Best Email Examples & Templates

E-mailing is probably the most widely known communication channel in the whole digital world. Everyone may not have a social media account; however, the majority of the people should have at least one email address to handle digital issues regarding bank accounts, official purposes etc. So, it is the easiest way to assume that anyone can write appropriate mailings or email body texts. Well, unfortunately that is true to some extent. Writing a good email body part may not be as simple as you may think. Beginning with the subject line and referring part, one should follow some basic rules in order to create a relevant and attractive email. If you are searching for "What is an email template?" we recommend the other blog posts for mor information.  In this article, the best email examples are explained together with the templates to give a conceptual idea for creating successful mailings. 

Please keep on reading for the best email templates and examples!

Best Email Examples with Templates

1. Event Promotion Email 

Scheduled event promotions seem to be the simplest of the mailings. Give a short summary about the event itself and do not forget to add the financial supporters or sponsors of the event at the body part. That will definitely attract the reader’s attention.  

Template Example for Event Promotion Email: 

Dear [Name],

Do not miss the years' biggest Meetup event, 

“[Title of the Event] Meetup 2022” is just around the corner, and you don't want to miss it!

This year's event will be even bigger and better than before, with more networking opportunities, interactive sessions, and exciting new speakers. Under the sponsorship of [Name of the Firm] and with the support of [Name of the Organization etc.], “[Title of the Event] Meetup 2022” will host hundreds of guests from 20+ countries. 

So mark your calendars and save the date - we'll see you there!

Best Regards! 


[Event Link]

2. Confirmation Email for an Event

One other standard text for event emailing is Confirmation Email for an Event. The text should contain exact info for the attenders regarding date, time, place of the event and some other regulations. You may change the tone of your emailing from informal to formal in line with the concept of the event, if needed. 

Template Example for Confirmation Email: 

Hi [Name],

Thank you for your interest in our event! We're glad to have you on board and we can't wait to see you at [Title of the Event]. 

Please find attached all the necessary information regarding the event, such as the date, time, venue and dress code. In case you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy being at [Title of the Event]!


[Name - Surname]

3. Follow-up Email

Follow up emailing is a practical way to schedule and keep up with the ongoing conversations between different groups of people. Because agreeing verbally may cause misunderstandings; written arrangements are always preferable solutions. Always remember the ancient phrase “Verba Volant, Scripta Manent!” and assure the next meeting step via a follow up Email: 

Template Example for Follow up Email:


Hi There,

It was great to meet you on the call today. I think it would be very beneficial to have a video meeting to discuss the next steps.

Please let me know what your schedule looks like in the next few days. I am available at the following time slots:

Monday: 10am-11:30am 

Tuesday: 2pm-4pm

Thursday: 10am-11am

Hope to hear from you soon, 

[Name-Surname / Signature]

4. Welcome Emailing

Welcoming new users and members on your platform and sending them a sincere ‘welcome message’ is one of the courtesy actions in the digital world. A Welcome Emailing both assures the membership of the subscribers and gives a little bit useful information about the system or the organization.   

Template Example for Welcome Emailing:

Hello [Name],

Welcome to Mailsoftly!

We are excited to have you as part of our platform. 

Mailsoftly is a user-friendly, personalized and affordable, email sending software at scale.

As a Mailsoftly team we believe that growing your business shouldn’t be costly; therefore our service is geared towards entrepreneurs, corporate business owners and individual users as well.

We offer a wide range of features, including: 

- High Deliverability

- User friendly interface

- Bulk Actions for contact management

- Detailed Email Statistics 

- Email Automation 

- Conditional workflows and integrations. 

If you have any questions, you can contact with our team immediately via [email protected]

Kindest Regards, 

Mailsoftly Team

Best Email Examples

5. Job Seeking & Recruitment Emails

Job Seeking or Recruitment emailing is another field where cold emails and templates are useful to gain time to the professionals and absolutely for candidates. Time-saving email templates for recruitment professionals, especially for head-hunters and HR departments are such a large-scale subject for another article. Therefore, we provide an example template for each process:

  • Template Example for Recruitment/Head-Hunting Emailing: 

Hi Mr./Ms. [Last Name],

My name is [Name] and I’m a recruiter at Mailsoftly. We’re currently looking for someone with experience in software design for a UX Designer opening.

I saw your profile on [Platform] and am really impressed by what you’re doing at [Candidate’s Active Company] and I think you would be a great fit for the position. Below, you can find the brief description for the job offering: 


UX Designer for Mailsoftly 

The UX designer will be responsible for the look and feel of the Mailsoftly product. This includes designing the user interface, as well as the overall user experience. The UX designer will also be responsible for conducting user research, and for translating research into best practices for designing software.


- Design the user interface for Mailsoftly

- Design the overall user experience for Mailsoftly

- Conduct user research

- Translate research into best practices for designing software

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity in detail, please send me a contact number and a proper time to reach you. You can also contact me via [Phone Number].


[Signature & Contact Information]

  • Template Example for Job Seeking Emailing

Dear [NAME],

I recently applied for a job opening at [Firm NAME] for the position of [POSITION NAME] on your online career site. The position fits perfectly with my experience in [EXPERIENCE], [EXPERIENCE] and [EXPERIENCE]. You can view my LinkedIn Profile via [LINKEDIN PROFILE LINK].

