5 Astonishing Restaurant Email Newsletter Template Examples

In today's digital age, where communication is key to a successful business, email newsletters have emerged as a powerful tool for restaurant owners to connect with their patrons in a personalized and engaging manner.

Whether you're a bistro-pub, steak house, or any culinary establishment, harnessing the potential of email marketing can make a significant impact on your food and beverage business.

In one of our previous blog posts, we mentioned in detail the concept of Email Marketing For Restaurants with specific titles of email campaign reasons, Tips for email Marketing For Restaurants, and How To Write Restaurant Email Examples.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significant impact that thoughtfully crafted email campaigns can have on a restaurant's bottom line with specially crafted restaurant email marketing templates and examples as well. 

Let’s begin the journey!

The Benefits of Using Email Newsletters for Restaurant Owners

In the world of gastronomy, harnessing the power of email marketing brings a multitude of benefits to restaurant owners. From enhanced customer engagement to streamlined communication, email newsletters serve as a robust tool to elevate your restaurant's brand and connect with patrons on a more personal level.

Here are some benefits of using email newsletters for restaurant owners:

  1. Increased customer loyalty: Email newsletters allow restaurant owners to keep in touch with their customers and offer them exclusive deals, promotions, and updates. This helps to build a stronger relationship with customers and increase their loyalty to the restaurant.
  2. Cost-effective marketing: Email newsletters are a cost-effective way to market your restaurant. They are much cheaper than traditional advertising methods and can be sent to a large number of people at once. 
  3. Increased website traffic: Email newsletters can include links to your restaurant's website, which can help to drive traffic and increase online visibility. Furthermore, the clicks coming from the newsletter will count as positive user interaction with your restaurant website; hence increasing SEO optimization for your restaurant
  4. Improved customer communication: Email newsletters allow restaurant owners to communicate more effectively with their customers. They can share important information, such as changes to the menu or hours of operation, and respond to customer feedback.
  5. Better understanding of customer preferences: Email newsletters allow restaurant owners to gather valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. By analyzing email open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics, owners can gain insights into what their customers like and tailor their offerings accordingly.


What is the effect of a restaurant email campaign on revenue?

A restaurant email campaign can have a positive effect on revenue by increasing customer engagement, driving traffic to the restaurant, and encouraging repeat visits.

Additionally, a restaurant can measure the success of an email campaign in different ways.

Here are a few metrics that can be used:

  • Open Rate: This measures the percentage of people who opened the email. A higher open rate indicates that the email subject line was compelling and relevant to the recipient.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): This measures the percentage of people who clicked on a link within the email. A higher CTR indicates that the content of the email was engaging and relevant to the recipient.
  • Conversion Rate: This measures the percentage of people who completed a desired action, such as making a reservation or placing an order, after clicking through from the email.
  • Revenue Generated: This measures the total revenue generated from the email campaign. This can be tracked by using unique promo codes or tracking links in the email.

By tracking these metrics, a restaurant can determine the effectiveness of its email campaigns and make adjustments to improve future campaigns. Try and use Mailsoftly to track your email campaigns, and stats, create segmentations, and more to get the best results! 

Exploring the Relationship between Restaurant Email Newsletters and Luxury Hotel Revenue Improvement via Restaurant Management

The relationship between "How to Improve Luxury Hotel Revenue Through Restaurant Management" and "Restaurant Email Newsletter" lies in the potential for creating a symbiotic strategy that transcends traditional revenue enhancement methods.

Instead of focusing solely on internal restaurant management practices, integrating a dynamic restaurant email newsletter can become a catalyst for driving revenue in luxury hotels.

The newsletter serves as a versatile platform to showcase not only the culinary offerings but also the entire luxury experience, enticing patrons to indulge in the hotel's restaurant as part of an immersive stay.

By crafting a compelling narrative within the email newsletter, hoteliers can unveil

  • exclusive dining experiences,
  • Chef's specials,
  • and behind-the-scenes glimpses,

creating an aura of exclusivity.

By strategically linking this narrative to the broader goal of hotel revenue improvement, the newsletter becomes a powerful tool to drive reservations, upsell premium dining packages, and enhance the overall guest experience.

This innovative approach transforms the conventional concept of restaurant management by leveraging digital communication to not just manage operations but to strategically enhance the hotel's revenue-generating potential through curated storytelling and personalized offerings.

