Email Marketing Campaign Examples That Drive Results

Email Marketing is one of the most prominent used mass marketing tools. Customers appreciate emails as it is a valuable type of communication when trying to reach a large audience. Enticing customers so that there is always an incentive to keep customers wanting more. Email marketing aims to build a relationship with customers, which eventually will lead to an increase in sales. Email marketing campaigns are typically made around a goal, and the goal is often to create trust but to drive sales and increase clicks on the website. 

What to keep in mind when writing an Email

These are just some simple tips and tricks to keep in mind when writing customer emails. These are commonly referred to as standard practices, but we can list a few together as a reminder. We must constantly give the recipients a reason to open the email and interact with it.  

  • Decide on your goals: Have a clear purpose for why the email is being sent; the campaign needs to have a sense of urgency and calls to action that align with the goal. 
  • Know the Target Audience: Know who you want to reach out to, decide what subscribers to reach out to and what their needs are—figuring out the best way to market towards them. 
  • Subject Lines: A catchy subject line makes all the difference; ensure there is value within the subject line so that there is an intriguing offer for the recipient. 
  • Relevant Imagery: A picture says a thousand words could not be more prevalent; the image sells that email. Ensure that the email is high-quality images that portray a message your brand is trying to convey.
  • Stay on Brand: Keep it accurate to your brand's voice, whether professional and simple or loud and fun. Both are acceptable if that is the brand image you wish to portray; make sure that it is consistent across all platforms. 
  • Concise text: Using brief text ensures the message gets across strategically. A lot of text will lose customers' interest, but short blurbs that catch their attention could significantly increase sales. 
  • Include strong CTA (call to action): Creating the ability to click on a link, or an image that immediately sends them to the product or website page will drive sales. 
  • Send Relevant Content: Sharing the content your audience wants to see is crucial; integrating email segmentation is a great way to see a significant impact of your campaign. 
  • Use Personalization: Personalization is a primary key to success when email marketing—grabbing customers' attention by personalizing subject lines and email content. 
  • Run Testing: A/B testing is crucial to the success of the campaigns; seeing what subject lines and content grab the audience's attention and increase sales sets the platform for what's to come. Email Marketing that drives results

What is the goal of the campaign?

As mentioned above, Creating a goal in a game plan for your email and campaign is crucial. For any mailing campaign, there are various directions to go with them. For example, a couple of different email campaigns could send a welcome email, a promotional campaign, promote re-engagement or retention, or just announce a new product. These are all different directions that can be taken with email campaigns, and it's essential to establish which direction you are trying to go before sending out in creating an email. Often a welcome email has a very high open rate, so it is a great idea to start by sending one of these so that the brand and customer can build a trusting relationship from the beginning. After deciding on the email campaign, the content portion of the email needs to start being creative. Often, the email content needs to be relevant, accurate, and on-brand; there are only a few times in which straying from the brand's Identity or personality is okay, typically during the holiday season. 

Start it off with a Welcome Email.

When receiving the email address or contact information from a new subscriber, it is essential to act on it and start the relationship immediately. Sending a welcome email is a great way to introduce the subscriber to the brand's personality, making the colors bright and the character shine through with imagery and CTA buttons. A fun way to engage them with the website and promote scrolling through the products offered is to offer a discount code when they first sign up. Having a discount code coming to their email when they light up shows that the brand is thankful for the subscription as. Well, here is what we offer you, and we hope you like it.

Share New Products!

When you receive a new shipment of products, this is a great opportunity to reach out to your customers—using an email to generate traffic to the website that is more frequent than a casual browser, informing people of your most recent arrivals. If there is a specific day when shipments are constantly taking place, perhaps have a weekly email notifying customers of products being restocked. That way, there's something to look forward to. There are a few approaches to creatively doing this, using a theme for the emails such as "Getting Ready to hit the Slopes," entailing that ski or snowboarding gear has been restocked. Another fun way is having feature images of products being used or shown in a public setting. Remember that you do not want to overwhelm your customers by advertising too many products; anything more than five could be an overflow of information. Lastly, when creating these emails, make sure there is linking so it can encourage visits to either the product or the website. 

