What is Mass Mailing? 

Mass mailing is the procedure of sending out extensive quantities of email, generally to a great number of recipients within the purpose of strengthening your communication. Using & sending out email is still one of the most effective channels for reaching your audience. In fact, a great majority of consumers declare that they would be more likely to do business with a company if they receive emails from them.

Hence mass mailing or bulk mailing in other words, is a method of communication if a company or an individual aims to be heard by a large number of people all at once. Today, effective email services are the address for bulk mail processes. However the term is sometimes used in a negative context in terms of spamming, mass mailing is mostly used for positive purposes, such as keeping in touch with a large group of people or promoting a new product or service. Mass mailing can be used for notifications, PR projects, digital marketing strategies etc. Bulk mailing is a kind of direct marketing that can be very effective if conducted properly. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Bulk Mailing Campaign

The first key for an outstanding mass mailing campaign is to have a good list of recipients. This list can be compiled from many sources, including your own customer database, lists purchased from third-party providers, or from public records. For actual tips for creating a successful e-mailing list please visit & read our blog on How to Create an Email List in 2022

Once you have a good list with valid email addresses, you need to design the main body of your mail. This piece should be eye-catching and relevant to your target. You can either use fancy templates to create the main body or just simple text supported by text formatting, images or embeds. (Please keep in mind that usually simple is the best). Whatever your choice is, you should have a clear call-to-action in order to trigger your audience. 

Stay on the main topic in order to deliver your message properly. Use an appropriate language relevant to your main subject, industry and of course your audience. The voice of the mail can be formal, informal or hybrid. There is no such exact rule, it definitely depends on your content. For instance, a bulk mail regarding your company’s recent achievements may have a hybrid tone to celebrate the success; whereas a disclaimer notice, which points out and corrects a misunderstanding upon the public eye, should have a formal language. Yes, it’s true; you can also send disclaimer notices by bulk or mass mailing as well. 

Tips & Benefits of Bulk Mailing

After completing the body part and proofreading your text, assure that you attached necessary files, if exists.  Most mass mailing services warn users to attach files if there is any term about ‘attachment’ in the body text part. Finally check and add your signature with essential information below your mail. Please do not forget that your signature is your identity for bulk mailing. Plus, mass mailing services serve the feature of saving your signature or signatures. Once you created your signature and saved it on the system, you do not need to write all your credentials again and again at every mailing. Thanks to the user-friendly mass mailing service Mailsoftly, you can create as many signatures as you want! For instance, at formal mailings you may use the credentials on your business card; on the other hand, you can arrange an informal signature for your family contacts or sincere friends. 

Keep tracking your sent mails! This is probably the most significant feature of mass mailing services, including Mailsoftly! Mailsoftly, as being one of the best bulk mailing services, provides a great bunch of email stats for your campaigns. This feature enables you to analyze the behavior of your target audience towards your mailing campaign. You can classify the people according to their attitude after receiving your mass mail, such as opened, clicked or unopened. Then organize new and more targeted campaigns according to these detailed records. Take advantage of Mailsoftly now!

Now, let’s create a checklist for the essential steps:  

  • Get Mailsoftly for free!
  • Organize the specific lists of email addresses. 
  • Create an attractive email body. 
  • Personalize your mass mailing. 
  • Add signature and attach files, if necessary. 
  • Send out your bulk mailings and track the results! 

Benefits of Using Bulk Email Services

There are many benefits to using bulk email services, including but not limited to the ability to send large volumes of email quickly and easily, the ability to create attractive and targeted mailings, to track delivery and open rates, and the ability to manage bounced emails and unsubscribe requests. 

The very first benefit is apparently saving time. Sending email to a large number of people can be time-consuming. Bulk email services get the burden of that from your shoulders and automate most of the job instead of you. In addition to this, you can reach a wider audience. Bulk email services allow you to reach a larger audience than you could with a traditional email campaign.

Perhaps the secondary obvious benefit is the facility to personalize each mail while sending it to hundreds of people! The body is the same but you directly address each individual at your contact list. Because addressing directly to the persona still means a lot for people. Plus, you can manage this personalized process at once and send all of the mails in a few minutes. 

Mailsoftly is the Best Mass Mailing Service

Another benefit of bulk email services is that they often come with a number of features that can make your email marketing more effective. For example, some bulk email services offer template designs that you can use to create beautiful and professional-looking emails. Additionally, you have nothing to do with codes, HTMLs etc. The template feature does every fancy thing instead of you. 

Bulk email services can also provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your email campaigns, and can help you to improve your email deliverability rates by tracking the results of your email campaigns. Because valuable data is the key to analyze your marketing strategy and contains great tips before taking the next step. 

As a consequence, bulk or mass email services offer a number of advantages over traditional email marketing methods. Do not hesitate to use mass mailing options which can be a great way to reach potential customers and promote your brand.

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