Ways to Design Your Valentine's Day Emails in 2023

Before we discuss how to go about designing Valentine's Day email, it is essential to understand what Valentine's Day is and where it originated from. Over the past decades, it has become such a generalized holiday that almost everybody celebrates it, but it originated from the Christians. It was a feast day to honor the Christian martyr Saint Valentine End through Mini certificate cultural, religious, and Commercial celebrations. It has become a holiday of romance and love in many world regions. The Day of February 14th came from a Roman fertility Festival known as Lupercalia. 

Valentine's Day shopping begins at the end of Christmas; in America, it is the next big holiday on the list. If you go into stores right now, down tines Day decorations are being sold, and the theme is starting to overtake their Christmas decorations once stood. End Valentine's Day is not held to the same standard as Christmas regarding spending money on guess the last year in 2020, Americans spent 27 billion dollars on Valentine's Day. Through this blog, we will go through different ways email marketing can help an individual stand now in the Valentine's Day season.

valentines day email marketing

Subject Lines need to be Strategic.

Around large holidays, emails but the Inbox often can become very overwhelming as many Brands push sales for the specific holiday. With this being said, it is essential to have a subject line that stands out. Emails are sent out as early as mid-January, so it is necessary to keep an eye on different subject lines that catch your eye and use specific techniques to deliver a message. A few methods that subject lines can range between are: 

  • Humor: There is a slight human behind Valentine's Day and the extent that people go through to make an individual feel special, so being able to incorporate humor in the subject line could catch somebody's attention. A fun example of this could be, "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We have something perfect for you."
  • Curiosity Gap: there is also the option to spark curiosity in a person; having a taunting subject line can grab the consumer's attention and make them want to click through your email because you've left them hanging. You can also create curiosity by showing a little bit of preview text, not wholly opening up about the idea or the sale but giving a glimpse of what could be contained within the email writing.
  • Honest and Direct: This is always a safe method; being direct about the sale and straight up about the contents of the email is a great way to keep it blatantly honest with customers. It makes the value proposition unambiguously clear. This can be shown in an example by stating, "BE MINE! UP TO 20% OFF!". 

There are many different ways to approach the subject line strategies for an email leading up to Valentine's Day. You should explore which option works best for your brand and what you want to promote. The whole idea is to prevent customers from developing blindness toward the promotion that you were trying to push. It is essential to know that if you were going to send an email about Valentine's Day in early to mid-January not to use a sense of urgency. The purpose of speed needs to be kicked in towards the end of January and the beginning of February as the time towards Valentine's Day is reducing. An urgent email too early in the email marketing season can turn many heads away from the campaign. 

There are more than just two Valentine's Day Colors.

There are many more colors than just red and pink, so do not try to limit yourself or your campaign. Often red and pink are the two colors that are emphasized during Valentine's Day email promotions, and it is essential to remember that red is quite an overwhelming color. Often red is associated with the mood of harmful and danger-bearing emotions due to the color of blood, anger, and fire. Incorporating too much red could harm your subscribers' perspective as the night takes it as a negative color instead of a vibrant color. It is wonderful to use red and pink as pops of color throughout your campaign that do not make the entire page about the color red or pink. A great email marketing practice is sticking to your actual brand colors and using the aesthetic of a typical email marketing campaign to incorporate red and pink as you see fit instead of having a red and pink email and incorporating your friend as you see fit.

 It is also important to note that you can leave out red or pink. You do not need to include it in your subject line and do writing in your email or even the photos often. Times people try to incorporate a red or pink heart in the subject line of their email marketing campaign, and even this can be deemed unnecessary. If you have the moment, scroll through your email on Valentine's Day and consider how many brands do the same thing but incorporate a red or pink heart in the subject line, you will quickly see how generic that type of email marketing is. 

Use the "Love" theme.

Love is not a product so much as it is a theme. Anything can be taken from a friend or designed and campaigned in the meaning of love. Valentine's Day products and promotions do not always have to give me a text or holiday-themed gifts. The option is to play off the idea that your customers "love" a specific product. Or you can take the email marketing campaign approach of emphasizing how customers have particular interests and hobbies and how this product would love to have them ease their specific activity. For example, suppose you are working towards Valentine's Day promotion of a particular restaurant. In that case, you can always take the approach of "Loving" a specific drink or popular menu item for which the restaurant is known. Often a restaurant will not be able to participate in the product buying of Valentine's Day, but they can remind their customers of what they offer that is unique and that they will always "love."