Remind customers about items they have left behind

This is an excellent opportunity to send out an abandoned cart email to ensure you follow up with the customer. These emails must be sent out when a customer has left the website after adding something to their cart and not fulfilling the purchase. Often people will get distracted and lose track of what they were doing, and the item never gets purchased. A great way to prevent this is to use those abandoned cart emails. A fun way to do this is to use a catchy subject line that is personalized and relevant to the idea that they didn't buy something; an example would be "Forgot something in your cart." If you are not looking to use a subject line to catch attention, adding an image or description of the item they left in the cart is always helpful. Or attach an image link and some product reviews in the email so that customers are reassured why they should buy it. 

Announce the Sales

Steals and Deals are a substantial promotional email to send out. Never has somebody who didn't want to participate in a cell. Receiving an email containing a coupon code or a discount will give the customers something to look forward to and Encourage them to search the website for something to spend money on. Sometimes there is a theme Associated the cell, such as a holiday or an upcoming birthday, but there is a large variety of why a sale or discount can be applied. One common practice that goes well with announcing a sale or deal is to put the sale or deal in the subject line. Try to use quality photos of whatever products are on sale to give the customer a visual expectation and put the deal or coupon code in a large font so they can feel like the emails are reaching out to them. If it is to advertise an online sale, make sure to have calls to action underneath the sale itself and whatever image is displayed; make sure those link to something as well. 

Share the Knowledge

This is a fun way to build the trust of your customers, showing them that you are indeed the experts in this field by giving them tips and tricks. They can recall where they received their advice and associate it with your brand, which is an excellent form of B2B. If the tips and tricks offered are constructive and make a difference, it is a form of trust and communication that benefits both. Customers who trust your brand will drive more sales, and sending emails that are not directly pushing sales constantly creates a great relationship. This can be implemented by addressing the topic of knowledge in the subject line and engaging the customers immediately. Make sure the tip is short and concise, limiting confusion. If the information requires something the brand has either written about or sells to help accomplish the said task, then be sure to incorporate the link, so it is easy to follow. Ensure the CTA (call to action) are prominent, driving traffic to the website and product pages. 

Build Upon Previous Purchases

By using and observing what your customers have already purchased, you can make recommendations based on those products that might interest them and produce a sale. Following up with something recommended based upon a previous purchase shows that you pay attention to what they order and have an interest in their Hobbies. This will increase your sales and provide Clarity to your customers that your brand is informative about its products and willing to jump at the chance to help. There is a thin line to cross when doing this, ensuring that suggestions are made solely based on previous actions; if a recommendation is made of a product that is not of interest to the customer, trust will be lost. A straightforward way to do this is to have a high-quality photo of the suggested product and clearly state why the email is being sent. Being able to throw in a concise and Casual blurb of text to give context will go a long way in the customer's experience with the email. Lastly, make sure to include a link to the product that is being recommended so that it is easy for the customer to make the purchase.

Sending Emails at the Right time

This is crucial to ensuring that the email campaign gets good feedback and drives sales. When sending an email, paying attention to the time in which the email is sent makes all the difference; this is because sending an email at 3 Eastern Time will get a different reaction across the board. This means that preventive measures need to be taken to ensure that the segmentation of either area codes or states is broken up and that emails are being sent based on this segment. There are ideal times to send emails to get high feedback in great attention, so sending it at a time such as that would be perfect. 

Email Examples that drive ResultsConclusion

When looking at email marketing campaigns in general, there are so many factors that make you successful. Understanding the approach is vital, and everything will build upon that. Email Marketing needs to find a perfect balance between creating a relationship and trust with customers while driving traffic and increasing sales consistently. Customers should look forward to seeing your name in their inbox, and if that is not the case, reflect upon your email campaigns and see what you can do to make it more personable to drive that sale. Mailsoftly Is an excellent platform in which personalization and creativity are easily accessible. To learn more about how mailsoftly can help you begin an email marketing career and get you the results your brand is genuinely looking for, go ahead and explore what we have to offer on our home page. 

