What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing indicates a kind of straightforward marketing strategy by using an effective email list in order to promote your company, brand, website, service or product. Email marketing or email blast can be used for hooking people to take action for unique purposes such as shopping, form filling, scheduling an event, applying for a job or signing up for a trial of a service or product. Don’t forget that future of email marketing is so bright.

In this article, you will find the basic answers for the subject and fundamentals of email marketing.  

Let’s start with the question: 

Do people still use e-mails?

Reply to all; the answer is simply Yes! 

According to data almost all generations related to internet (even Boomers) use email services on the contrary to other platforms. A report points out that “there are 4 billion email users worldwide as of 2020” and more active email accounts; because people are tent to open several other email accounts for different purposes such as professional emails, personal mailings, mails for subscription etc. Additionally, the same report shows that in 2024 “the number of email users is predicted to reach close to 4.5 billion.” 

Considering the figures, we can admit that mailing and email marketing are such useful and handy tools to take the full advantage of both for communicating and absolutely for marketing. Moreover, email marketing still remains as a popular marketing channel when compared to social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing, new email marketing tips, new trends in email marketing in 2023 and new email cta examples still emerge. Surprisingly but true, despite the fact that the trendy new tactics, email mailing keeps its throne as an effective marketing strategy overall. 

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The Importance of Email Marketing in 2023

When launching your own business, it seems very charming and also an easy way to start social media ads and keep watching the traffic coming to your website. There is always a possibility to make a sale however the truth is without retention-based marketing, which refers to emailing or SMS, these efforts will be short-lived because the intentions may not be able to turn the process into profit. 

Even for small local businesses for instance a cafe or a big-scale tourism enterprise like a holiday resort, building an email list can keep your users, customers engaged, it also enables them to send promotional offers and build a bit of a community.

In 2022 people still love being emailed, especially by trustworthy brands. Recent surveys indicate that 77% of consumers in the USA prefer email marketing over any other form of promotional marketing which includes direct mail, SMS, and TV ads.

So, when should you start using email marketing within the marketing strategy for product sales?

Marketing specialists basically offer to use email marketing strategy before driving ads.

This timing lowers the customer acquisition costs by converting more customers that have visited your website. Because people actually need to access your website in order to get more information about your brand or company.

Other business sectors, like information-based businesses, such as webinars and courses, or service providers you can keep the same strategy as well to reach out the targeted audience via emailing newsletters.

In summary, every company should use email marketing but be careful to learn the difference between email marketing for small business and larger business.

Importance of email marketing

What are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

As far as our article indicates, email marketing is a digital marketing strategy using mailing to promote and sell products or services. Email marketing can be used to build relationships with customers, generate leads, or drive sales. There are many advantages of email marketing, including the ability to reach a large audience, to segment your audience, to customize your messages, and to track your results. Email marketing is also relatively inexpensive and easy to execute thanks to email service providers such as Mailsoftly! 

There are many advantages to email marketing, including the ability to reach a large audience with minimal effort, the ability to track responses and measure results, and the ability to target specific groups of people with tailored messages. 

Moreover, many of the email marketing service providers offer advantages for the email automation process as well as scheduling the mailings for any appropriate time you will choose. Scheduling the mailings will help you plan the email marketing project beforehand and it grants you time and space to manage the project efficiently. For example, you do not need to be awake to send out the mailings for a different time zone or to be on duty after working hours just to send a campaign. In addition to that mail automation facility, which is also a brilliant feature of Mailsoftly, it enables the users to send repeating personalized emails at specific recurring time tables. By using Mailsoftly, you can set repeating emails to be sent at regular intervals by hour/day/month/year with just a few clicks!

Furthermore, from a financial perspective, email marketing is often less expensive than other forms of marketing, such as direct mail or paid advertisements. Generally email marketing services enable campaign holders to reach a wider audience with lower budgets compared to other channels. With these benefits of email marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach your target market and promote your company, brand, product or service. 

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Essential Elements of Email Marketing

As mentioned above, email marketing is as profitable as it used to be. However, email mailing may not be seen as the most brilliant way to choose when compared to social media. In fact it still definitely works for digital marketing campaigns, both for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or other big gamers in the pool as long as you organize and do it in the right way with the essential elements. 

In this part, you can find the essential fundamentals before sending out your marketing bulk emails or newsletters. 

1. An Email List

The primary factor may be the most compelling one; because in todays’ world people are less encouraged to give away a proper email address than they used to be 10 years ago. Additionally with the new terms & conditions policy, which is a regulation of law in most of the countries, companies are not allowed to use personal data without permission or consent of the internet users. Therefore, you must be sure you collected email data with the proper ways and actual consents; for instance via the forms on your website, your company’s valid database, from purchase or membership subscriptions or by means of legal business databases. These white hat methods provide actual and growing healthy email lists before using mailing as a marketing tool. Plus, a clean and healthy email list ensures a targeted audience more than ever. Keep in mind that an email being received inbox seems to be the first step, however, an opened email is the path to success and finally the rising clicked ratio will be the crème caramel! Therefore you should target the crème caramel, not just the cake… 

You should also be aware that unsubscribing is always an option for the contacts on your mail lists. Because consent is the key for todays’ mailings, you should keep your target audience curious about your mail content. This also should be a part of email marketing strategy as a whole. Because unsubscription rates and unclick ratios may also affect the attitude of email providers such as Google or Yandex to evaluate your marketing mailings as spam or not. Additionally that factor may serve to lead the management process as well. 

