What is Mail Merge?

Imagine that you have to personalize an email campaign for a long list of contacts, for example 250 people! How long will you spend to write each contact “Dear Name, Last Name” and send each email separately? Sending emails for marketing should ease your work, not consume much more time & energy. Therefore, thanks to software developers, email merge feature accomplishes that routine and time consuming work instead of us just within seconds.

The purpose of mail merge is to work as pulling out the necessary and specific fields from a database or spreadsheet (Excel csv etc.), and inserting that data into mail letters, labels, tags, etc. Mainly, mail merge creates a personalized email for each contact at your list with a template.

Because tailored communication is the key for targeted marketing, the e-mail merge method provides a personal touch for bulk mails regarding e-mail marketing. The method gives the impression that each email is specifically created for the recipient even though it is just a PR e-mail or a daily update of sales & opportunities. Therefore, mail merge feature turns direct mail marketing into specialized e-marketing with a time saving practice.

Mail merge might sound like a technical term, but at its core, it simplifies the process of sending personalized emails at scale. Instead of crafting individual emails manually, users create a common template and use variables that pull data from a spreadsheet or other data sources. The result? Emails that feel tailored to the recipient, standing out in the clutter of generic messages.

One of the most significant advantages of mail merging is its efficiency and time-saving capabilities. For individuals or businesses managing large contact lists, manually personalizing each email is impractical. Mail merging automates this process, allowing users to send out a high volume of personalized emails in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually. This efficiency not only streamlines communication efforts but also frees up valuable time for other essential tasks.

The Essence of Email Personalization

In an era where generic emails often get lost in the shuffle, personalization has become a crucial aspect of successful email marketing. Mail merge allows senders to go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, addressing recipients by their first name, incorporating company names, and even referencing recent interactions. This level of personalization significantly increases the chances of engagement and response.

The personalized nature of mail-merged emails contributes directly to higher engagement and response rates. Recipients are more likely to open and interact with emails that address them by name and cater to their specific interests. In a landscape where inbox clutter is the norm, the ability to capture and maintain the recipient's attention is a substantial advantage. Mail merging, with its tailored approach, significantly increases the chances of eliciting the desired response from the audience.

Mail merging isn't just about sending emails; it's also a tool for collecting valuable data. Advanced reporting features in mail merging platforms provide insights into recipient behavior, indicating which emails were opened, which links were clicked, and more. This data empowers users to make informed decisions about their email marketing strategies. By analyzing the performance of different variables and segments, users can refine and optimize their campaigns for better results over time.

In essence, mail merging goes beyond simplifying email personalization; it transforms the way individuals and businesses connect with their audience. From saving time and increasing efficiency to boosting engagement and providing actionable insights, mail merging emerges as a pivotal element in the arsenal of modern digital communicators. As technology continues to evolve, the future of mail merging holds exciting possibilities, promising even more sophisticated and impactful ways to engage with recipients on a personal level.

Why Should Someone Use Mail Merging?

The importance of mail merge extends beyond the desire for personalized communication. As inboxes are flooded with promotional emails and newsletters, recipients are more likely to engage with messages that feel authentic and specifically crafted for them. This is where mail merge shines, providing a method to send personalized emails efficiently.

Mail merging simplifies the process of sending personalized emails at scale. Rather than manually creating individual emails, users can design a common template and incorporate variables that pull data from spreadsheets or other sources. This not only ensures efficiency in reaching a large audience but also guarantees precision in tailoring messages to each recipient. The ability to automate and personalize communication simultaneously is a game-changer for those seeking impactful outreach.

For individuals or businesses managing extensive contact lists, the manual customization of emails can be time-consuming and impractical. Mail merging automates this task, allowing users to send out numerous personalized emails in a fraction of the time. This time-saving element is invaluable, enabling communicators to focus on strategy, content, and other critical aspects of their outreach efforts. The result is a streamlined communication process that doesn't compromise on personalization.

In the era of information overload, capturing and retaining the attention of recipients is a formidable challenge. Mail merging addresses this challenge by creating emails that stand out in the sea of generic messages. The personalized touch not only increases the likelihood of recipients opening emails but also encourages higher engagement and response rates. By addressing individuals by name and tailoring content to their interests, mail merging establishes a connection that transcends the impersonal nature of mass communication.

