Email Marketing Trends for 2023

Emailing will remain the core of business marketing, with many businesses depending on email marketing as their primary strategy. It allows a company to regularly stay in touch with customers and website visitors, constantly keeping a flow of communication to build brand trust. It is also proven that customers notice the constant activity, products, and promotions. As a result, Email Marketing plays the most significant role in customer retention. In 2023 there is to be an estimated 4.3. billion global email users. 

Breaking through regarding email marketing campaigns is difficult as spam email are so prominent. It is drastically important that we leave the one size fits all approach in 2022, dealing with customers that are tech savvy but also technology heavy can spot an email that is generic from a mile away. Personalization is key to standing out in a world that is so dependent on the internet. Leveraging email marketing through customized messaging campaigned will not only generate leads but it will boost customer engagement. Customers will expect personalization to be the new normal and with this companies need to continuously search for new and better strategies to help aid in the customer's sales funnel journey. 

It is essential to stay active in the email marketing trends heading into the new year. With the new policies regarding Apple and its privacy guidelines, how data is collected will have to be readjusted. Apple is one of the largest default email applications because it is a part of Apple devices. In 2021 approximately 52 percent of emails that were opened were through an apple device. After the update of IOS 15 it changed the Mail Privacy Protection, the option to untrack data was a huge hit, approximately 50% of users opted into additional privacy protection. But it also hit email marketing hard, not being able to track when subscribers opened an email made it difficult for email marketing features that heavily rely on this data. It has affected the data brought in because numbers are no longer liable, they are not taking data from the population as opposed to just a sample size. This just emphasizes the understanding of marketing and all the strategies that go into marketing, as well as all the results that a simple campaign can tell us about the audience.

With all that in mind, being open to change is the best approach. The community is constantly growing and learning how to embrace change is the best mindset. There are ways to adapt to the changes by prioritizing different KPIs, using Data from other sources, improving email deliverability and being mobile device friendly.  With that in mind Mail softly has some email marketing habits that will allow your email marketing campaigns to flourish in the upcoming 2023 year. 

Integrating Interactivity

With the world expanding, so are their expectations. Typically email that reads header to images with a few flash text appearances does not cut it anymore. Emails must be engaging; customers want to interact. Users wish for an email that gives them all the information needed without clicking elsewhere. A few ways that this can be integrated are

- Carousels of images

- Videos a user can watch

- Scroll the interactive bar

- Interactive quizzes to find what works best for you.

Including the elements mentioned above makes the email more enticing and encouraging to interact with. This also will result in the customer associating the company with great emails, which is already building customer-to-consumer trust.

Boosting engagement with storytelling

An email needs to tell a story; this will aid in increasing interactivity. As customers have started to invest more research into brands and genuinely look at what brands stand for, it is essential to connect with the customers by telling them a story. Knowing the company is more profound than the brand name will build trust and increase their possibility of becoming a customer.

A great way to do this is to glimpse what the company stands for, whether providing behind-scenes office staff or sharing events that the company supports and or will be attending to show support. This is an opportunity to build that trust within the younger generation that is very passionate about helping companies that share a common interest. Another great way to incorporate a story is by sharing videos, quotes, or resources that the company supports. These methods allow you to increase engagement and build relationships with your subscribers, creating a trusted relationship and the path for them to become loyal customers.

Personalized messaging

Personalized email marketing has been trending for years and has only become more personalized. When receiving a personalized email, the chance of a customer or subscriber significantly increases. In addition, it is a great way to have subscribers interact with your emails and click around to see what you are offering.  

Customers are not only subscribed to your emailing list but also receive tons of emails daily; personalization is a way to stand out! Catching their attention creates the urge to open and interact with your emails. To learn more about personalized emails, visit

Still hesitant about personalized emails? Here are a few stats that can reassure you:

  • Personalization improves open rates by 42%
  • Personalization increases the average clickthrough rate (CTR) by 14%
  • Personalization increases conversions by 10%

Mobile device friendly

 A huge factor that needs to be considered rolling into 2023 is the dependency on mobile phones now. For example, approximately 66% of people open their emails on mobile devices.

Most people open emails on a mobile device, meaning the email format needs to be mobile device friendly. To have a design that is responsive to both desktop and mobile is crucial. Something that needs to be kept in mind when reading an email for a mobile device format is to keep it short; individuals do not want to scroll on their phones to find the details they are looking for. Instead, keep it clutter-free and be mindful of the space given to create that customer-consumer relationship.