You see, all the processes are linked to each other and any good or bad choice may affect the following one like dynamo pieces. 

Essential Elements of Email Marketing

2. An Email Service Provider

After creating a proper and active email list you should choose a well-functioning email service serving essential features and more, just like Mailsoftly! Because the email service provider is going to be the main tool for email marketing strategy, you should pay attention to determine the most appropriate service for your needs. Some services may provide a smooth mailing experience with affordable prices, like Mailsoftly. On the other hand some other services may give a great bunch of fancy facilities for upgraded memberships and high price options. In fact there is a wide range of software or online products and different kinds of brands in the market for email marketing services. You can read our detailed article before deciding to compare main providers in the market.  

Here, let us summarize the main features of Mailsoftly,  the “affordable, user friendly, personalized email sending software at scale.”

Mailsoftly provides high deliverability which must be the essential facility of an email sender service. It has a simple and user-friendly interface enabling anyone to use it comfortably. Mailsoftly enables contact list segmentation and personalized emails for targeted mailing and audience as well. It also offers bulk actions for contact management which refers to pinpoint marketing for your potential customers. Moreover, you can automate emails periodically in order to save time and organize your workflow as well. Finally but not limited to that, Mailsoftly produces real-time email statistics of your marketing campaigns enabling you to monitor the whole process of receivers for opened & clicked ratios and much more…  

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3.  A definite email marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategies must be defined according to certain criteria within the scope of not wasting the sources such as time, budget, workload and of course targeted customers & users.  As far as email marketing is a part of a definite digital marketing strategy, you should draw the boundaries from the very beginning of the project. Once you have a roadmap to follow, which may differ slightly on the way, it becomes easier to create new campaigns, to organize and schedule the newsletters and then follow the feedback & turnovers. Target audience is the key to hit your goals and next the accurate lead management will score success points for your campaigns.

Keep in mind that a prospering marketing strategy may not turn out as expected depending on related or unrelated reasons. You may need to change the rules during the game to avoid possible losses. On the other hand, just a demo email mailing may spring exceptionally if the right actions are taken beforehand! Therefore, you should create a dynamic email marketing strategy together with your digital marketing strategy by drawing up a fulfilling game plan. 

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Main Action Steps of Email Campaigns

Up to now, we tried to explain the importance and main principles of the topic, email marketing. In this section, let’s have a brief look on how-to-handle a campaign project step by step.  

The main phases of an email campaign can be summarized at 4 sub-items:

  • Building and segmenting an effective list
  • The importance of email personalization
  • Create a neat & attractive email newsletter
  • Testing and tracking process

As we explained in detail at essential elements part, building and segmenting an effective list can be defined as the heart of whole process. After building a functioning list you may also need to segment, in other word categorize your contact list according to the specification of the people. For instance a part of your contact list may belong to a specific group of people working in the same industry or within the same work title. For instance, you have a list of people working in the healthcare industry including doctors, nurses, radiologists, pharmacists etc. When you group these contacts as a segmentation you can create a particular campaign regarding only healthcare workers and send your emailing only to that segmentation easily! In addition to this you can also segment your contact list according to the stats after the delivery process. 

The secondary step is email personalization which refers to sending out dozens or hundreds of emails with the specific name-surname combination to each contact. Thanks to software developers of Mailsoftly, it takes only minutes to send personalized mailings to a high number of people. Addressing directly to the person’s self obviously raises the ratio of open & click rates. 

Thirdly, the body part is the core substance of your whole content. Creating a neat and attractive email newsletter body will help you to engage your targeted audience into a potential customer, a follower or a loyal reader/user. The body part of an email marketing letter may consist of just texts & links, or images, video graphs, infographics or a combination of all as well. You should keep in mind that the body part should be well organized, describing the subject line clearly and it should actually have a call-to-action conclusion aiming for the participation of the reader. In short people should get curious & excited after reading your newsletter and get into action for clicking your links, website, social media accounts etc. Therefore, do not reveal all secrets of your mailing campaign at the body part, keep some of them to the other referring links. 

After completing the sending process, the testing and email tracking step provides an overall perception to your campaign. Thanks to the actual email stats of Mailsoftly, you can efficiently analyze the valuable data and turn the statistics into another campaign strategy as well! Never underestimate the power of the stats such as average open rates for emails or click ratios of openers, etc. In 2022 statistics serve many useful tips more than ever for analyzing the customer behaviors and taking next actions according to that analysis. You can even track the timing of the openings or clicks and schedule your next newsletter campaign according to the most popular rush hours! Take the advantage of analyses with Mailsoftly now! 

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