Storytelling can turn an ordinary product into a meaningful gift.

Valentine's Day is a time for people to express love, and with this idea, people try to take their gifts to the above and beyond by making them unique, romantic, and thoughtful. But, unfortunately, the expectation is set so high that a basic heart-shaped box of chocolates is no longer cutting it.

As an email marketer, it is a great time to use your email to create content that demonstrates to customers that the product that you are working with is the perfect gift. Incorporating photos and concise text into an email is a great way to get the word out, but you have to do much more than just precise products and shop to get a sale. If you can offer a story behind the product that can tug on the heartstrings of subscribers, then you are more likely to succeed in Valentine's Day sales. Being able to paint a picture of the perfect scenario for this product ends up showing somebody using it or receiving it as a gift and their reaction being as static as a great way to Market towards somebody who might be hesitant about the product. Valentine's Day is circulated with the theme of loving another person, and creating a story around a product can make their purchase due to the emotional connection the story begins.

In a Creative Marketing technique, the idea of telling a story is when you are working with an email marketing campaign, instead of featuring the story itself, you feature the inspirational story behind it—having the potential to help a customer resume with a gift based upon their loads in preferences. Often relationships revolve around sharing experiences, and if you can draw connections between the relationship to finding interest and the product that you were offering, there is a higher chance that somebody will take the email to Heart. 

Remember the Singles.

Now it is no secret that Valentine's Day is about the idea of love for another person, but it is important to note when you get those who are single. Only some customers are in a relationship, which is entirely ok; At the same time, you do not need to make specific campaigns circulating the idea of being single; it is essential to make sure it's in the people to feel included. A great way to do this is to celebrate those who are single and choose to be alone or if they'll have a love with their friends that they are celebrating Market towards that. A significant trending idea is "Galentine's," a Valentine's Day for you and your girlfriends. 

Another option for marketing is to target those who have pets, offer items that are the fan favorites for their pets. This will attract the audience of those who are in a relationship as well as those who are not. 

Incorporate Valentines Day into your Automation

To learn more about automation in email marketing, you can read more on a featured blog that we offer through Mailsoftly. There are a couple of temporary changes that can be made for Valentine's Day precisely that offer the ability to stand out from other e-commerce stores, such as:

  • Have Valentine's day shipping deadlines
  • Offer car abandonment emails to increase the sense of urgency for your customer
  • Incorporate imagery in two you're welcome emails
  • Use phrases such as "We will always love you" and when back emails

 Having up-to-date automation when seasons change makes your email campaign feel relevant and that you, as a company, are very engaged with your customers.Happy Valentines Day Email!

Now let's Wrap it Up.

Valentine's Day offers stores the ability to provide products that aren't typical romantic gifts. And if you are using the correct email marketing strategies, you can take a simplistic idea and make Valentine's Day promotion stand out. First, however, a few things in this wrap-up need to be re-emphasized.

  • Subject Lines need to be strategic. Use subject lines to draw attention to your email marketing campaign. The subject line originally entices somebody to click and scroll through your email, so it needs to ramp up the urgency during Valentine's Day period. 
  • There are more than just two valentine's day colors. There are so many ways to incorporate color into your email marketing campaign. In saying this, ensure the brand's colors are preserved in translation. Pink and red do not need to be overwhelming, as some people do not associate positive ideas with red. 
  • "Love" is a theme: This theme opens the door to many possibilities. Think of how many times you have said, "I love this food" or "I love the color of these pants" love is used in a much more generic way than to address one person. Use this to your advantage and Market why somebody would love the brand's product. 
  • Storytelling can turn an ordinary product into a meaningful gift. Attaching a story to a product can make a regular gift hold a significant amount of meaning. This is a strategic way to present a product so that customers can resonate with it at a different level. 
  • Remember the singles. There will be customers who are not in relationships that may be celebrating with their galentines or not all. Make sure that there is a glimpse of marketing towards them as well so the campaign can be inclusive to all.
  • Incorporate Valentine's Day into your Automations. The automation makes email marketing experiences much more seamless

Overall, many marketing techniques go into Valentine's Day, and the campaign's design must be essential to your brand. Keeping your brand voice through the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season is very important. Mailsoftly offers easy-to-use and flexible platforms for sending out mass email lists and incorporates user-friendly approaches when creating your campaign.