In conclusion, the utilization of mail merging goes beyond a mere desire for personalized communication; it reflects a strategic approach to effective outreach. As technology continues to advance, the role of mail merging is likely to evolve, offering even more sophisticated ways for individuals and businesses to connect meaningfully with their audience. Whether streamlining communication processes, saving time, or boosting engagement, mail merging remains a powerful tool in the digital communicator's toolkit.

Challenges of Mail Merging

While the concept of mail merge might seem intimidating, especially for those new to the term, overcoming its challenges is entirely feasible. One common concern is the fear of empty fields in the data, leading to awkward or incomplete emails. However, modern mail merge tools often come equipped with features to handle such situations, allowing users to set conditions and preview emails before sending.

One of the primary challenges in mail merging is the need for comprehensive and accurate data. Insufficient or inconsistent data can result in empty fields, impacting the effectiveness of personalized emails. Addressing this challenge involves continuous data enrichment and management. Users should regularly update and enrich their contact databases to ensure they have the necessary information for effective mail merging. Leveraging features such as AI-driven data enrichment can streamline this process, automatically filling in missing fields and enhancing the overall quality of the data.

The perceived complexity of mail merging can be a hurdle for some users. To overcome this challenge, modern mail merge tools focus on providing intuitive user interfaces. Clear and user-friendly interfaces guide users through the process, making it accessible even to those unfamiliar with technical terms. Tutorials and customer support further contribute to overcoming the initial learning curve, ensuring that users can harness the power of mail merging without feeling overwhelmed.

What Are The Benefits of
Mail Merge Services?


Opposite to the assumptions, the direct emailing system is a remarkable marketing strategy, even today. Research indicates that a typical email gets a response rate of around 0.12%, whereas direct emailing still has a greater ratio with 4.4% response rate. With the implementation of mail merging systems you can take your online marketing process a step further and grow your business. Because personalized mailing with mail merging is key to deliver marketing mails successfully. We can summarize the main benefits of mail merging services in 4 steps: 

  • Saves time & energy
  • Sends valuable unique message to masses
  • Simplifies the proofreading
  • Provides worthy stats

Let’s check every element in detail:

1) Email Merge Systems Save Great Time & Energy

The very first benefit of using a email merging is economy in every way. An mail merge service, provides the facility of sending thousands of personalized emails simultaneously with a few clicks to “next” button. The time is priceless in 21th century and automazing such a huge process is invaluable for professionals. Manual sending of letters and e-mails to dozens of people separately belongs to an ancient time. Instead of your huge work and energy, the mail merging service can easily accomplish a large number of new customers, even thousands! Indeed if you are a marketing specialist or a PR consultant, mail merging feature is a handful tool to create online marketing campaigns, informative newsletter, polls, etc. with a perspective of customized letter or template. Mailsoftly definitely saves your time & energy for personalized email marketing processes with its user-friendly interface and easy-to-organize address list features.

2) Send Valuable Unique Message to Masses with Templates & Tagging

One of the main aims of a successful e-mailing campaign is to make the recipients read your mail, undoubtedly! However, the high unclick rates and worse, the unsubscription rates may turn your campaign into a bunch of failures instead of creating potential leads.  Email merging system enables the users to choose between different kinds of templates to customize text and graphics creatively; plus the service adds your unique signature below the mails. Additionally, a preferable mailing merge system should offer labeling or tagging features as well. Tagging or labeling the whole address list according to the classification of recipients will make it easy to organize sending out the mails to the concerned people. For instance, you plan to send a newsletter regarding only PR professionals; however, without a tagging process, all people in the email list will receive the newsletter and the unsubscription rate goes to the moon on the next day! Or you should choose the exact recipients one by one from the whole list which will consume a great time or cause misleads. Therefore organizing the unique message of your brand according to the receiver is much more vital then you imagine. Thanks to the contact tagging system of Mailsoftly it just takes seconds to reach the target audience by email merging.  Once you create the specific tags and classify your contacts under these tags, sending out specialized marketing or informative mails will be  smooth and simple more than ever!email-marketing

3) Simplify the Proofreading!