I kindly ask to set up a time to schedule a short meeting and talk about the position and my experience. You can email me at [EMAIL ADDRESS] or by phone at [PHONE NUMBER]. I look forward to scheduling some time with you.



6. Sales Demo Cold Email

According to digital marketing experts Cold emailing is still one of the most powerful sales tools for B2B sales. However crafting email templates that close deals may be complicated and worse time consuming for marketers. Below you can check an another basic example for Sales Demo Cold Email template: 

Subject Line : Try the Accurate Bookkeeping Software for Your Resorts Now!

Hello [Name],

I want to introduce you to [NAME of the Software], the bookkeeping software that is helping touristic resorts stay organized and efficient.

[NAME of the Software] was created for any touristic facilities regardless of the sizes in mind. It is accurate, user-friendly, and helps streamline the bookkeeping process.

I believe [NAME of the Software] could be a great fit for your business. I’d love to give you a quick demo of the software. Do you have time for a quick call this week?

Kindest Regards, 



7. Customer Survey EMail Templates

Customer survey e-mails is probably the most extensively used automated email template example, following the “forgot password?”” mailings. Companies, organizations, platforms frequently use customer survey mailings as a marketing and feedback tool for B2C communication. We can assure you’ve already received tones of that kind of mailings, so let’s check on a simple example for the subject.

Template Example for Customer Survey EMails:

“Dear [NAME],” 

In order to provide you an even better experience, we are collecting feedback on how we performed in our last engagement. 

Based on past experience this survey will take 5 minutes.

Please click here to start the survey.

Thank you for providing your feedback. We appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve our services to you.

If you have any questions please contact us at [e-mail address]

Kindest Regards, 

[“The Company Team”]

Bonus: Customer Satisfaction Survey with Images 

You can also use sincere and attractive feedback images to craft a compelling customer satisfaction survey email.  

Template Example for Customer Satisfaction Survey with Images

Hello [NAME],

Please rate your experience;

What is your overall satisfaction with our service?

Customer Satisfaction Survey with Images

Thank you for your feedback, 


[Company Team]


8. Feedback Request with Promotion

It may be challenging to open the customer survey eMails and collect the useful feedback from your customers or subscribers. However, you can benefit from carrot and stick approach via special offerings, discounts or promotions to the audience. Because, it is a fact that free gifts are always tempting for humans! 

Template Example for Feedback Request with Promotion: 

EMail subject line : Save [X]% off your next purchase by sharing your feedback

Hello [name]! 

We’d really like to hear your feedback about [topic of the survey]. It will really help us improve [pain point] so that we can provide a better customer experience for all of our clients.

As a thank you for completing our short survey, which will only take about [Y] minutes of your time, we are offering all respondents a [X]% discount code off their next purchase in our online store!

To take advantage of this opportunity, please click the survey link below:

[Start survey]

Thanks for your time, it is really appreciated.

Kindest regards,

[“The Company Team”]

Please note: Discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Offer expires on [date]. 

9. Customer / Payment Reminder Emails 

People tend to forget to pay bills, regular payments, transactions etc. Automated payment / customer reminder mailings simplify the process both for the companies and for the neglectful customers. Below you can find a real example of a reminder email for bills which is sent to forgetful customer.

Template example for Reminder Mailings

Dear Customer, 

Your invoice with service number [Service No] for the period [yy/mm/dd] , with the final payment date of [date], amounting to [Amount + Currency] has not been paid. If you have made a payment, ignore this message. 

[“The Company”]

[“The Company Address & phone number”]

Click here if you do not want to receive promotional and informative emails from [“The Company”]. 

Top10 Emailing Templates

10. Email Templates For Trials

Trail periods are designed for creating a comfort zone for users and tempting them to buy the whole product after the short or limited trial days. Some services offer a lifetime experience with limited features, whereas some other platforms strictly restrain the membership until the full purchase. In the below example, you can find a detailed email template for an online product with various features. The mail offers a certain discount option to start a basic plan in accordance with users’ experience statistics. Moreover, the text assumes that the purchase plan is going to be more profitable for the customer. 

Template example For Trials : 

Subject line: Your Trial will expire in 24 Hours. Upgrade now & get […] % off!

Dear [Customer Name],

Since you started using [Product] you’ve [automated / made / found] [XXX] [tasks / searches / leads].

This means you have managed to save at least [...]  hours of manual work / increased traffic / resolve a bug.] To keep on saving that time each month, upgrade your account today and  get […]% off with the special coupon ‘…’

Your free month to try [Product] has reached the end, but you can still [mention benefit again] save time automating tasks when you subscribe to a paid plan.

You also get:

[Premium feature 1] that helps you with [benefit 1].

[Premium feature 2] that helps you with [benefit 2].

[Premium feature 3] that helps you with [benefit 3].

Based on your usage over the past two weeks, you should try the Basic plan — it’s a great place to start.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


[“Company Team”]

As a Consequence; 

Email examples and simple templates assist internet users to create more efficient and time-saving mailings. Most of the concepts and texts are proven to work; however, as a mail marketer or as an individual you should always personalize these cold email examples according to the contact list or receivers. You can check our blog recent post on Best Email Marketing Templates for 2022 including more examples!

Mailsoftly provides well designed and well written emails with the best email templates. You can choose whichever complies with your purposes and start using within your mailings. By choosing and using any template of Mailsoftly, you will get a high impression. Start your free trial today and use Mailsoftly for sending accurate and attractive mailings!