Best Valentine's Day Messages for Clients & Customers in 2023

The aim of sending Valentine's Day greetings to clients, customers and business associates is to show your appreciation for them and to strengthen your relationship. It's a small gesture that can go a long way in building loyalty and trust between you and all your business associates. It also conveys a message of goodwill and strengthens your reputation as a reliable and considerate business partner.

Sending valentine's day messages to customers and clients can be categorized as a part of  holiday greetings for business. Because as we mentioned in a previous blog post, Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Ideas [2023] , the meaning of Valentine’s Day has expanded through the years including family love, self love, even pet love! So, why not include your customers, clients and business partners with business Valentine's day cards?

Business valentine messages should not scare you. It’s even easier than you think to write them as an email body. So let’s keep on reading our blog post for charming Happy Valentine's day business messages!

Let’s start with the basics, as usual…

The best Valentines'Day Messages for clients and customers

What Is The History Of Valentine's Day ?

The very first record of Valentine's Day is based on the 3rd century Rome with the prosecution of a clerk named Valentinus, who is known as St. Valentine in the modern world. One rumor has it that Saint Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. Claudius believed that single men made better soldiers than married men, so he banned marriage for young men. Valentine, however, secretly married couples in love. When Claudius found out, he had Valentine thrown in jail and sentenced to death. While in jail, Valentine is said to have healed the jailer's daughter, who was blind. Before his execution, he sent her a letter signed "From your Valentine," which is one of the earliest known examples of a Valentine's Day card.

The exact history of Valentine's Day is a bit murky, however according to another legend V-Day has a connection with the  ancient pagan festival called Lupercalia. Because it’s a fixed day on the calendar that got lumped into a mid-February holiday on the ancient Roman calendar called Lupercalia—which some historians believe was a fertility ritual celebrated in honor of the Roman god Lupercus.

Valentine's Day became associated with romantic love in the 14th and 15th centuries, when the tradition of courtly love flourished in Europe. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Valentine's Day cards became popular in Europe, and the tradition soon spread to the United States. In the 21st century, Valentine's Day is celebrated almost globally by lovers and the beloved ones.

Some Impressive Valentines Day’s Statics

Before sharing examples and greetings, let’s check some facts on the subject itself, online shopping statics for Valentines Day.  

According to a survey, half of the Americans attending the audit declared that they will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Moreover in 2022, planned Valentine’s Day spending in the U.S was forecasted to rise to almost 24 billion U.S. dollars.  Another figure is for the gift recipients that support the expanded meaning of Valentine's Day and 14 Feb. Because most of the people spend their money for their partners and the second big slice is for the family members.

On the other hand, according to the National Retail Foundation, more than 32% of Americans celebrating the holiday opt for online shopping for Valentine's Day and more and 48% of these consumers plan to do their Valentine's Day shopping online.

These figures underline the aim of sending valentines day greetings for customers and clients as well as email sales campaign purpose: to remind yourself as a business associate and to strengthen the relationship between your customer and client list while they are searching perfect gift options, dining opportunities and so on.

Therefore, do not underestimate the power of sending both professional and friendly, humorous Valentines greetings to clients, customers and more! 

Let’s continue with tips and examples…

How Do You Wish Someone A Professional Valentine's Day?

As we mentioned, wishing someone a professional Valentine's Day is a great way to express your appreciation and gratitude for them. You can do this by sending a heartfelt card, writing them a kind note, in order to show your appreciation by publicly praising their work via sending email messages. These should not be considered as a part of an email marketing campaign; however consider them as a part of a long-term process with your business connections.