Even if you are about to send an email in your own language, you should read & check the text incase of any mistakes before clicking the send button. We are, still, all human and human, even the most careful ones, are doomed to make mistakes. Email merging system also simplifies the proofreading step of the e-mail sending process. Because there is only one body text, it takes less time to check for any grammar or spelling error. Moreover, email merge systems provide a test sending facility beforehand. You can specify the test receivers and send a test email before sending it to the whole created email list. Test receivers are mostly recommended to be the members of your team, including yourself. Another benefit of testing is that you can also check the appearance and status of the e-mail on other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Explorer, Chrome and so on. Many mail merge services are compatible with all the popular net browsers, however it is always better to check rather than blind trust, right? Thus you can confirm that your message is totally faultless.

4) Email Merging Equals to A Great Statistics Pool!

Statistics is undeniably one of the most critical science branches for e-commerce, undeniably. By using the statistics and analytics you can measure the true impact of your campaigns and reorganize your process where necessary. Email merging softwares and systems generally offer valuable analytics about your email campaigns even if you send the mails to a limited number of people. The campaign owner can monitor the whole activities of the mails and receivers as a whole, on one page. Let’s take a look at Mailsoftly service  to analyze what we are exactly talking about:

Email Stats Details

By means of Email Stats Details provided by Mailsoftly you can check the number of Opened mails as well as Clicked ones. Also you can compare the Open Rate and Click Rate accordingly; but it is not limited to that! You can also check which receiver opened or clicked the link to your email by their names, email address and  company details! Then you can create filters for your contacts according to the actions “opened” or “clicked”. This function provides to create & send new events under the same campaign specifically for these recipients! Because you can observe who just opened the previous email but was not interested in clicking the links to the website or products etc. Plus, you can take the advantage of monitoring the clickers, namely the target audience, and create a new email event precisely for them. By all of these statics and functions Mailsoftly provides various opportunities to analyze and create different email marketing strategies. Because today big data is priceless however you should know how to use and analyze it!  

The Future of Mail Merge

Looking ahead, mail merge is likely to become even more sophisticated with the integration of AI-driven enhancements. Features such as generative AI and advanced reporting will provide users with deeper insights into recipient interactions, further refining email marketing strategies.

In conclusion, mail merge stands as a valuable tool for anyone seeking to elevate their email marketing game. Its ability to deliver personalized messages at scale not only increases open rates but also fosters genuine engagement in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. As technology continues to advance, embracing the power of mail merge can be a strategic move for individuals and businesses alike.

The evolution of mail merge is not limited to emails alone. Future iterations may see seamless integration with various communication channels, including SMS, social media, and beyond. This expanded capability would enable marketers to orchestrate cohesive and personalized campaigns across multiple touchpoints. A unified approach to multichannel marketing, driven by mail merge principles, can lead to a more holistic and impactful customer experience.

With increasing emphasis on data security and privacy regulations, the future of mail merge will likely incorporate robust features to ensure compliance. Tools may evolve to provide enhanced data encryption, secure storage practices, and built-in compliance checks. This proactive approach will empower users to execute mail merge campaigns with confidence, knowing that their practices align with evolving data protection standards.

In essence, the future of mail merge holds exciting possibilities, driven by advancements in AI, expanded multichannel integration, and a heightened focus on data security. Embracing these developments will empower marketers and communicators to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital communication. As technology continues to shape the way we connect and engage, mail merge is poised to remain a key player in delivering personalized and impactful messages.

Use Mailsoftly for Email Merging and More!

It makes no difference which industry your company is dealt with when it comes to taking action in the email marketing world. Every firm or brand should have something to say to their customers even with updated company news! Therefore, do not hesitate to dive into the email merging and email marketing process via Mailsoftly. Mailsoftly is the most appropriate online software solution to organize address lists by mail merging and tagging, to send neat personalized mails and observe the detailed stats!  We developed a user-friendly tool to enable you to send thousands of mails safely within minutes. Additionally you can use your existing Google account for gmail mail merge by integrating into Mailsoftly. The advantages of mail merging is one step away! Now give a try with a free mail merge account and easily use Mailsoftly!