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The Best Pride Email Examples in 2023

Pride month is an important and celebrated time of year for many people. It’s a chance to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, show solidarity with their struggles, and recognize the progress made in recent years. 

As such, it’s no surprise that businesses have started to embrace this holiday by sending out special Pride emails as part of their marketing campaigns. These emails are often full of inspiring messages about acceptance and love for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They also provide great opportunities for companies to demonstrate support for diversity initiatives within their organization or industry-wide efforts towards equality. 

So what will be some of the best Pride email examples in 2023? We can expect these types of messages to become more creative over time as marketers continue pushing boundaries with new ideas that inspire action from customers while still honoring traditional values associated with pride celebrations around the world.  

 Here are some potential trends we may see: 

 - Storytelling: Companies will use storytelling techniques like videos or animation sequences in order to create emotional connections between viewers/customers and a brand's message on inclusion & acceptance;  

 - Gamification: Brands could leverage playful elements like quizzes or interactive games into their messaging so customers can learn more about topics related to LGBT rights & culture;   

 - Customizable Content Experiences: Consumers should be able to customize content experiences based on personal preferences so they get relevant information tailored specifically towards them;    

 - Visible Support From Leadership Teams: Company leaders should make public statements expressing support for LGBT communities both inside & outside of business operations . This sends an important signal that everyone is welcomed at your company regardless of who they identify as ;                   

  - Visual Representation Of Diversity: Images used in marketing materials should reflect the diverse range of identities represented within our society , including those identifying as transgender , nonbinary , intersex etc.

Overall , 2023 promises plenty of fresh ideas when it comes to pride specific email campaigns ! By using these tips and tricks you can help ensure your brand stands out amongst its competitors and shows its true commitment to celebrating diversity across all spectrums!

What Is Pride Month?

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City – an event that sparked a wave of protests for gay rights around the world. Every year, people come together to recognize how far we’ve come as well as remember those who continue to fight for equality. 

Pride Month is marked by parades and festivals across cities throughout June. These events are designed to bring attention not only to issues facing members of the LGBTIQA+ communities but also create visibility about their lives and experiences. The festivities often feature drag shows, live music performances from queer artists, art installations created by local talent or organizations dedicated towards supporting LGBTIQA+ individuals in need of housing or health services — all while allowing everyone present (regardless of their identity) an opportunity to express themselves freely with pride! 

In addition to these celebrations, many companies now offer special products during Pride month such as rainbow-themed apparel or accessories featuring symbols like rainbows and triangles which have become synonymous with LGBTQIA culture over time; some even donate proceeds from sales directly back into charities that help support queer youth initiatives worldwide! It's important too though not just focus on consumerism but instead use this opportunity reflect on what it means be proud yourself - regardless if you're part any minority group whatsoever - so take some time think about your own personal journey towards self-acceptance & love this season 💛

Best Pride Email Examples 

  • Levi’s

Subject Line: Proud Together

Levi's "Proud Together" campaign - Levi's created a video campaign that showcased the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals and how they are celebrating Pride. They also released a special Pride collection and donated a portion of the proceeds to the Harvey Milk Foundation.

  • Spotify

Subject Line: Come Out Loud

Spotify's "Come Out Loud" campaign - Spotify created a Pride playlist featuring LGBTQ+ artists and encouraged users to share their stories using the hashtag #ComeOutLoud. They also partnered with LGBTQ+ organizations and donated a portion of the proceeds from their "Pride Gear" merchandise to these organizations.

  • Uber

Subject Line: Moving Forward Together

Uber created a video campaign showcasing the stories of their LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. They also partnered with the It Gets Better Project and donated a portion of the proceeds from their UberPride merchandise to the organization.

  • Airbnb

Subject Line: Until We All Belong

Airbnb created a video campaign that encouraged people to wear a specially designed "Acceptance Ring" to show support for marriage equality. They also donated all the proceeds from the ring sales to the Australian Marriage Equality organization.

  • Coca-Cola

Subject Line: We Choose Love Over Labels

Coca-Cola released a limited edition Pride bottle with the slogan "We Choose Love Over Labels" and encouraged people to share their stories of acceptance and love on social media using the hashtag #LoveOverLabels. They also partnered with the Human Rights Campaign and donated a portion of the proceeds to the organization.

  • Lyft

Subject Line: Pride 2019 

Lyft's Pride email campaign encouraged customers to "ride with pride" during Pride month, featuring rainbow-colored Lyft cars and highlighting some of the LGBTQIA+ drivers who make up their community. The email also included a message of support for the community and a reminder to use Lyft's "round up and donate" feature to donate to LGBTQIA+ organizations.