Let's flip the coin and discover the benefits of the other side: Newsletter receivers:

Savoring Delight: The Benefits of Receiving Restaurant Email Newsletters

Unlock the culinary world and elevate your dining experience by delving into the perks of subscribing to restaurant email newsletters. Explore 6 practical steps, each presented as a brief and informative bullet point, along with a Bonus point. From exclusive offers to culinary insights, these unconventional approaches enhance your connection with your favorite eateries.

1. Culinary Discoveries in Your Inbox:

  • Insight: Stay updated on new menu items and specials.
  • Step: Subscribe to newsletters for insights into the latest culinary creations, chef's specials, and seasonal delights. Be the first to know about mouth-watering additions to the menu.

2. Exclusive VIP Discounts:

  • Insight: Access members-only perks and discounts.
  • Step: Join loyalty programs through newsletters. Restaurants often share exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards, or early access to events, creating a sense of VIP dining.

3. Chef's Table Invitations:

  • Insight: Experience culinary excellence up close.
  • Step: Subscribe to newsletters for invitations to exclusive chef's table events. Get a front-row seat to the culinary magic, enjoying personalized dishes and insights from the chef.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Culinary Insights:

  • Insight: Gain a deeper appreciation for the culinary craft.
  • Step: Opt for newsletters that share behind-the-scenes glimpses into the kitchen. Learn about ingredient sourcing, cooking techniques, and the creative process behind each dish.

5. Interactive Cooking Classes:

  • Insight: Enhance your culinary skills with expert guidance.
  • Step: Explore newsletters offering virtual cooking classes. Participate in interactive sessions led by renowned chefs, elevating your cooking prowess from the comfort of your home.

6. Pre-Release Tasting Events:

  • Insight: Be the first to savor upcoming delights.
  • Step: Subscribe to newsletters for pre-release tasting events. Experience new menu items before they hit the official launch, providing valuable feedback and enjoying an exclusive dining experience.

Bonus Point: "Culinary Newsletter Exchange"

  • Insight: Collaborate with fellow food enthusiasts.
  • Point: Create a culinary newsletter exchange within your social circle. Share your favorite restaurant newsletters with friends, expanding everyone's gastronomic horizons and fostering a community of food lovers.

Subscribing to restaurant email newsletters transforms your dining experience into a culinary adventure. By embracing these unconventional approaches, you not only stay informed about the latest offerings but also become an active participant in the vibrant world of gastronomy.



Restaurant Email examples

What Types of Promotions or Offers Should be Included in a
Restaurant Email Campaign?

An effective restaurant email campaign can have a positive impact on revenue. When it comes to promotions or offers to include in an email campaign, it is important to consider your target audience and what would appeal to them.

Some ideas for promotions or offers to include in a restaurant email campaign could be:

  • Discounts or coupons for a specific menu item or meal
  • Limited-time offers or flash sales
  • Loyalty program incentives, such as points or rewards for repeat visits
  • Special event promotions, such as holiday menus or themed nights
  • Happy hour specials or drink discounts

It is also important to ensure that the email campaign is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Including high-quality images of your menu items and using clear and concise language can help entice customers to visit your restaurant and take advantage of the promotions or offers included in the email.

Now let’s check our specially crafted restaurant email marketing templates, ready to use!

Specially Crafted Restaurant Email Marketing Template Examples & Newsletters

  1. Weekly Special Menu Email Newsletter: Tempting Taste Buds, One Email at a Time

Resturants weekly specials newsletter

Our first email newsletter offers restaurant owners a direct line of communication to entice their audience with exciting weekly specials. With captivating visuals and vivid descriptions, you can showcase your culinary prowess, enticing customers to indulge in your latest creations. At a landing page, you may share the story behind each dish, creating a sense of anticipation that keeps diners coming back for more. Or just lead them to book a seat!

  1. Offering Food Recipes Email Newsletter: Sharing Culinary Secrets with Subscribers

Beyond the dining experience, the below email newsletters provide a platform to share your culinary expertise. Offering food recipes allows you to connect with subscribers on a more personal level, providing them with the tools to recreate your delectable dishes in their kitchens. This fosters a sense of loyalty as subscribers become an active part of your culinary community. Do not be afraid to share your secrets with the most loyal customers 🙂 

Resturants offering food recipes email newsletter2

Resturants offering food recipes email newsletter2
Visit Mailsoftly's Email Templates page regarding restaurant email newsletter templates to use this example and many more!