What Are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

  • Cost efficiency

Email is a very cost-effective way to market your business. If you want to reach a large audience, you only need to pay the mail server fee. Mail delivery time is highly dependent on the features offered by your chosen mail service.

  • Short reaction time

Mail delivery is quick and efficient, able to deliver millions of pieces of mail to the right people in a short amount of time. The posting period will vary depending on the features of the mail server you are using. Thanks to this quick interaction, you'll be able to shorten your reaction time from people who are interested in your product or service.

  • Targeting

By dividing your email list according to many characteristics such as gender, age, interests, shopping habits, and location, you can send customized e-mails to your recipients. Many companies that do professional email marketing use "permitted mass mailing lists" which are categorized according to a demographic structure. These companies then provide mass mailing services to these lists.

  • Ease of analyzing

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that you can track how many people opened and read your emails, whether they clicked on the links, and how many people deleted them without even reading them.

  • Personalization

There is limited opportunity to include personalized content in many advertising methods, except for SMS ads. All research shows that when products and services are sent directly to people's names, it has a positive effect on sales. 

Goals of Email Marketing

Email marketing softwares are increasingly popular, with interest continuing to grow. Today, millions of businesses prefer to use email marketing to promote their products, services, campaigns, and company announcements. The reasons for these preferences are as follows:

  • Building strong customer relationships and fostering brand loyalty
  • Getting new customers
  • Highlighting strengths over to competitors
  • Increasing sales and revenues
  • Launching new products
  • Introducing special deals for customers
  • Notifying customers of some changes

Email Marketing Types

What content will intrigue and engage your subscribers to keep them coming back? It is not always possible to send advertisements or product promotion emails to subscribers. Sometimes we also need different emails. You can increase the perception of your brand by using the email types we've given below. 

  • Welcome Email

Welcome e-mails are those that come after you create a new account or sign up for a email newsletter. They're your first communication with the customer. First impressions can be very important, so it's important to give a good one. The same can be said for emails. It is very difficult to correct the impression you left behind. A welcome email can be a great way to get started with a new relationship, as it sets the tone for the relationship. Welcome emails should be sent as soon as possible. When sending welcome e-mails, it is important to include the word "Welcome" in the subject line. This makes it easier for the user to distinguish the welcome email from other promotional emails. A discount coupon or gift product is usually added to the welcome emails to be used on the next purchase.


Airbnb Welcome email is a simple but effective email that is easy on the eyes and contains the colors of the brand and animations. The company requests that the subscriber update their profile with relevant information so they can provide more suitable services. Next, they ask you to verify your information so that you can start enjoying their services. Ultimately, they direct them to explore Airbnb.

  • Transactional Email

Transactional emails are sent automatically as a result of certain actions taken by the subscriber. Some examples of transactional emails are orders, confirmation emails, and notifications. The main purpose of sending transactional e-mails is to let customers know about the results of their transactions. These messages should be sent automatically. You must make sure that transactional e-mails are sent a few seconds after the user's action.


Shipping notification emails let customers know when their purchase has been sent, so they can feel confident that it’s on its way. Casper's shipping notification email includes helpful information about your order's status. Clear branding allows customers to easily associate this email with the company. The email informs customers of when the shipment will be delivered, indicating that the shipping process is under control. This alleviates any anxiety customers may have. By mentioning the product's name and details in the email, the customer can be sure they are getting the right product.

  • Newsletter Email

It is a type of email marketing in which your subscribers are notified of your newest posts by sending a compilation of your blog posts every week or every month. It allows you to offer the freshest and most up-to-date content directly to your subscribers without having to search for your content on the internet. These contents are one of the best ways to add value to your brand without directly promoting the company or product.


Ben & Jerry’s newsletter shares interesting facts about their brand with their readers. It offers helpful information, such as recipes for milkshakes and facts about the company.  Since the newsletter doesn't come across as pushy, the company's readers are less likely to react defensively, allowing them to better consider the information presented. You can create lots of types of email newsletter;  Thanksgiving email, Halloween email, Newyear email...

