Benefits of Email Marketing

If you want to boost your sales, increase your number of possible clients or enhance the relationship with your customers, you shouldn’t forget about email marketing campaigns.

In the 2019 report from the Direct Marketing Institute, email marketing was found to have a return on investment (ROI) of $40 for every dollar invested. Email marketing is about more than just making money. Successful marketing campaigns can turn possible customers into real customers, grow brand recognition, and most importantly drive traffic to your website.

We are detailing the biggest benefits of email marketing in this article. We'll explain email marketing to you, give some email marketing tips, highlight its advantages, and contrast it with other types of marketing.

Here are all the details…

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that communicates with customers through email. Email marketing is nothing like flyers. It’s an opt-in channel, meaning that only recipients on your contact list will receive your promotional mails. 

Marketing emails have two main goals: to promote or to inform.

When we want to inform our current customers and potential customers about our products, brand, services and more, we can send informational emails to them. Here are some examples;

Welcome emails: Welcome emails basically thank the recipient for subscribing to your mailing list and can be part of an email sequence to convert the potential customer to a real  customer.

Newsletter emails: These kinds of emails inform the recipient about the latest news about you, your latest products and services and updates.

Company Milestone Emails: Milestone emails inform recipients about the big updates about your brand.

Giveaway Emails: With giveaway emails, you basically offer recipients free content! This free content can be ebooks, videos, or podcasts.

Promotional Marketing Emails: While sending promotional emails, your main goal is to sell products and services to customers. Here are some examples of promotional emails:

  • Announce discount or upcoming promotions
  • New product or service emails that introduce new products to customers.
  • Important days like birthdays

Abandoned Cart Emails: These emails try to encourage the customers to complete their purchase. You send these emails 24-72 hours after the recipient abandons their cart for sale. In their email campaigns, many marketers mix educational and promotional emails, and many emails contain both promotional and instructive elements.

As an illustration, many weekly newsletter emails have a CTA (call-to-action in email) button that points readers to the business's online store.

Advantages of Email Marketing

benefits of email marketing1. Low campaign cost

In the past, marketing efforts like billboards, TV advertising, and glitzy posters have cost businesses a lot of money. Email marketing or email marketing software is not as expensive because all you need to send out an email campaign is just a computer!

As a result, a medium-sized business should expect to pay an average of $9 to $1,000 per month on email marketing.

Email marketing generates money at a minimal cost, which results in a large profit margin.

2. You can enhance your marketing by using A/B testing

Data-driven marketing campaigns can assist you in optimizing your promotions to maximize their reach with your audience because data can show you what works and what doesn't with your audience.

Because you can utilize A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of your communications, email marketing is a data-driven strategy.

With the use of A/B testing, you may contrast the performance of an email that employs a novel strategy and an earlier email from the same campaign. A/B testing is essentially used to test new advertising strategies on your audience before including them into your standard email marketing campaign.

A/B testing is ideal for determining:

  • An improved call to action
  • A fresh design
  • New text formatting
  • Fresh brand perception
  • New subject lines for emails
  • Personalization

A/B testing has benefits for email marketing since it enables you to pinpoint tactics that have been shown to be effective. According to research, brands who employ A/B testing have a ROI of $48 for every $1 invested, which is higher than the average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. This means that A/B testing can also increase your ROI.

3. Use calls to action (CTA) to boost sales.

Email marketing is a wonderful channel to complete transactions in addition to generating and nurturing leads.

Including a CTA in your emails is the easiest method to close deals (call-to-action). This call encourages your audience to start the process of making a purchase. Because the remainder of your content is created around CTAs, they serve as the "head" or "highlight" of the email.

4. Make customized campaigns

Consider the following: when you first access your inbox, you receive an email from business A that reads, "Hello. We recently introduced a new black tea ". At the same time, business B sends you a promotional email with the subject line, "Hello (your name), we just released a new black tea."

Which company would you prefer to buy from, A or B?

An Aberdeen study found that emails with customized subject lines are 14 percent more likely to be opened.

Additionally, personalisation works perfectly with email marketing. By using their names in your marketing emails, you may establish a personal connection with them and make them feel important as people.

Over time, this relationship fosters loyalty. As a 5 percent improvement in customer retention can enhance your income by 25 percent or more, keeping your audience is essential to expanding your business.

5. Create leads and stay in contact with them

According to 51% of respondents to our 2020–2021 State of Sales survey, lead creation is the hardest task for salespeople to do.

Naturally, it's crucial to investigate additional lead creation strategies, such as email marketing.

Because you may entice prospects to join your email list by providing a lead magnet, email marketing produces quality leads for your business.

advantages of email marketingWhat you offer a lead in exchange for joining your email list is known as a lead magnet. You can utilize a variety of content types as lead magnets, such as:

  • An e-book
  • A free trial (if you sell software or a service)
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Free consultation or advice
  • Free products

6. Make your website more popular by increasing traffic

It may appear that email marketing is a totally unrelated marketing channel, but that isn't exactly accurate. Your website and other marketing channels, like marketing emails, can all be used to increase visitors.

Increasing website traffic will boost your revenue since the more your potential customers interact with your material, the more probable it is that they will make a purchase.

Try the following to invite your readers to your website in your emails:

  • Incorporate links into the text of your emails naturally.
  • Links to pertinent blog entries should be added to the "hot post" area.
  • In the email's footer, include links to important pages (such as FAQ, About, and Contact Us sections).
  • Each product you mention gets a link added.

