable sales opportunities that come around! Taking advantage of the mindset that people are open to spending money. Sending emails on time with catchy subject lines, fun designs, and incredible deals are all great tricks for success! Often emails can get lost in the shuffle so ensuring interaction depends on the sale and the subject line. However, spending a reasonable time on these will bring positive results. Mailsoftly is the place where you can get this done! Mailsoftly allows for flexible interaction with emails and sending them out to massive audiences at the click of a button. To learn more about Mailsoftly, check out the website!