End Of The Year Email Tips & Examples 

The countdown is on for the New Year holiday and upcoming 2024. All businesses, enterprises, small or big scale companies do not matter, are in a hurry to wrap up the issues of 2023 as soon as possible and structure the plans, setting the goals, the strategies and finally the budgets of 2024. Plus, revealing the data of the past year is also very useful for companies to produce a balance sheet to take lessons and look ahead through a brilliant window. Wrapping up the past years in numbers or with bullet points also help individuals to recognize what they achieved, succeeded or what they postponed through the whole 12 months. Therefore we all love and find valuable such topics: best of lists of the year, year in statics, summaries, personalized performance data etc.  

Before the season has already gone you can prepare an End Of The Year Email for your business, brand or company with numbers, statistics and perhaps the most pivotal moments of 2023. In this article we’ll give out some tips and actual examples for crafting creative and attractive End Of The Year Emails!

Let’s begin!

End Of The Year Email Tips & Examples 

Make The Best of Lists

Yes, this is one of the best ways to create an end of the year emailing, in fact. Because everyone loves lists, especially in the universe of mobile and social media. The best of the year a.k.a The best of 2023 lists are perfect solutions to summarize occasions, events, and top releases of the passing year. Humans are intent to forget easily, so the events of January, February and March have been probably forgotten in December; even if it’s a shocking war; by the way do you remember Ukraine? Yeap, we need lists of milestones of a year to remember what we’ve lived through and to summarize what we witnessed as well. 

Do not hesitate to make remarkable and meaningful lists of your own industry; then create a stunning newsletter including these best of lists and summaries. You may use the terms “Editor’s picks”, “Best Voted!” “Best reviewed!” etc.

You can also attach your own brand’s point of view to the results or lists in order to create a sincerity with the readers of the mail. Do not forget to add a link to the landing page, a call to action or a tempting offer to improve your click through rates! Below are 2 examples for best of listing:

Best movies of the year

Everyone watching movies is familiar with IMDB.com. The giant movie database company regularly publishes and shares the annual top lists for movies, tv shows, soap operas, best directors’ and casts, and so on. You can see the CTA button leading to the main page of the content, other interesting “Best of 2020” stuff and a promotional banner linked to the “discover” page.

Annual best of lists

Babil.com is a local online bookseller website therefore it’s also easy for them to create a best of list for the books of 2021, likewise imdb did.  Please note that, they put a general wrap up paragraph for 2021 and connected the issue to their book picks. They chose 21 books regarding 2021. Additionally, again a CTA button is linked for the rest of the books; and a free shipping opportunity offer is added to trigger the readers to buy the books at the landing page. 

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Wrap the Year Align with Your Brand & Industry 

One of the methods frequently used by companies when sending the year-end emailing is to evaluate the year within the scope of their own industry and brands. After expressing your brand's general approach to the past year, here mainly 2023, you can share the milestones of your own industry or company with a timeline.

The example below may have been designed in detail; however do not hesitate to try your own version. You can list the highlights for your brand or company with much simpler designs. If there has been a prominent situation regarding your industry, add this outstanding moment as well. In this example, Wirex.com evaluated the highlights of its own brand for 2020 and summarized them under the headings:

A year In Wrap

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Focus on Your Company’s Projects 

Regardless of what happened in the country or around the world through the whole year, you can prefer to focus on your own material to get the most of the attention of your members or subscribers. You can organize your company’s last year achievements as a project, plan a creative content by combining all material together and then share that content via email. It may be a video just like in the below example or a photo gallery, a booklet, something imaginative and visual of course. Even the time tables and infographics are visual today, so do not leave your content just as text messages.  


Blutv is an online streaming platform, just like a local version of Netflix; at last years emailing you can see that the brand shares sincere thoughts regarding 2021 with the subscribers of the mailing and the sole video itself promotes the whole material the company produced along the year.  At the end a wishful line for the next year, here 2023, and a clever CTA button leading the readers to the mainpage of the platform with a sense of “Watch Em All!”

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Send Personalized Data If Possible

In many of our previous blog posts, we have underlined the importance of email personalization in detail. The personalization method is not a new concept for email marketing however companies and brands constantly add innovations with their own perspectives.  Spotify is one of these companies using personalized data in favor of their own users within the scope of an annual inventory. We can honestly declare that the indirect advertisement of Spotify is priceless via the brands’ annual summaries. The company shares interesting results from the listening statistics of its members every year at the end of November or at the beginning of December. Additionally Spotify shares these enormous data within personalized newsletters as a part of digital emailing marketing strategy. 