Straying away from open rate

Recently there has been a drastic change in privacy-related changes that have affected how email marketers can keep track of their campaign performance. In 2023 marketers will have to adapt to these changes and genuinely observe data privacy which is now a significant focus.

In 2022 Apple released a new privacy setting that prevents email marketers from tracking many data such as when users open emails, the location of which the user interacts with the email, and the device used to interact with the email. With Apple's change, open rates will drastically change the data collected. The effect this will play in 2023 will allow other metrics to be more helpful, such as clicks and click through rates.

It will genuinely emphasize the need for CTA calls to action within emails as that is now what will be tracked and most accurate. Some calls to action could include incorporating blog posts, requesting more information, using a chat box, etc.  

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is commonly referred to as AI. AI plays a vital role in building a solidified presence in marketing, helping in decision-making and predicting the future, and how to adapt correctly. AI analyzes data points that help consumers customize their email campaigns to make the most profit. Due to the new privacy updates, the way they obtain this data will have to be adjusted, but with AI, that adjustment will be made much more straightforward. AI technology is beneficial because it helps personalize email campaigns.

Customer Retention

This should always be a goal, but a large part now coming into play is telling a story through the customer's journey. Regarding email marketing, there needs to be a sequence of automation—quickly walking the customer through the step to purchase something eventually.  

As customers become more aware of their effect on the planet, transparency has skyrocketed. Customers value honesty and openness and scaring them with a sale or deal is not a customer-driving tactic anymore. When email marketing, the exchange of value, insights, and promotion needs to receive the correct recognition, as constantly trying to sell, sell, sell will turn customers away. There needs to be a relationship created between the brand and the customer.

2023: What Is Waiting For Us?

Within email marketing, some trends are popular. Five should be at the top of your list to master by the end of 2023 for a successful email marketing campaign.

Measuring results: Apple's update will completely change how the direct impact of email marketing is measured. This will adjust the focus on conversions instead of open rates. When shifting the measuring of your email campaign, you can see the improvement through a buying funnel.

Personalization: Personalizing an email in 2023 is no longer worth thinking about. It is a must. Subscribers are turned off from a company if their email isn't personalized. It is the only way to stand out in a sea of emails. If you want to learn more about email personalization, check out this When making an email personalized, we can aid in the progression of the sales funnel.

  • Include sign-up forms
  • Use previous data to identify topics and types of content
  • Schedule for the correct time zone
  • Link to personalize landing pages

Videos help email marketing campaigns stand out; catching the customer's attention or just adding something that pops on the screen goes a long way. In the younger generations, video contact is significant; often, they don't want to read a blog post or a plain text box. They want to do something interactive that they can see. It also makes an impression as they will have something to relate to the brand. Sending videos to repeat customers can inspire customer loyalty. With including videos, the interaction will increase automatically. A great example of how a video can make a difference is if you were to advertise a new fall collection, including a video of people wearing the fall collection while doing everyday activities relates more to the customer than seeing it on a model.

Interactivity – in 2023, interactivity will skyrocket; having a call-to-action button, custom tools, interactive messages or images, product carousels, or even surveys or quizzes allows the customer to be hands-on with the brand. It will boost your engagement and encourage the subscribers to click and explore more of what you have to offer, only adding to the sales funnel.

Mobile - this was briefly touched on within the blog, but mobile accommodations. Many people interact or open emails on their mobile devices because they are on the go. They are making sure that the template is mobile-friendly is essential. It speaks volumes when a customer interacts with an email on the phone and does not get the whole experience, hurting the brand image and leaving a bad taste in the customer's mouth. This is easily preventable by staying up to date with the mobile template format and running email Tess to ensure they are compatible before sending out all your customers.

Overall, there have been significant trends in 2022 that we hope are carried to 2023. However, in 2023, specific vital details must be focused on for positive success. The reason is that the market is constantly growing and adapting, especially with the younger generations being so phone-consumed and Internet-consumed that they are always watching videos, seeing images, and interacting with something instead of reading. Email marketing needs to hop on the trend of interaction and content instead of blurbs of bland text because that is not what's attracting people's attention anymore. Email marketing is one of a brand's most significant marketing assets, and ensuring that they stay up to date, not only with content but with accessibility, is crucial to increasing revenue.

With Mailsoftly the ability to stay on top of the email marketing trends is made easy.  Offering the ability to track multiple types of interactions and personalize the email campaigns has provenly made a difference by increasing response rates. Offering to organize emails, determine contact lists and ensure that the experience is one of a kind.