What is An Email Template?

One of the most important aspects of getting a high response from your emails is to have good content and format. However, recreating the same post format and structure for each post is time consuming and tedious. It's also critical to make sure your entire team uses the same email at different stages of your sales cycle: so your workplace is in sync, ensuring everyone uses the same tone, the same type of follow-up. All these make sales activities and processes more successful and effective. This is where email templates come into play. By using email templates, you can save time and focus on your email content by not having to rewrite the entire email format every time. Also, using multiple templates for your different email content allows you to deliver the right message to the right audience and enhance your overall experience with the company.

An email template is a defined email layout that allows you to quickly and easily write and create your own branded email campaigns by changing their images, text, fonts and other elements. By using an email template when composing your emails, you can speed up your processes and make sure you send the right message to your recipients. You can also share your chosen e-mail template with your teammates after personalizing it with a few minor changes according to your brand.

All you have to do is choose from a variety of email templates designed for different business goals and purposes, and customize it for your brand. You can read our blog post for the Best Email Examples & Templates to see the examples! 

The Benefits of Using Email Templates

  • Save time and effort

Creating an email template from scratch is a laborious and time-consuming process. You have to decide where to write the text, what the text should contain, what font and images you should use. But you can organize your emails in the most efficient way by using an email template. All you have to do is decide which email template to use. Then you can easily make the e-mail template you choose suitable for your brand image by making a few minor changes on it.

  • Standardize your emails

email template

Use email templates to increase your brand's productivity and ensure reliable and consistent communication. Using an e-mail template allows you to send the same content to your recipients in the same text format, including a personalized welcome message and your personal signature, without having to type the same email multiple times. Thus, you will increase your productivity by minimizing the time you will spend on e-mail design and sending. Moreover, with your standardized e-mails, you provide trust in your business relationships and consistency in the way you communicate with people.

  • Reduce your margin of error

When you start composing an email from scratch, you should check that it is in the same format as your previous email, as you may have missed important parts of your email content or made mistakes in mail formatting. Despite all these checks, it is possible to send your e-mail with a format or content difference that you missed. Use an email template to avoid all this time-consuming work and greatly reduce the margin for error. In this way, you prevent the risk of sending emails to your potential customers with the wrong content or format.

  • Protect your brand image

By using an e-mail template, you can send more professional-looking e-mails and strengthen your brand image. After creating a main template suitable for your brand's color palette, your work will be very easy when you need to send a new e-mail. For example, you will send a welcome e-mail to a newly registered member of your site or you want to send an e-mail promoting your new products to all your members. All you have to do is add your new content to the text and image section in your main template. When you send this e-mail you prepared using an e-mail template to your members, it will be very easy for your members to recognize your brand, thus your brand awareness will be reinforced.

  • Advance your email response rates

Providing personalized experiences to your email recipients will increase the success of your business by improving the response rate to your emails. By using e-mail templates, you can personalize your e-mails such as a greeting addressed to your member's name.

  • Provides Metric Tracking

In order to measure your success, you need to track and analyze your e-mail metrics. Based on the results of this analysis, you can create new strategies for your brand. Plain text emails do not allow you to monitor the open rate of your email campaign, which means you will never be able to improve your performance. On the other hand, if you use an email template, you can track your emails' open rates, clicks, email sharing and forwarding, and subscriber engagement.

Some Interesting Features of Email Templates

  • You can get an idea of how the template looks and how well it performs by previewing the email the recipient will receive. This will help you decide if any improvements are needed.
  • You can rearrange the templates that you do not get the performance you expect, and delete the templates that you do not use often and unnecessary.
  • If you want to know about the performance of the email templates you use, you can look at the template analysis. With this feature, you can analyze the performance difference between the versions of the template you are updating and see which version performs better. Thus, it will be easier for you to decide which mail template to use in your next campaigns.
  • You can share the email template you use with other users or groups such as your teammates.
  • With the mail template, you can send a personalized mail to multiple recipients.
  • You can also attach files, links, etc. to your mail.

What Should Be Considered When Creating An Email Template?

  • Have a Simple and Clear Design Goal

With the e-mail template you have prepared, you will send mass e-mails to very different target audiences. For this reason, it should have content that is easy for all kinds of people in the target audience to understand. You can make the message you want to give more interesting and readable with simple e-mails that everyone can understand.

Furthermore, email templates are often the first time a customer meets or remembers your company. For this reason, you should stay away from templates that are complex, displeasing to the eye, containing a lot of unnecessary information and misleading content.