If you include high-quality links, your sales will be way higher.

7. Increase brand awareness

When you hear the word "social networks," what company comes to mind first? Despite the fact that there are countless social media websites, you probably immediately thought of well-known names like Facebook or Twitter.

This is how brand recognition works. Facebook was not necessary to think of this website.

Because you can establish a "brand persona" through your emails, email marketing is a fantastic approach to increase brand recognition among your recipients. This persona will have essential qualities that make it simple for people to recognize it, like a graphic identity, brand-specific tones, and style.

Customers are more likely to choose your brand over a rival when they remember it because they are already familiar with you.

How can email marketing help you build brand recognition? One option is:

  • All emails have the same colors, fonts, and design features (such headers).
  • A modest selection of templates that go with the visual theme of your brand.
  • A consistent subject line for emails, such as "(name): __________" or "Hello (name), we want to present you “X”!"
  • A layout that adheres to the look and feel of your website's and your items' brand.

an individual email signature.

8. Reach an engaged audience

Groups of potential clients that are not familiar with your brand are the target audience for some marketing strategies (such as social media and poster campaigns). Email marketing is not one of these channels because subscribers must register on your website.

Consequently, your email marketing recipients are a highly engaged audience that have a vested interest in your brand, products, or services because they have signed in to receive your emails.

But what benefits are there for you?

People who are interested in your content are more likely to become clients since they are more likely to sign up for your subscriber list. Due to the fact that it builds on a platform that consumers are already utilizing, email marketing is also incredibly effective.

Over 4 billion individuals use email worldwide, say Hootsuite and We Are Social. In addition to receiving emails from their favorite companies at least once a month, at least 49% of consumers also want to receive marketing emails.

As a result, marketing emails are a great marketing investment since they enable interaction with potential customers via a channel where they actively seek out promotional content.

9. Inform your clients

Email marketing allows you an immediate and direct means to communicate important information to your clients, which will help you keep them updated on events in real time. Therefore, it is ideal for transmitting messages or information about potential delays during emergencies.

By using them to link your brand to the beneficial acts you are taking, informative emails can also help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

You can highlight your achievement in an email, for instance, if your company joins a local charity's gift matching campaign and donates $34,000.

Your email list subscribers will then link you to that charity.

10. Easily measurable outcomes

You can use email tracking features in programs like Mailsoftly to monitor how subscribers respond to your communications. You can use these important informations into the effectiveness of your emails to improve subsequent campaigns.

Email marketing allows you to monitor your:

  • Opening percentage. You can see how many people really opened your email.
  • Rates of click-through (or CTR, click-through rate). You can see how many people clicked the email's links.
  • Conversion rate for sales. The proportion of customers that clicked on your email and then made a purchase.
  • List expansion rate. How quickly your subscriber list is expanding.
  • Rate of transfer. The frequency with which recipients forwarded your email to others.

We can continue to tell you more about email marketing advantages because it has a lot. But let’s resume this way;

It is cheap

benefits of email marketing for small businessesOne of the key benefits is that starting an email marketing campaign is far less expensive than starting a direct mail or other sort of marketing campaign. Only a professional sending tool should be added to the database's fees. The personalization of the message, the speed and precision of transmission, the ability to track progress, and other cutting-edge features like surveys and social network sharing all play a role in these two variables.

It is simple

From a creative and practical standpoint, it takes less than a day to set up an emailing campaign. Email is easy to use and maintain, and setting it up for commercial use doesn't call for a high level of technical expertise.

It's effective

Email marketing generates a return on investment (ROI) of 127% in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors and enables the development of lead generation.

It raises public awareness of your brand

Every email sent puts readers in front of their own business and increases the possibility to sell significantly as long as a brand is still fresh in a consumer's memory. An opportunity to maintain and raise brand awareness will result from strategic planning, focused content, and beautiful design.

It can be personalized

Increase list engagement by personalizing communications using dynamic fields. Beginning the message with the recipient's name and organizing the material in accordance with their prior behaviors makes the reader feel more intimate and direct, which motivates them to read your content

It's quick

E-mailing is almost immediate compared to traditional direct marketing; once the campaign has begun, reception and reading times are virtually nothing. Additionally, compared to traditional marketing, emails frequently produce answers up to 10 times faster.

It's measurable

When used according to best practices, email marketing enables the measurement of SRI using accurate statistics including as open, read, and click rates as well as sharing and reference rates. It is also possible to identify each user's behavior by focusing exclusively on their actions.

Why Does Email Marketing Work?

There are many reasons why email marketing is effective.

  • It allows you to target better
  • It supports sales through other channels
  • It is data based 
  • It promotes direct sales
  • It builds relationships, fidelity and trust

In order to increase the targeting of outbound communications, modern email marketing services and solutions encourage database integration, segmentation, and a variety of other strategies and tactics. With the help of cutting-edge techniques, customized emails may be created instantly for each recipient.

You may use the actionable data generated by each email campaign you send to improve your strategy and messages.

Email promotions and offers ensure action on:

  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Informations
  • Registrations and more.

Newsletters and other informational emails encourage customers to visit physical stores and events, open the door for catalogs, increase brand knowledge, enhance brand perception, create relationships, promote trust, and solidify customer loyalty.

Given everything that has been discussed, email marketing for small business and larger business is a really good concept for growing your company,