  • Abandoned Cart Email

When a customer puts items in their shopping cart and leaves your website without making a purchase, send them an email reminder about your products. This email notification will remind customers of the items in their cart and offer them a discount code to return to your website and complete their purchase.


Lego starts with a free shipping offer, which could be of interest to a buyer if the cost of shipping puts them off. They also tried to re-engage the customer by asking them if they were happy with what they saw. With these reminder emails, you help your customers to complete their purchases.

  • Promotions/Special Offers Email

Email marketing that features special offers and promotional content is very effective. These are emails that make your audience take action. People appreciate email notifications about sales, discounts, and other deals. These emails provide a great opportunity for you to connect with your audience and get them interested in your products. You can send special perks emails to your subscribers only, based on their membership status. If you send promotions that are only available via email, your subscribers will want to continue to hear from your business to view the promotions. Giving subscribers the opportunity to receive special benefits as a result of their subscription could motivate them to encourage others to sign up, too.


Uber's email campaign is well-executed, and it tastefully uses a minimal amount of text.  This concise, easy-to-read message is perfect for subscribers who don't have a lot of time and want to get the most out of their reading experience. If you're interested in learning more, there are always links available for you to follow. The limited-time offer motivates customers to use this opportunity. 

  • Lead Nurturing Email

Lead nurturing emails are automated, personalized email campaigns that can influence users' buying behavior. These emails are designed to help you inspire and encourage your customers to make a purchase. They contain valuable information about your products or services and show the benefits of using them. To create an email that will be successful in nurturing leads, it is important to understand the interests, needs, and pain points of your recipients. Since lead nurturing is a series of emails, you can experiment with different types of emails to help build a relationship.


Sephora offers informative videos from employees with product offerings and educational content to help you choose the right products for your needs. The website has a lot of calls to action, but the main focus is to watch the tutorial which is helpful to the reader. A visually-striking email that grabs your attention with its stunning visuals. It showcases the products uniquely and interestingly, perfect for a visual brand.

  • Re-Engagement Emails

This email is sent to customers who have not accessed the site for a long time after a subscription. Converting an inactive subscriber back into a customer is 5x cheaper than acquiring a new customer. One way to get your inactive customers back on board is to ask them to help improve your processes and provide feedback.


The email you sent to your customers reminding them of your product's existence and value is a classic example any brand can use to keep past customers in mind. Engagement emails can be a great way to increase sales, as long as you're able to capitalize on the customers' preexisting knowledge of your brand and offer promotional codes to increase the chances of a sale.

  • Announcement Emails

An announcement email is a message that a business sends to its email contacts to let them know about a new product release, a significant change, a recent update, or an upcoming event. An effective announcement email starts with a clear subject line and provides brief information about what your company has to offer. Make sure to include information about upcoming events or new product releases.


A little mystery works wonders, especially in the marketing world. Havenly is very good at understanding the psychological tricks used in emails. The curiosity gap is a well-known strategy for building interest in a product launch. Havenly’s teaser email is a great example of how to build interest around a product launch. 

  • Review Request Emails

Getting customer feedback is an important way to learn about how your customers think about your brand. Whether it's good or bad, you can use the data collected to improve the experience. The intelligent sound helps create a stronger seller-buyer relationship because customers' opinions are valued and appreciated. By providing an incentive for customers to provide honest reviews, you can help create high-quality content that can help your company rank higher on search engines.


Netflix is committed to taking customer feedback seriously and emphasizes the importance of customer input in their business decisions. Netflix sends out a warm email to its customers, thanking them for taking the time out to complete their survey. They remind customers that taking the survey is important, and implore them to do so.

Email marketing can be a useful way to attract and keep customers. If you're looking to increase your online presence, implementing a successful email marketing campaign can be a great way to go. Select the email marketing campaign best suited to achieve your business goals. Your emails should be well-designed and helpful, regardless of their content. To keep your email as effective as possible, focus on sharing the key information in the most appropriate format. This will help you target your audience and make your message more likely to be received.