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What is ChatGPT and How Can You Use It For Cold Email Campaigns in 2023?

If you’ve been dealing with email campaigns and email marketing business for a while, you’ll know that cold emails and cold email marketing strategies are difficult issues to handle and maintain sustainability. Email marketers frequently complain that cold emailing turns out to be a tiring job at all: people do not respond or engage with the campaign, cold emails may result with high bounce rates or low open rates (if they're not personalized after all) or cold emails may be more likely to be flagged as spam. This is why so many businesses give up on cold email marketing altogether. According to them, it doesn’t generate effective sales or leads. However, there is an alternative to create attractive content with a rising popularity: The chatbots and AIs!  These are artificial virtual intelligences that can answer questions about products or services over online interactive chat platforms and create mostly original content for internet users. The most popular and free of charge (for now) version is ChatGPT nowadays. Launched late November 2022 ChatGPT, is a large language model developed by the company OpenAI. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text based on a given prompt. The popularity of ChatGPT is growing every other day as an AI content writer with its market value as well. 

In this article we’ll go down deeper to analyze the basics of ChatGPT, the importance and benefits of using it, some fundamentals to implement ChatGPT prompts to your email marketing campaigns as well as main practices with actual examples!

Is that brand new tool here to help copywriters, editors and strategists? Let’s go down deeper to find the answers!

What is ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT and the Basic Idea of a Chatbot?

Before identifying the “ChatGPT” and its functions let’s define the basic idea of a chatbot. A chatbot is basically a software that enables users to engage with it via a chatbot, a primitive kind of AI actually. A chatbot can be used to assist with daily tasks, replying questions as customer service staff, financial follow-up; however performing some other creative tasks such as problem solving, optimization or copywriting may require human interaction as well. Chatbots are particularly useful when businesses want to reach large audiences, like managing vast customer services or providing customer satisfaction in digital APPs. However, ChatGPT is a lot different then the accustomed chatbots on websites or APPs. ChatGPT is mainly a language generation model, while chatbots are a type of conversational agent that can understand and respond to user input. Both ChatGPT and chatbots can be used for customer service, but they have some key differences on “Language Generation, Understanding user input, Complexity, and Personalization” topics. Here’s why: 

Language Generation: ChatGPT is a language generation model that can generate human-like text, while chatbots typically use pre-written scripts and responses. ChatGPT can generate more natural language which makes it better for customer services. In addition to that, ChatGPT can be used to generate responses in multiple languages, while traditional chatbots may be limited to a single language.

Understanding user input: ChatGPT does not understand the user input, it generates the response based on the input it receives. Chatbots, on the other hand, are designed to understand user input and respond accordingly, using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques.

Complexity: ChatGPT can be used to generate more complex and nuanced responses, while chatbots are typically limited to pre-written scripts and responses.

Personalization: ChatGPT can be trained on data about the recipients, such as their demographics, preferences, and past interactions, to generate highly personalized and relevant responses. Chatbots, on the other hand, may not be able to generate responses that are as personalized.

In short, with the new released version ChatGPT is a more advanced tool compared to traditional chatbots, it has the ability to generate natural language and that makes it better especially for services in need of personalization. 

Why is ChatGPT Important for an Email Campaign?

ChatGPT can be important for email campaigns because it can be used to personalize and automate the generation of email content. It can be used as an AI writing generator for email subject lines, cold email, cold email template, sales template emails, good subject lines for emails and time saving email copywriting. 

For example, it can be used to generate personalized cold email subject lines and body content based on recipient data, which can increase the likelihood of recipients opening and engaging with the email. Additionally, AI generated writing of the tool can be used to generate automated responses to frequently asked questions, which can save time and resources for the email campaign team. 

The Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Email Campaigns

According to the above explanations you can assume there are several benefits of using ChatGPT actively for email copywriting. From improved conversion rates to reduced costs and a smoother experience, here are just a few of the many benefits that businesses experience when using ChatGPT in their cold email campaigns: 

  • Personalized material: ChatGPT can be trained on data about the recipients, such as their demographics, preferences, and past interactions, to generate highly personalized and relevant email content.
  • Automation: As an AI copywriting tool it can be used to generate automated responses to frequently asked questions, which can save time and resources for the email campaign team.
  • Increased engagement: ChatGPT-generated emails can be more personalized and relevant, which can increase the likelihood of recipients opening and engaging with the emails.
  • Scalability: ChatGPT can generate large amounts of content quickly and efficiently, making it well-suited to high-volume email campaigns.
  • Cost-effective: Using this AI copy generator can help reduce the need for manual labor, thus reducing cost.
  • Language Generation: ChatGPT can also be with the aim of helping to generate emails in different languages, which can be beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple countries.

How Does ChatGPT Work?


While generating text, ChatGPT starts with a prompt, which is a short piece of text that provides context for the output. The model then uses its knowledge of language patterns and context to generate a response. The model can be fine-tuned to specific tasks, such as language generation for email campaigns, by training on a smaller dataset of relevant text. This fine-tuning process allows the model to generate text that is more specific to the task at hand.

For more details on OpenAI and how ChatGPT is functioning please visit our another blogpost on the popular subject How to use OpenAI's ChatGPT to write the perfect cold email in 2023

How Can We Implement ChatGPT into Email Marketing Campaigns?