  • H&M 

Subject Line: Love for All 

H&M's Pride email campaign featured a diverse cast of models and influencers wearing their Pride collection, which included rainbow-themed t-shirts, tank tops, and accessories. The email also included a message of support for the LGBTQIA+ community and a call to action to donate to the United Nations Free & Equal campaign.

  • Nike

Subject Line: BE TRUE

Nike's "BE TRUE" campaign has become an annual tradition, featuring rainbow-themed products and messages of support for the LGBTQIA+ community. In their Pride email campaign, Nike highlighted some of the people who inspire them to keep pushing for equality and inclusivity, including athletes, activists, and community leaders.

  • American Airlines

Subject Line: #FlyWithPrideAmerican 

Airlines created a beautiful email campaign in celebration of Pride month, featuring rainbow-inspired designs and messaging that celebrated the LGBTQIA+ community. The email encouraged customers to use the hashtag #FlyWithPride when sharing their own travel experiences during Pride month.

  • Warby Parker

Subject Line: Looking Ahead: Happy Pride Month

Warby Parker’s Pride email includes a message from the company’s co-founder and co-CEO, Neil Blumenthal, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion. The email also features a link to the company’s Pride collection, as well as a section on Pride-themed content and events. The email ends with a call-to-action to “celebrate love and be yourself.”

  • Etsy

Subject Line: Celebrate Pride with Etsy

Etsy’s Pride email features a colorful banner and includes a message from the company’s CEO, Josh Silverman. The email highlights LGBTQ+ small business owners and encourages readers to “shop small, shop queer” during Pride month. The email also includes a section on DIY Pride projects and a link to the company’s Pride-themed collections.

  • H&M

Subject Line: Celebrate with Pride – Wear Your Love

H&M’s Pride email features vibrant imagery and a clear call-to-action to “Wear Your Love” during Pride month. The email also highlights the company’s partnership with the United Nations Free & Equal campaign and includes a link to their Pride collection. The email ends with an uplifting message of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Google

Subject Line: Celebrating Pride, wherever you are

Google’s Pride email features a simple, yet effective design with a rainbow-colored heart graphic. The email includes a message from the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, highlighting Google’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The email also features a link to Google’s Pride website, which includes resources and information on LGBTQ+ history and culture.

  • Ben & Jerry's

Subject Line: "Love Comes in All Flavors" 

Ben & Jerry's is another company that has a history of supporting LGBTQ+ rights, and their "Love Comes in All Flavors" campaign is a perfect example of this. The company renamed their iconic "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" ice cream flavor to "I Dough, I Dough" in honor of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage. The campaign also included a petition asking fans to pledge their support for marriage equality.

  • Uber

Subject Line: #RidingWithPride 

In 2018, Uber launched their #RidingWithPride campaign in support of Pride month. The company changed the color of their app icon to a rainbow and offered users the option to donate to the Human Rights Campaign directly from the app. They also provided free rides to and from Pride events in several cities across the US.

  • Nordstrom

Subject Line: Proudly Celebrating Diversity

This email highlights the company's support for the LGBTQ+ community and shares stories from employees who are part of the community. It also includes a call to action for customers to shop the company's Pride collection, with a portion of the proceeds going to a LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

  • Hallmark

Subject Line: Love is Love

This email features Hallmark's Pride collection of cards and gifts, with a focus on celebrating love in all its forms. It also includes a heartfelt message of support for the LGBTQ+ community and a reminder that everyone deserves to be seen and loved for who they are.

Here are some additional examples of Pride email messages:

  1. "We stand with the LGBTQ+ community this Pride Month and always. Our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equality is unwavering, and we will continue to strive for a world where everyone is celebrated and embraced for who they are."
  2. "Happy Pride Month! As we celebrate the progress we have made, let us also remember the work that still needs to be done. Let us come together to create a world where everyone can live and love freely, without fear or discrimination."
  3. "We believe that diversity is our strength and that everyone deserves to feel valued, respected, and supported. This Pride Month, we celebrate our LGBTQ+ employees, customers, and allies, and we reaffirm our commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all."
  4. "This Pride Month, we join the LGBTQ+ community in celebrating love, equality, and freedom. Let us honor the courageous pioneers who fought for justice and equality, and let us continue their legacy by standing up against discrimination, bigotry, and hate."
  5. "Happy Pride Month! As a company, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and we stand with the LGBTQ+ community in their fight for equality and justice. Let us celebrate our differences and work together to create a world where everyone can be their authentic selves."
  6. "This Pride Month, we celebrate the rich history and vibrant culture of the LGBTQ+ community, and we acknowledge the challenges that many LGBTQ+ people still face. We are committed to being an ally, an advocate, and a partner in the fight for equality, justice, and dignity for all."