Inspirations For Halloween Email Campaigns

The holidays are around the corner and that means it’s an excellent time for marketers to make their marketing pitch. If you’re part of a digital marketing team, it would be smart to have a plan in place ahead of time so that you can hit your desired objectives effectively throughout the year. There are many ways that you can go about achieving this with a Halloween email campaign. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to make a great Halloween email campaign that will actually have something to do with trick-or-treating go viral.

This article aims to point out some tricky ideas for successful Halloween email campaigns that will probably tunnel through your community.

Let’s take a look at inspirations and examples as well.

Importance of Holiday Seasons for Email Marketing

The world of digital marketing and so does email marketing has come a long way in the past few years. The adoption of social media and other digital platforms has definitely accelerated the pace of innovation. Today, with the increasing importance of online advertising as an integral part of marketing strategy, marketers are looking to find new ways to drive action while maintaining control and taking advantage of holiday seasons is one these ways. 

The good news is that if your brand or store has nothing to do with Halloween concepts with “Boos” or pumpkins, you can still create effective Halloween campaigns with the aim of triggering your customers to make shopping in the Halloween season. As far as the figures point out, customers tend to fulfill their cart with holiday discounts compared to ordinary days. According to Statista “in 2020, retail e-commerce holiday season sales in the United States amounted to almost 186 billion U.S. dollars.”  For other surprising statistics regarding email marketing please continue to read our another blog post about the subject : 7 Surprising Email Marketing Statistics for

Back to our topic, leave the hesitation aside whether any season appropriates your brand or company, just check some of these great email marketing tips for triggering Halloween emails! 

Tips and Tricks to Craft Impressive Halloween Emails

As we mentioned before on our many blog posts such as Benefits of Email Marketing elevating your digital presence dramatically is one of the most important considerations for email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a small business or a global organization, you need to consider implementing e-commerce strategies to drive new customer purchases as well as cultivate loyalty among existing customers. However, do you know tips & tricks to create ‘thrilling Halloween’ email campaigns that will produce ROI from your segmented email list? 

Some Inspiring Ideas for Halloween Email Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Choose  ‘Spooky’ Email Subject Lines
  2. Create ‘Mysterious’ Halloween Email Designs
  3. Add Different Colors to Orange & Black 
  4. Use Shocking offerings: Discounts, Coupons, Free Downloadables 
  5. Add an Element of Gamification as Trick & Treat
  6. Use ‘Monsters’ Tailored to Your Brand 
  7. Remind Your “Deadline” with CTAs
  8. Turn Holiday Campaigns Into a Stable Marketing Strategy for Your Business

To achieve some good results at the end of the day, we provide some additional key considerations below. Let’s dive deeper : 

Choose  ‘Spooky’ Halloween Email Subject Lines to be Opened!

Halloween is the favorite holiday especially for the horror fans. However, funny subject lines for the whole holiday concept catches the eye of the other customers, as well. Halloween week may be seen as an abundance of opportunity to create great spooky emails, even if you or your customers are not used to it.

You may likely start using these below spooky Halloween email subject lines and phrases in our emails:

  1. Happy Halloween! Things are about to get terribly good!
  2. Get Your Halloween Treat!
  3. Just for the Halloweekend... 
  4. Here’s SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party!
  5. Dress to Kill & Thrill this Haunted Halloween Knight!
  6. Trick or Treat!  Hello discount, templates and Halloween fun!
  7. Halloween Is Coming! Get Your Exclusive 5%—10% OFF Discounts!
  8. Extra Discounts are ready for your Crazy Halloween!
  9. 24 hours only - Free collection of Premium resources for Halloween!

These are all fantastic ways to increase your open rates. Consider adding some of these spooky words and phrases into your email campaign as well as with related emojis such as 👻🧹🧙‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧛‍♀️🐈🎃💀

Do not hesitate to be scary funny even if you have some kind of cold sober brand or business image. Because, this is Halloween! You have the full license to surprise your audience if you have never done before. Maybe you may try to craft creative subject lines by using Artificial Intelligence at Email Marketing

Create Halloween Emails Designs with Mystery!

We should underline that Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the world. It’s a time for fun, celebration and laughter. But it’s also a time for mystery and fear. People are often afraid of being tricked or cheated. And that’s why it’s so important to take full advantage of the holiday and make sure that your email design is as enticing as possible. Attractive Halloween emails are sure to be a hit with your audience. You might be surprised at how many people recognize your brand from your Halloween emails. So, what can you do when designing an email for Halloween?  Below, you can find some true inspirations before starting to craft your email campaign :

- Create an authentic, high-quality and scary funny (to some extent) experience for your customers.

- Orange  & Black is almost the official color palette for Halloween designs and decorations. However you can experiment with different color schemes by adding greens, deep purple and gray tones likewise. Add a bit of artistic touch to create different effects throughout the Halloween email campaign.

