Design Ideas and Tips for Birthday Emails [2023] 

Birthday Emails are one of the easiest ways to run a consistent campaign, let alone create it in a way to make it automated. If you are curious about what an automated email campaign is, it is when an email is sent out automatically due to how the campaign is set up. There are positive results from running email birthday campaigns, and the numbers consistently sit higher than a typical marketing campaign. This is partially because people think the campaign is offering them something individual and unique, which is technically accurate. An additional marketing technique is how the Birthday Emails are designed, from the color scheme to the images used there are a plethora of fun and eye catching approaches. 

The design behind an email marketing campaign varies drastically, especially on occasion. However, there are often themes that are stuck to so that the campaign is consistently on Brand and the aesthetic matches that of the companies. Tips on how to create the perfect birthday email campaign are below! Take the time to look and see what works for your Brand's voice. A birthday email marketing campaign aims to deliver a birthday greeting or a gift to a customer that genuinely makes the Brand stand out and shows its unique characteristic. It adds to the relationship between the Brand and the customer, making the interaction feel more authentic. When this is implemented, you will see an increase in ROI and customer retention. 

What is a Birthday email Consist of?

A birthday email is a targeted campaign to individuals who have informed the Brand of their birthday, and it is used to offer presents in the form of a unique or exclusive deal. Frequently this is seen in the form of a coupon code, discounts, or even free shipping. These birthday email marketing campaigns are there to create relationships with customers, leading to an increase in retention and a boost in sales or foot traffic. This is why creating a thoughtful and well-designed campaign is essential so that it comes across as caring and unique. 

Depending upon your business and the types of services offered, it is entirely based upon your preference in how you provide your birthday present. Often in a local store, they'll send a birthday email and include a special deal. Regardless of how you approach the discount or the gift offered, the appreciation and gratitude that will be received from the customer are unmatched. It will set your Brand and your business apart from any others.

birthday design and tips

How can a Birthday Email Campaign Benefit your Brand?

Creating customer retention and establishing a relationship with your customers needs to be more appealing. In that case, we can look at some numbers offered by Experian about why birthday emails have such a high performance compared to promotional emails. 

  • 481% Higher transaction rates than promotional emails
  • 342% higher Revenue per email than promotional emails
  • 179% higher unique clicks than promotional emails

So ultimately, having birthday emails will play a quantifiable role in sustaining Revenue, customer engagement, and retention if done correctly. 

Designs Ideas

There are a few touches of sparkle that you can add to your campaigns to make sure that the customers will love the way they receive their present. 

Lovable Layouts

An email layout is an essential part of how the email is interpreted. To quickly catch the customer's attention once the email has been opened, there needs to be a catching image or text that is grasping. Incorporating positive images and visuals is a great way to have a lovable layout. For example, things that go along with the birthday could be a birthday cake, balloons, or confetti which often leads straight to the point.

Clear CTA

Emails are created for a specific purpose, regardless of what that purpose is. In this case, it is a birthday email. Often emails are attached with a call to action, otherwise known as a CTA. the customer will want to spot the special deal made for their birthday right away as it is being advertised as a gift to them. Don't include other information that can distract the reader from the discount or present they receive until later in the email template. Making the CTA easy to detect and clear and simple will make customers aware of the hustle and bustle of their birthday. 

Switch up the Color

Do something different; birthdays are the perfect opportunity to switch the color up and do something that will be out of the ordinary from your typical designs. When saying out of the ordinary, it doesn't mean that it needs to cost you more or be incredibly complex; it just means changing the color of the email scheme and adding some balloons and cheerful images. All of which are simple ways to make the email stand out. An intelligent approach is to recolor the CTA button. Frequently the CTA button is a splash of color on the page, but in this case, you could switch up the color scheme and do something more fun, as opposed to on Brand. If it helps with creativity, blue is the most popular color among women and men. 

Clear and Concise

Frequently Brands offer a birthday promotion that can encourage them to shop for the Brand. This is typically the email's point, meaning it should be upfront and centered. Please refrain from making the readers hunt to find the deal. Instead, use it as the featured piece of the email. Making the deal front and center by enlarging the text makes the reading a concise and easy breeze.