As well as benefits, there are several ways to implement ChatGPT in email marketing campaigns. Below topics can also be replies for the question of “How to Write Cold Emails Using AI Tools?”

Personalized subject lines & body content: ChatGPT can be used to generate personalized subject lines based on recipient data, such as their name or interests and it can also be used to generate personalized body content for the email based on recipient data.

Automated responses: ChatGPT can be used to generate automated responses to frequently asked questions, which can save time and resources for the email campaign team.

Segmented email campaigns: As an AI writing tool, it can be used to generate different versions of an email for different segments of recipients, such as different age groups or interests.

A/B Testing: The model can be fine-tuned to specific tasks by training on a smaller dataset of relevant text. This fine-tuning process allows the model to generate text that is more specific to the task at hand. You can also use A/B Testing to check which one is better.

Integration with Email marketing platform: The future versions of the model can be integrated with email marketing platforms like Mailsoftly! This allows the model to generate text and send it as an email to the recipients. For more information on subject check our blog post The Future of Email Marketing.
Language Differentiation: ChatGPT can also be used for creating email in different languages which provides speed and efficiency for the companies operating in various countries.

Essential Practices for Using ChatGPT in a Cold Email Copywriting:
3 Main Steps


When it comes to using ChatGPT for cold email copywriting purposes, there are a few best practices that will help boost your engagement and conversion rates. First of all try to be specific as much as you can with your first prompts. The ai copywriting tool still has limitations, so it may get confused,  mislead or duplicate the answers if the prompts are not clear enough. 

Let’s continue with the actual cold email examples that we’ve experienced with ChatGPT .

Craft a Cold Email Body Copy or Draft

We asked our first prompt such as : “Could you please write a cold email promoting Mailsoftly, the email marketing Software, to tech based startups in San Francisco, California?” 

Below is the first example of ChatGPT to promote Mailsoftly. 

ChatGPT for Email Marketing Copywriting

For the first time it’s pretty amazing and the content is 80% correct actually. However ChatGPT automatically added a special offer to our campaign 😊 which is a general attitude for promoting cold emails in fact. Anyway, we changed the prompt a little it for a more accurate version telling the bot that : 

Could you please eliminate the offers and change the feature of "Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder" to "Ready to use templates"?

ChatGPT for Email Marketing Copywriting

Here’s the result : 

Yes, it applies the prompts to the letter and we just gave feedback for that correction also. Do not forget to train ChatGPT while you’re using it to the end. Providing more accurate info will definitely help other people and internet users as well as you do. 

So to continue with our email body draft process, we asked for one more step to ChatGPT regarding our promotion email to tune more “professional” . Let’s see the results : 

ChatGPT for Email Marketing Copywriting

And the final result is really awesome! Sign up Now to use your own promotion cold email template within Mailsoftly right away and send it to 5000+  email address with a few clicks!
Cold Email Sales Template byChatGPT
So, as you can see the point is exactly training and leading the ChatGPT towards the direction you plan for and stick to conversion actually! Because it’s a chatbot and ongoing conversions create much more meaningful materials for the copywriting process. 

Ask for Subject Lines & Do not Hesitate to Ask More! 

We took our ChatGPT experience a step further and asked for different kinds of subject lines for our cold emails and actually we forced ChatGPT for some creativity. Here are the results: 

ChatGPT for Email Marketing Copywriting

Here are 2 lists of good subject lines for emails! You can generate the responses according to your expectations as well.  You create best email subject lines for sales, subject for follow up email, professional email subject lines, catchy subject lines for sales emails and email subject lines that get opened via AI generated writing. 

In order to use these subject lines with a personalized way, try Mailsoftly now! 

Send cold Email via Mailsoftly

Create a Follow Up Strategy! 

We know that writing a follow up email is somehow difficult for everyone and while the contact list of none-openers or those who did not respond can be easily accessed, sending these follow up emails is always delayed. This is often because you don't quite know what to say in the follow up email or how to make your product or service more attractive to the recipients. As a continuation of the above example, we gave the follow up command to ChatGPT by specifying the content thoroughly. We asked if it could write 3 examples, but the first one was good enough anyway! Below is our conversation: 

“Thank you so much. Then after all could you also write 3 follow-up emails to send to the people who don't respond after 2 weeks time and now please offer a lead magnet :)”

ChatGPT for Email Marketing Copywriting

Do you need such a cold email follow up template? Create a specific one via help of AI technology and send it to the segmented audience right away! 
Cold Email Followup Template byChatgpt


As you can see, using ChatGPT to drive engagement and conversions is a great way to boost your cold email campaigns. They can help increase your overall profitability by increasing your leads and sales, and even help and improve your copywriting.  If you’re looking for a new way to drive sales and conversions, taking the advantages of ChatGPT can be a great addition to your email marketing strategy. As with any type of marketing, though, you have to make sure that you are implementing the necessary strategies to drive results. At the end of the day ChatGPT is still improving and evolving with the internet users and needs human touch after creating draft materials. Finally stick to the conversion for the maximum best results and do not forget to send feedback to the DEV team. We’ll continue to handle different practices and template examples created by ChatGPT or other AI tools in our future blog posts. Keep an eye on for using Artificial Intelligence at Email Marketing

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