Here are a few tips for crafting an effective Valentine's Day message as a reply for the widely asked question “What is a good Valentine's Day message for a business?”:       

  •         Keep it professional: While Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday, it is still important to maintain a professional tone in your messaging. Avoid using overly personal or romantic language.
  •         Show appreciation: Use the holiday as an opportunity to show appreciation for your customers, clients, and employees. Acknowledge the role they play in your business and express your gratitude.
  •         Keep it short and sweet: Your message should be concise and to the point. Aim for a few short paragraphs or bullet points, rather than a long, wordy message.
  •         Personalize your message: If possible, try to personalize your message to each recipient. This can be as simple as addressing them by name, or you can tailor your message to their interests or needs.
  •         Finally, offer a promotion or special deal: According to above data, Valentine's Day is a popular time for businesses to offer promotions or special deals. Consider offering a discount or special offer to your customers or clients as a way to show your appreciation. For campaign tips, please visit our another blog post: Valentines Day Email Marketing Tips and examples!

Overall, the most important thing is to be sincere and genuine in your message. Show your appreciation for your audience and let them know how much you value their business.

Love is in the air... and in your inbox! (1)

Examples for Friendly Valentine’s Day Messages for Clients

Examples for Friendly Valentine’s Day Messages for Clients

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Include Humor To Your Professional Valentine's Day Business Greetings

You can add humor to a professional Valentine's Day business greeting by adding a funny or clever message. For instance, you may say “Happy Valentine's Day! May the deals you make always bring you success!” or “Happy Valentine's Day! Let's raise a glass to all of the amazing business deals we've done together!” instead of a dull "Thanks for being a great business partner.”

Another way to add humor is to include a funny story or joke about love or dating. Check the below example of a creative poem lines to get inspired of your Valentine's day greeting card:

Include Humor To Your Professional Valentine's Day Business Greetings

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Examples for Playful Valentine’s Day Messages for Clients

Examples for Playful Valentine’s Day Messages for Clients

Additionally, you could simply wish your clients or customers a "Happy Valentine's Day" in a humorous or light-hearted way. Such as:

happy valentines day

Finally check below for more examples of simple or personalized Valentine's Day messages that you could send to your customers:

valentines day messages

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Best Valentine's Day Messages for Clients & Customers in 2023

Use The Power Of Popular Culture By Celebrating Galentine’s Day For Customers & Clients [Bonus]

Everyone knows V-day however G-day is a part of popular culture. Galentine's Day is a made-up ‘special day’ celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine's. This special day was popularized by the TV show "Parks and Recreation," in which the character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, declares February 13th to be "Galentine's Day." Therefore, "Galentine's Day" is a humorous way to celebrate female friendship and empowerment.

On Galentine's Day, women celebrate their friendships with each other by sending cards, gifts, and messages of appreciation. Some women also celebrate with brunch, lunch, or dinner outings with their female friends. The holiday has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many women using social media to share messages of appreciation for their female friends and colleagues. The celebration of Galentine's Day can be seen as a response to the traditional focus on romantic love on Valentine's Day. It offers an opportunity for women to celebrate and appreciate the important role that female friendships play in their lives. For the specific email marketing campaigns and celebrating Galentine's Day of your clients you can choose the segmentation method for pin point business messages. Because the G-day is for females, you can create unique messages and greetings for them, as well as targeted campaigns. This is one of the most humorous ways to create V-day emails, even if the clients or customers are unaware of the Galentine's Day or the TV show it depends on. Below are some example for Galentine's Day celebrations:

galentines day

If you do not have anything to sell or offer just celebrate with sincere greeting lines:

galentines day messages

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Wrap up the Valentine's Day Messages for Clients

As we all know Valentine's Day is traditionally a time when people exchange cards, flowers, and gifts with their beloved ones. On the other hand it is typically associated with an increase in consumer spending, particularly on gifts for romantic partners. Therefore we suggest email marketers and also PR specialists to turn Feb 14 , and even Feb 13, into their advantage to keep the relations warm with your clients, customers and other business associates, if possible.

Try and use Mailsoftly free now as the email marketing software to craft your email ideas, messages, V-Day greeting cards and many more with useful tools with a user friendly interface! Segment your audience, target your emails according to contact lists and send your best wishes for Valentine’s Day! Happy Greetings Everyone!