Best Black Friday Email Examples & Templates

You probably have a lot of questions about the whats, the hows, and the whys of successful Black Friday email marketing if you've found your way to this page. How should I get ready for Black Friday? How can a Black Friday marketing campaign be started successfully?

Keep reading and you’ll find answers.

What Is Black Friday?

Simply put, Black Friday is a week of sales that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This is a chance to make a lot of money by selling goods at a discount and avoiding the chaos and crowds that December brings to the stores. The day after Thanksgiving, all the stores in the United States begin a week of insane sales with discounts of up to 80%. There, it is a genuine phenomenon that annually inspires scenes of jubilation. According to legend, the name derives from the fact that traders transition from losing (deficits) to winning (profits) around the time most traders begin the current year's profits.

For shoppers, Black Friday 2023 is a must-attend occasion. In addition, many consumer goods and services are at their lowest prices during this event.

History of Black Friday

In the US, "Black Friday" as a concept was created. The 1930s are when Black Friday first became popular. It was introduced shortly after Thanksgiving by business owners who wished to revive the economy following the 1929 Great Depression.

Black Friday Template Examples

Example X

black friday email

The teaser Black Friday email is a way to get subscribers excited for your doorbuster deals, much like a trailer teases a blockbuster movie. Example X has one of our favorite teaser emails.

Why It's Good

First of all, the email's subject line is a terrific teaser that piques your interest in the recent publication.

Also clever is the use of the black shoes here. The first thing is that they are about to introduce shoes. Second, the shoes just so happen to be black, which matches the color scheme of the email and is also the color of Black Friday.

The overall look is understated yet sophisticated. It's not at all glitzy or pushy.

You are encouraged to visit their website and look forward to the big launch by the copy, which begins with the heading "Let the countdown begin." With words like "unveil," "keep an eye out for," and other cryptic expressions, their copy evokes intrigue. Additionally, they add a shadow effect to the background image to heighten the air of mystery.

Additionally, the Black Friday email follows a fairly established standard for Black Friday email campaigns in that it is only designed in black and white.

Example Y

black friday email template

On occasion, we are a little behind schedule for Black Friday and finish our shopping right before the holiday. And it's not because we're waiting on really big deals; it's just that we're overworked. Therefore, giving your customers a last-minute extension of the sale (and possibly running one when competitors have just ended theirs) gives them another opportunity to buy from your store.

Why It’s Good

Even though this isn't a brand-new approach to email marketing or the only message you might receive in your inbox about last-minute shopping, Julep's Black Friday email is still a great one for the following reasons:

The main deal, which is a 50% discount on all items, is simple and quick to explain.

The three key phrases in this email—"Extended 48 hours," "50% off everything," and "use code cyberwow"—stand out clearly from the rest.

Additional components that emphasize the offer include the subject line and the below-the-twinkle.


black friday email example

By titling the holiday "Blue Friday," EASYFLY positioned it in line with its corporate identity. The business does an excellent job of highlighting the least expensive flight when promoting its holiday specials. Since the price of the promotional flight is so low, many customers probably clicked the "Book" button to learn more. Operators of tours and attractions can also employ this tactic by prominently highlighting their best offer in their emails.

Example Z

black friday

We adore how this company organized their marketing email. This is a smart move because Black Friday can frequently be a stressful time for customers to shop. They might want to take advantage of the excellent offers, but they might feel overrun by promotions from various stores and be unsure of where to begin given the sheer number of products on sale.

Z has discovered a way to stand out and cut through some of the noise in their Black Friday campaign by featuring specific products. Even better, they have included particular items that would make wonderful cozier holiday gifts.

Black Friday Email Tips For 2023

  • Make sure the key components of your Black Friday email campaigns are prominent.
  • Offer extended sales in an effort to win over this niche group of late shoppers.
  • Make sure the CTA in your Black Friday email is obvious throughout.
  • Email your contacts who are most active. These are the individuals who will most likely read your emails. Send a few emails teasing your Black Friday to see who's engaged. The contacts most interested in the sale are the ones who click on these emails.
  • Less can be more. Promoting just one main item or a few chosen ones can sometimes be far more successful.
  • A strong design can convey a message more quickly than any amount of words could.
  • Don't underestimate the impact of a strong copy.
  • A fantastic way to interact with your customers is by including emojis in your emails. Emojis are now frequently used in our conversations with friends and family. When communicating with someone close to us, we don't really pause before sending an emoji. 
  • Black Friday email content occasionally contains a lot of copy. Show the features of your product in an entertaining way rather than just telling people about them.
  • In order to measure engagement before Black Friday, think about using teaser emails.
  • By concentrating on the main point of your Black Friday email marketing campaigns, you can avoid including extraneous content.
  • Make sure to keep emails for your Black Friday sale simple and concise when creating them. Keep in mind that customers will be busy browsing a variety of other online shopping sites in addition to receiving a lot more emails from various ecommerce sites.
  • Create a Black Friday social media promotion to encourage email signups.
  • Maybe a bigger font would be better.
  • Many of you may have realized that an email's subject line carries more weight than its body. Your Black Friday emails are likely to end up in the trash if your subject line is not strong enough to make a good first impression.
  • Videos are excellent for drawing in customers. The drawback is that making a video that can hook viewers in within the first five seconds requires a lot of time and money. Additionally, only 58% of email clients support video, making it challenging to even open the door. Try to use animated GIFs instead of video emails as a good substitute for video emails to keep recipients' attention.
  • Additionally, promote your offers on other platforms. In order for your customers to be aware of your Black Friday sale when they receive your emails, advertise it on your website and social media platforms. In order to give customers a dedicated space to learn more about the sale, you can also create specific landing pages just for these sales.