Artificial Intelligence at Email Marketing and How to Personalize Your Emails with AI? 

Do you have a team of email marketers who struggle with creating engaging emails for your company? You don’t need to worry. Creating engaging emails for your brand can be challenging for any email marketer. As far as we know, personalized emails are much more essential for email marketing in today's digital world, professionals are seeking much more creative, cost-effective and less time-consuming methods for their businesses. However, with today’s developing technology, you can create personalized messages that target customers effectively. That's true! We are talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to use in email marketing practices!

Thankfully there are plenty of ways that you can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to personalize your email campaigns. In this blog post, we will walk you through the basics of AI, ‘how to personalize your marketing emails with AI’ and pros and cons of using it. 

So what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more!

Use of AI at Email Marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence & The Role of it For Email Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the process of using computer software to make decisions based on data and patterns. According to some thoughts, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting technologies in history. AI — or machine intelligence — enables computers and other devices to perform tasks better, faster, and more accurately than humans can do on their own. It’s already made our digital lives easier, giving us smartphones that can automatically send messages and pay for things; GPS trackers that let you avoid navigating old-fashioned hallways; and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa that make your interactions with friends and family smoother than ever before. 

While AI has many types, one of the most common uses of it is in making personalization decisions for email marketing campaigns. In other words, AI means computers that can recognize images, recognize words, and personalize emails based on different variables like the sender, subject line, and time of day. By means of those variables Artificial Intelligence tools can be used to improve your email marketing. These tools can provide personalized data in order to create more personal emails. Personalized emails will definitely lead to more engaging emails that are relevant to your audience. Moreover, AI tools can help you to understand your audience better and what they really expect from your email marketing campaigns. At last but not least, AI tools can also be used to inspect analytics effectively.

How is AI Used For Personalization of Emails?

If you’re like most marketing professionals, you probably spend a lot of time creating and testing email marketing campaigns. Your emails drive conversions at a much higher rate than in-person advertising because people are willing to take action and respond to emails more than texts or social media posts. But you might not think about how your emails frequently repeat the same content? Or the receivers get the right message and hit the right buttons? How can you personalize your content so that it’s effective at getting more out of each email campaign?

It’s true that AI is one of the most powerful tools and technological solutions for personalization, in general. It can help you understand your customer better, predict their needs and provide them with customized content and services. Hence, AI can also be used to solve the above problems as well by sending personalized emails based on specific criteria like interest in a particular topic or purchase history. Because AI tech can be used to detect a person's specific interests and it can learn from the individual's past behaviors or shopping habits to adjust their email content accordingly. 

Another way AI is used for personalization is by using machine learning to analyze the recipient's email habits and determine whether there are any patterns that indicate a person may have difficulty with the subject matter of the email. By giving each recipient an individualized experience, AI can help reduce the chances that someone will simply delete or ignore an email because it doesn't match their expectations. 

Besides, AI is not only about text, but it can also recognize other elements like images, links, location data, etc. For example, an email based on a customer’s profile might show them a map of their location with messages relating to their current location. 

AI can be applied to many other areas as well, such as customer support and marketing automation. AI can also be used in non-email settings - for example, to monitor all customer conversations in an online sales channel and identify important moments that should be captured for later follow-up or action.

How is AI Used For Personalization of Emails

How Can Artificial Intelligence Tools Help Improve Your Email Marketing?

Artificial intelligence tools are rapidly becoming a staple in the digital marketing world. They are used to help companies analyze data, improve customer service, and more. While AI tools can be used for many different purposes, they can be especially helpful when it comes to email marketing. 

When used correctly, AI tools can help companies improve their email marketing by: 

  • Understanding customer needs and preferences 
  • Using AI to create personalized content 
  • Automatically sending relevant emails based on customer behavior 
  • Enhancing customer experience through automation 
  • Improving overall customer satisfaction & customer retention 
  • Boosting overall sales.

As you can observe, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to completely reshape the way we interact with brands. AI can complete emails, identify common themes, and deliver relevant content more efficiently than humans; if it is led in a correct way apparently. Even some AI tools detect almost all written online content (insane, right?!) before crafting your copy. So that, yours will be original and unique; even it seems imitating the existing ones. Trust us, it's worth trying!

In addition to all of these, AI tools can also tailor personalized mailings for trading purposes. Providing that you run an ecommerce brand, you will get many of the benefits by using AI tools. Because it’s not enough to rely on standard template emailing lists; you need to tailor each message towards the specific interests of your target audience. Therefore, a good AI Software or online tools will provide new perspectives while crafting a new email marketing campaign.