Subject Lines 

Subject lines make a huge difference in the possibility of your email getting opened. And in this case, if you started with a happy birthday [ Insert Name ], then the likelihood of it opening will increase. That is due to their name being used in the subject line to catch their attention. A few fun facts about subject lines to keep in mind is that it should be at most 41 characters as that is what is mobile device friendly. The average length of a birthday subject line is approximately 38 characters. When comparing promotional subject lines and birthday email subject lines, the average length of a birthday subject line is significantly shorter. To increase the chance of an opening rate, create subject lines that charm the reader. They are trying to hone in on the uniqueness and the to the point with all the elements that will genuinely engage with the customer. 

Personalization Matters

It is always essential to make emails personalized, a vital part of email marketing campaigns. For example, when sending a birthday email to a customer, it is polite to make it personalized as it will stand out. A generic birthday email blast needs to be updated and considered unthoughtful. When you use email personalization, open rates increase by almost 25%, so why miss out on the possibility of a higher conversion rate? When you personalize your email by including the customer's name within the email or the subject line, you can also make them feel special in a simplistic way. 

Tips for you!

Have their birthday saved

Now, in this case, this may seem like a no-brainer, but creating a birthday email campaign in the first place requires you to collect the birthdays of the individuals. Sending an email to your customers and asking what their birthday is so they can receive a special gift is an easy and compliant way for both parties to participate. Everybody likes free stuff, so it will motivate readers to see that they can receive something by completing the simple task of filling out the day they were born.

When to Send

Now birthday emails have an expected date, hence it being sent on your birthday. Currently, there are a few different ways in which a birthday email can hit the inbox. Most birthday emails are delivered on the 1st of the month, typically known as your birthday month, and they are received towards the morning hours. You are looking at a trend that varies from my promotional emails, typically later in the day. Often what is appealing to birthday emails is the idea of Automation. Due to the birthday date never changing, it is easy to set it up and create an automated campaign. Some quick facts about sending birthday emails are:

  • 55% Of birthday emails I received on the proper day of the customer's birthday
  • 7% are sent after the date of the customer's birthday, and no not all of them are reminder birthday emails
  • Most birthday emails are received between 6:00 a.m. and noon, but the ideal period is between 4:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

We all know that a birthday can get hectic, and emails can get away from you. That said, it's the perfect time for a reminder birthday email to be sent out. Often the brands that send out a re-engagement email see a higher rate of interactivity than the first email sent out. 

  • Approximately 12% of brands use a reminder email for the birthday offer sent out.
  • 19% of emails received are typically reminders
    • Reminder emails often increase at least 20% in Open rates, click-to-deliver rates, average order value, and Revenue per email.


This may be a no-brainer, as frequently email campaigns are broken up based on segmentation. But a way that this can be incorporated into a birthday email campaign is simple. Knowing the individual's preferences makes it easy to automate a campaign that promotes sales on their most significant desired purchases. If there is anything that could be on a saved or a recent purchase list, go ahead and use one of those images as the focal point for the birthday present campaign. This is a great way to promote something you already know they love while giving them a discount. 

Automate the Process

Automation is such an essential tool for email marketers. In regards to birthdays, content automation is the most simplistic option. Birthdays are often on the same day, celebrated regardless of the life events, and will never change. Therefore, it is challenging to track all the birthdays acquired; unlike Christmas, the day is scattered over 365 days. An easy solution to this problem is automating your birthday emails.

Stick to the Brand

Now I know it was mentioned above about the colors and being able to shy away from the colors of the Brand. But this does not imply to shy away from the voice of the Brand. If the Brand's voice is classy and simplistic, go ahead and make an email campaign similar. Just because it is a birthday email campaign does not mean it needs to have exotic colors and be filled with images that aren't attached to the Brand's identity. Having creative freedom does not imply recreating what is already existing. 

Time to create your campaign

As we mentioned, a birthday email campaign can have a lot of success in the relationships created between the Brand and the customer. We have given you the numbers in which you can see the exponential growth from the email campaign instead of just a typical promotional campaign. With that evidence, it is almost transparent that your Brand should start incorporating one if it hasn't already. Collecting the data on somebody's birthday is super simple, especially if an incentive is attached to the email campaign. When doing this, we mentioned Automation and segmentation, which would make the process easier, and Mailsoftly offers both. Using the Mailsoflty platform allows flexibility and creativity to expand due to the user-friendliness that the platform provides. You can often get overwhelmed or frustrated in creating an email campaign, but mail softly helps eliminate that.