  1. New Product Launch Email Newsletter: Sparking Excitement and Curiosity

Bakery New Product Launch email example

As we all know when launching a new product, email newsletters act as a powerful catalyst for building excitement and curiosity. This rule is also valid for the food and beverage business, as well. Email marketing ensures that your loyal patrons are the first to know about your latest creations, encouraging them to be part of your journey.  So do not hesitate to tease your audience with sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive offers, creating a buzz that drives traffic to your restaurant.


  1. World Chocolate Day Special Promotion Newsletter: Celebrating with Sweet Offers

On special occasions like World Chocolate Day, and many more events regarding the food industry, email newsletters serve as a direct channel to communicate enticing promotions. With eye-catching visuals and persuasive copy, you can invite subscribers to indulge in your delectable chocolate-infused delights. The ability to offer exclusive discounts creates a sense of urgency, encouraging subscribers to seize the opportunity and make reservations. Moreover, be brave and explore extraordinary opportunities to promote your restaurant. You do not have to be a pastry or homemade chocolate store to celebrate such an appetizing day! 

Below we created an uncommon marketing campaign for an imaginary steak house restaurant! There are two new chocolate-based desserts are added to the menu and one more ‘imaginative’ (but why not?) dish is also added as a main course; then we created a new email campaign with mouth-watering visuals with all the necessary compounds of such a newsletter: the offerings, discount coupon, CTAs, contact info and social media links! 

World Chocolate Day Special Promotion Email

World Chocolate Day Special Promotion Email sample

Seems delicious? Now, you can create your newsletter via using Mailsoftly with a few clicks!

  1. Food and Drink Pairings Email Newsletter: Elevating the Dining Experience


    It's not over but finally, we believe in pairs, especially for drinks and meals! 

    Using the below email newsletters, you can elevate the dining experience by introducing food and drink pairings that tantalize taste buds. Engage subscribers with insights from your culinary experts, sharing the art of harmonizing flavors to create unforgettable combinations. The visual appeal of these pairings can leave subscribers craving for more, driving them to explore your menu in search of the perfect match. 

Food and Drink Pairings email template


Keep in mind that glorious food & beverage visuals and CTAs like “join us” instill the feeling of "I'll be there". Additionally, it may create an eagerness for people to come to your bistro, cafe, or restaurant, and ‘the next time plans’ may probably be held at your place! So do pairings at your menu, and promote them via email marketing campaigns. 

Before ending up, you may have doubts such as “How often should a restaurant send out email campaigns to customers?” Well, as we underlined several times, email campaigns can be an effective tool for restaurants to increase revenue by promoting specials, events, and other offerings to their customers. However, it is important to find the right balance between staying top-of-mind with customers and not overwhelming them with too many emails.

The frequency of email campaigns for restaurants can depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of restaurant, the size of the customer base, and the content of the emails. As a general rule, it is recommended to send out email campaigns once or twice a week at most to avoid bombarding customers with too many emails. 

However, it is important to also consider the quality and relevance of the content in the email campaigns. Because if you hold a special promotion for an upcoming event it’s usually common to send an email every other day to remind customers of the opportunities, promotions, and discounts. however, be cautious that the content should not be so repetitive even for the same campaign. Because the customers may be more likely to unsubscribe or ignore your future emails. You may change the subject line according to the progress of the campaign, or consider to divergence the titles or the CTA buttons. These are just quick tips and moves you can implement into an ongoing email campaign. You may also use A/B testing to check which strategy works most effectively. 

After all, finding the right balance of frequency and content is key to a successful email campaign strategy for your restaurant business. Keep an eye on your email marketing calendar for more revenue. 

Now, Get Started: Using Mailsoftly for Seamless Email Marketing

In conclusion, email newsletters offer restaurant owners a dynamic platform to engage, inform, and inspire their audience. From promoting specials to sharing culinary secrets, these newsletters create a direct and meaningful connection with patrons, fostering loyalty and excitement. By harnessing the power of email marketing, your food business can reach new heights, one click at a time.

For those looking to streamline their email marketing efforts, consider utilizing a platform like Mailsoftly. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly integrate our expertly crafted newsletter templates, designed specifically for various restaurant scenarios. From weekly specials to food and drink pairings, Mailsoftly simplifies the process, ensuring your messages reach the right audience at the right time. 

Discover the art of effective email marketing with Mailsoftly and elevate your restaurant's communication today.