Future of Email Marketing with AI

From the perspective of marketers, email marketing is still a key channel for promoting products and services; and we also believe it is. However, research shows that email marketing is not immune to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, AI can make email marketing more effective by automating tasks such as sending messages and responding to customer inquiries. Moreover, AI is already having an impact on how people receive marketing content. For example, AI can analyze the context of email messages to predict which recipients might be most interested in them. As a result, marketers can personalize their messages more effectively and reduce the number of emails that recipients delete. Therefore, it’s important to keep pace with the latest developments in AI if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

While AI has already impacted how marketers create and send emails, it’s still early days. Artificial intelligence is still a work in progress, and there are many technical challenges to overcome before AI can be a true game changer. But we’re on the cusp of a new era of email marketing. We can sum up the ways which AI is helping such as: 

  • AI can help create more personalized communications. 
  • AI can be trained to understand your customers’ behavior and preferences, so emails can be more targeted and personal. 
  • AI can automate tedious tasks such as email content creation, data collection, and research. 
  • AI can also help automate customer service responses by understanding the context around an account.

Obviously these are time consuming actions for a human being who has limited working hours to reach thousands of actual people and customers. In the future of email marketing, using AI is going to save our precious working time in order to canalize other crucial tasks. Plus, it is not only the time but also email marketers will get rid of the destructing must to do duties as well. What is the point of spending half an hour to create a standard cold email, when a machine can craft a good quality one within seconds?

On the other hand, within the scope of creativity, we as humans sometimes have writer’s block issues. You may need an attractive subject line or a general concept of sales email, however whatever you do your copy seems an imitation of previous ones or worse similar to the competitors. There is no shame in asking for some better and intelligent help to take you out of the box. Feeling completely blocked during a creative project is common for all copywriters or design thinkers; and even a black coffee may not be functional as well as an AI tool. Therefore, ask for help from Artificial Intelligence tools some of which are totally free to use for personal use. You may not like the suggestions of AI or choose not to use them; however, having another perspective will gain you self confidence and a new window to continue working on your main subject.  You can also check for other personalization techniques as well for more ideas. 

Future of Email Marketing with AI

Some Dilemmatic Disadvantages of Using AI for Email Marketing

Up to now, we underlined that artificial intelligence is extremely useful for marketers more than once. To be honest, AI has its limitations. It’s still a relatively new technology and has several limitations that need to be considered before implementing it entirely in your marketing strategy. For example, there are privacy concerns when using AI to collect data about potential customers. Also, there’s the risk that AI might learn from bad examples and perform poorly in subsequent campaigns, so you should test it carefully before putting it into production. 

One of the biggest downsides is that AI algorithms are still very new and they may not be as accurate as humans at identifying certain types of content or sending messages at the right time. Another downside is that AI is not immune to bias from humans who train it or misuse it themselves.

Another significant impact on the email marketing industry of using AI is spam, unfortunately. Many companies are using AI to automatically categorize emails as “spam,” which can lead to unnecessary downtime and higher customer service costs.  There may be other negative consequences of using AI in email marketing such as it may go wrong from time to time. For example, AI could be used to automatically respond to customers based on their past behavior, which could result in them receiving unwanted messages. 

Another potential risk is that AI could be used for malicious purposes, such as spamming users with fake offers or collecting sensitive data without their knowledge. While these risks are troubling, they shouldn’t stop you from using AI in your email marketing efforts. The best way to ensure that your AI-based campaigns are safe is to use proper security measures and keep humans involved at all times.


As we mentioned in our previous blog post, such as "What is personalization?" the best email marketing method is personalization. However, it is always underlined that email personalization is not just a case of copy writing and images. Personalization is what makes an email feel more like you. It’s how you can interact with the recipient to make sure they get your message. You see, many manufacturing and marketing companies will use automated software to create their emails, leaving everything up to chance. While this can work for some businesses, it’s not always ideal for others. Personalization is what separates good email marketers from those who only send out low-quality content or spam their lists.  Within that scope personalized email marketing has been a mainstay of business communications since the late 2010s. As AI and email become more intertwined, it’s becoming a critical tool for marketers to leverage as they hunt for new opportunities to grow their businesses.

Through the whole article we tried to give basics of AI and how it can help email marketers to support the business process. As you can see it is not only about improving the quality of your emails by automating certain tasks that humans can struggle with. Creating engaging email copy and crafting compelling subject lines is just the beginning level for AI tools. You can also segment your audience, find new ways to connect with your audience through automation and predictive analytics. As AI continues to evolve, we can only expect its role in email marketing to increase.

In addition to these, you can benefit from AI within Mail Softly as well. By using the crafted emails within your body text, adding creative subject lines and segmenting your contact list accordingly. 

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