- Add a truly stunning "carrot" into your email marketing campaigns such as 'shocking' discount amounts, membership trials, free downloadable elements (if possible) or free coupon offerings with limited timings. In short, turn Halloween into a flow of opportunities for your business.

- Don’t overthink about the overall email design or layout; because the concept is more or less apparent. You don’t have to create a perfect email campaign; but craft it reasonably well which fits your brand identity at the best. 

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Halloween Email Campaign

The Halloween newsletter design of has almost everything we mention on this topic. Different and coherent colors, ‘stunning carrot’ with 40% discount for premium membership, creative headline and content, CTAs… Check our other blog post for more Halloween email examples


Add an Element of Gamification of Trick & Treat

A great way to add an element of gamification to your Halloween email design is by incorporating it into your email design. Gamification is a concept in which users are rewarded for completing certain tasks. It can be used in a number of ways, but one of the most common uses is by providing additional rewards for completing tasks. For Halloween email marketing you can create little games with discount offers at the end; for instance you can lead your customers to your website with the aim of finding some hidden element, sentence, hint about your brand or business. Then you can provide Halloween discount tickets to the winning audience in order to be used within the Halloween weekend. 

By means of such a gamification you can also measure the interest of your audience in general for such campaigns and games. Halloween seems to be the most suitable holiday term to be bold for trying new and catchy things for your brand. After all this is Halloween and it's Treat or Trick, right? 😉 

Below, you can find a good example of Gamification for Halloween email marketing: 

For more other email marketing tips that will be popular on upcoming days please read our blog post Email Marketing Trends for 2023. 

Use Monsters Tailored to Your Brand in Halloween Email Designs

When it comes to email design, it needs courage to be specific with monsters for Halloween email marketing campaigns. This means that designers must take into account the message they want to deliver with their design, as well as the feeling they want to evoke in their audience.

While it is easy to default to traditional monsters like vampires or zombies, these creatures may not be the best choice for your email design. Instead, consider using monsters that are specific to your brand or message. For example, if you are promoting a new product, you could use a monster that is specific to that product. Or, if you want to evoke a feeling of fear in your audience, you could use a monster that is associated with that emotion. By being courageous with your monster choice, you can create an email design that is both unique and impactful. So go ahead and take some risks this Halloween season. 

The newsletter of NY Books (New York Times Weekly Books Outlet) prefers to use a special illustration to express their brand in the Halloween season. This is a great example of combining a well-known, verified brand with the Halloween concept. 

Remind Your “Deadline”

It is essential that you remind your email receivers of the expiration date of code or discount offerings in the Halloween email marketing campaign. Your customers need time to shop and take advantage of the offers you are giving them. By having a deadline, you are able to increase the urgency of the offer and encourage customers to shop sooner. By means of that, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage them to take advantage of your offer before it expires. There are a few ways you can remind your subscribers of the expiration date of your coupon. For example, you can include a countdown timer in your email, highlight the expiration date in bold, or include a “last chance” message. This countdown bar will also cope with the Halloween concept. By reminding customers of the deadline, you can ensure that they do not miss out on the offers. 

On the other hand, whatever method you choose, just make sure you're clear about when your offer expires. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of frustrated customers who feel like they've missed out on a great deal. It is important to be clear and concise in your reminder, so that customers know exactly when the offers expire.

Therefore, it is vital to remind the "deadline" for coupon offerings in Halloween email marketing, likewise. By following these tips, you can ensure that your email marketing campaign is going to catch the attention of the customers and most of them probably are going to intend to take advantage of the offers you are serving to them.

A simple example for the “Killer Dealer” of Cyberlink, offering a discount price, a coupon code and a deadline to use it. Want to discover more and actual examples? Please check the latest blog post for Halloween Email Newsletter Templates for 2023!




Through the whole article we underlined the importance of general concepts for seasonal holidays  as well as upcoming Halloween weekend. Therefore please keep in mind that as a digital marketing professional you should pay attention to your seasonal digital marketing strategy more; it’s even better, if this process would be a part of your regular business and email marketing strategy. So, your customers will get used to receiving holiday offers regularly on special days regarding your business. In other words, you should better have a long term plan to align your brand or company with the specific holidays. These holidays or seasonal terms can either be Halloween or Black Friday; or they can be Christmas Eve or Ramadan depending on the local culture of the business or according to the segmentation of the customers. 

In order to achieve success at seasonal holidays on a regular basis, you can use Mailsoftly easily in confidence. Mailsoftly ensures that your email campaigns will reach the right customer segmentation with automation at any seasonal holiday campaign, including Halloween email marketing. Try Mailsoftly free now, for Halloween, for Christmas or for Black Friday! For more tips and clues on How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign in 2023, you can check our blog post and take other inspirations as well!