Moreover, the brand publishes personalized annual lists with a social media integration, allowing users to be share their own statics via personal Instagram accounts with just one click. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers receive these personalized mailings at the same time of the year, and the great majority of them share their own annual summary. Spotify company creates a post/story, in fact a wave within the scope of a marketing strategy, and one post turns into hundreds of thousands of shares. Finally Spotify, as being the subject of separate case studies regularly, publishes multiple general lists such as the most listened songs, albums and artists of the year, music genre of the year, etc likewise personal lists; let’s admit that the brand takes advantage of the end of the year  with a peek success. 

Spotify wrap up

Personalized Emailing of Spotify for 2022

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Analyze the Year in Numbers 

This is also one of the most used methods if you collect data of your website and your members or subscribers. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article humans love to hear summarized results, especially if someone else or a system is doing it for them. The numbers we mention here can be in highly diversifiable segments such as the number of visitors your website receives throughout the year, the type or number of sectors you serve, the total number of customers you have reached, your growth volume, the projects you have completed or the projects that have been successful with your contributions, and the data on how many people's lives you have truly touched. These statistics and numbers can be expanded and multiplied completely according to the sector that your company or brand serves.

You can sprinkle fun, cheezy numbers on this company data alongside the standards above.

For example, how many liters of coffee did you drink in your office to wake up for 1 year? How many hours did you have online meetings or how many times did you spend time meeting for dinner and happy hour outside of work? 

Personalized statics company overview


Kariyer.net is an online job finding/listing platform serving in the manner of Linkedin. In this example they combined one more method in one email. They both express the company's feeling towards 2021, share personalized statics of the members within the mail in order to remind them how useful their system is, and many more numbers regarding the achievements and success of the firm itself. Finally they attached remarkable stats for instance numbers of young talents they reached or live broadcast attendants. Please pay attention to the graphics as well. These types of email templates seem to be a little bit longer if you combine more than one issue at the same time; however it’s usual in emailing to do such a concept. Because this is a summary of a whole year and stats may tell much more than we can imagine. 

Send Reminder Emails

Reminder emails can be other end-of-the-year email examples as well as lists, annual reviews and personalized data dumps. You can send general breakdown, information and summary emails about their accounts to your members who are already registered within your system and the emailing lists. By means of that, if there are coupons or gift points in the accounts that will expire at the end of the year, or if there are transactions that are pending, you can send these reminders to prevent the loss of your users. 

In the Reminder email, you can also refer to the upcoming new year and share your wishes for maintaining your relationship with your customers in the next year. You can view the reminder email example of an online payment system below:

End 0f year reminder email

Use Statics & Missed Opportunities for Promotion

You can use the segmentation method as another end-of-year emailing and target your users who are not very active on your site or system during the year. The main point of these emails should be to win back your inactive customers who visit your site less, or who have not opened previous emails, who do not show any activity, or seem to be lost. So how will you accomplish this? Show your ghost subscribers what they’ve missed through the whole year if they were not interested in your brand or service. You can prove to them what difference they would have made in their lives if they had chosen you or if they had taken into account your previous offers and emails. To create such a storytelling method, you can benefit from real user experiences with permission, or you prefer to use a fictional example.

Promotion email for end of the year

In the example above, the profit that an online investment tool and platform brought to an exemplary customer last year is visualized with some numerical data, infographics and embedded in an emailing template. When it comes to money and financial issues, it can be said that it is easier for such companies to attract the attention of their registered customers compared to other sectors. Because even if you present the opportunities that people avoid financially, as an example, the probability of getting clicks on your landing page as a click through rate is quite high. 

If you don't find it attractive to summarize how 2023 was for your company, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to make a promotion for the next year by emailing such missed opportunities. 

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Wrap Up Your Own 2023 Now!

As you can see, although they may seem similar to each other, the content, promotion or casting emailings that each company or brand will prepare for the end of the year can be quite different. Some of the content may be created with plenty of graphics and some content can be summarized with just 3 sentences and a video. You can also use annual lists to reach your site visitors once again at the end of the year, or you can show what they missed because they didn't use your service. It's true your brand's end-of-year emailing is completely related to the nature of your work. In this article, we just gave out some tips and advice; it’s up to your marketing strategy whether to create a general strategy for the end of the year and integrate it into your emailing.

However, year-end evaluations are a great chance to greet your members or to remind yourself to those who have forgotten you during the year. Plus, you can also sprinkle many promotional opportunities among these emailings, direct your users to the best listings, sell packages for the new year, make it easier to monitor discounted products, and even encourage them to renew their expiring memberships, without delay.

You can benefit from the power of Mailsoftly while building all these within the framework of an email marketing strategy. While sending end of the Year emails, Mailsoftly offers compact solutions for many of your needs. You can manage email list segmentation, email automation and bulk email sending all together with Mailsoftly. Sign up now to try free and discover the power of emailing for the end of year emailings!

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