  • Readable Content

If the content of the e-mail you sent is not readable, your e-mail will be useless. For this reason, make sure that your e-mail is absolutely readable. Text size, color selection and font are the three most important factors of readability. 

what is email templateText size: Using two or three different fonts in your text size will be enough for you. Anything more will prevent your design from being clean and readable. You can also make the title more visible by using different sizes for the title and text.

Color selection: Choosing the right colors is a very important point in template design. You should choose colors that are suitable for your brand's color palette and that will not impair the readability of your mail. In addition, each color has a specific meaning in our subconscious. Since you will create a perceptual communication with your customers with the colors you use, you should choose a color suitable for the message you want to convey. 

For example, you may have noticed that some brands frequently use the color yellow in their emails. This is because yellow activates feelings of happiness. This is a great way to persuade people to buy products like accessories. Also, remember that culture also influences color perception. For example, the color white is often associated with innocence and purity in western cultures, but with death in Japan.

Also, keep in mind that culture also influences color perception.To give an example, a color associated with something positive in one culture may be associated with something negative in another culture. For this reason, it will be useful to research cultural characteristics.

Font: Don't risk your brand by trying to be too different in your font, using fonts that are hard to read and not viewable on all devices. 

  • Mail Design Compatible with All Devices

With the changing world, e-mails are no longer made only through the computer. People with different lifestyles and business networks also carry out their e-mails via different electronic devices. For this reason, by having an e-mail template compatible with all devices, you will expand the customer segment you are addressing and this will provide you with great advantages. Don't forget that mail design is crucial for any kind of email; follow up emails, survey emails, newsletter emails etc.

  • Having a Unique Template

Today, a user receives dozens of e-mails from different brands. One way to stand out from these emails and be successful is to send a more eye-catching email. If you want your emails to attract more attention, your email template needs to be unique. By offering something different from the email templates and content used by other brands, you will attract more attention to your target audience. And keep in mind that you have use appropriate templates for special occasions! For example, you need to use an Halloween Email Newsletter Template in Halloween!

  • Quality of Images Used in the Template

Visual memory takes an important place in people's memory. You can increase the memorability of your e-mail by using visual tools such as photos, gifs, tables and graphics in your e-mails. But at this point, there are points that you should pay attention to. One of them is the quality of the images you use. When using images, it is very important that the resolution of the images is good. Otherwise, the work you will do will not create trust in your customers and your work will be in vain.

Another factor you should pay attention to is that you need to be balanced in the use of images. While trying to prepare an impressive template, you should not bore the other reader with too many images.

  • GIF and Other Animations

The human brain responds to images much faster than text, and this is the most important thing to take into account for using a well-designed email. With a well-designed email, you can make it quicker and easier for your readers to understand the message you want to convey. By using GIFs and other animations, you can convey your message to your target audience with fewer words. Thus, you can eliminate the need for your target audience to read long texts, convey the message you want to give in a more understandable way, arouse different emotions in your target audience and make your products more memorable.

  • Call to Action

If you're running a sales email campaign, no matter how good your product is, you won't be successful unless your customers buy it. To measure the success of such a campaign, you can look at how many responses you get to your call-to-action. 

A call-to-action is the short, original and clear message you give at the end of your email to activate and direct your recipient to your site. 

The following should be considered when creating a call to action.

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Attractive enough to push the user to click
  • Short enough for the user to read without losing interest (e.g. 4-5 words)
  • You clearly state what your potential customer should do (For example, buy now, try, etc.)
  • It is stated that it is valid within certain periods.

You can increase your mailing success with the call-to-action messages you prepare by paying attention to these.


If you want to prepare an e-mail campaign, you can take the first step by choosing the best e-mail marketing template suitable for your brand and personalizing it according to your brand image. Have e-mail campaigns with a high response rate with content written in a short, clear and readable format, an e-mail template that is compatible with every device and specific to your brand, quality images that do not strain the eyes, and a sufficient number of GIF and other animations. For another informative article regarding email templates for follow up mails please visit our blogpost What is Follow-up Email: Definition & Examples.

You can facilitate whole email template process with Mailsoftly, an affordable, user friendly, personalized e-mail sending software. Choose the one that best fits your brand and content from Mailsoftly's more than a thousand well-designed and well-written email templates and start personalizing it, and then keep improving your campaign by tracking your email campaign metrics!