Cyber Monday Email Ideas

When it comes to promotional content, marketers and online retailers occasionally struggle to produce visually appealing and effective emails. Because of this, it is frequently more useful to learn from marketers and businesses who have a track record of success.

We outline some email campaigns for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. in this article that you can use to advertise your online store. We'll examine the email format used in each instance, cyber monday email examples, the reasons why it was successful, and how to apply the concept to your own company.

What Is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday follows Black Friday! Cyber Monday, a significant promotional occasion for American consumers, produced close to $10 billion in sales in the US in 2019. But what is it, exactly, and how is it different from Black Friday?

Black Friday, which occurs the day after Thanksgiving every year, is a special occasion when department stores give their customers enticing deals. This function comes before Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday, which made its debut in the United States in 2005, was conceptualized in the same way as Black Friday but with the aim of increasing online sales on a national scale. An American custom that became so well-liked that, in 2010, it was exported to some European nations, too.

What do we purchase on Black Friday? I-tech and home appliances are two of the industries with the highest consumer interest. These industries offer a wide range of expensive goods that we may not always be able to afford in normal economic conditions. In preparation for Christmas shopping, cosmetics, clothing, and toy stores are also booming. In other words, a chance to save money on some necessary (or unnecessary) purchases.

A day at a discount only on the internet

Cyber Monday is a single, 24-hour online-only event. For the most motivated customers to get the best deals, some brands announce the start of the "festivities" on their online store at midnight! The majority of the good offers, which can save you up to 80%, are on a variety of seasonal and destocked goods.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Email Examples

The sale announcement email

The sale announcement email

Subject: 40% off everything on Black Friday.

Email Type: Team members used a fairly straightforward but incredibly well-designed email to announce the start of the Black Friday sale on their website.

How this email functions: Get to the point. It includes a pertinent call to action that is amply highlighted and clearly announces the beginning of promotions. On occasion, simplicity works best.

Implementing the concept: When announcing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, use the same strategy. A call-to-action should be included in the email subject line that clearly states the discount percentage and points customers to your promotional landing page.

Aesthetically pleasing email

Aesthetically pleasing email

Subject: Don't wait until tomorrow Get 40% off some of our best-selling items right now.

Email type: Members of this team sent an email with lots of animated graphics to advertise their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional weekend.

Why it is successful: Rarely does an email have so many high-quality animated pictures. This email will be easily distinguishable from other promotional materials that clients get in their inboxes.

How to carry out the concept: Start incorporating animated images (GIFs) and captivating graphics into your VNCL emails, especially if they complement the tone of your brand. Put all of the email's most crucial information at the top.

The gift coupon email

The gift coupon email

Subject: Black Friday + Thanks

Email type: Team members decided against having sales on all of their store's merchandise and instead created a free gift coupon.

Why it is successful: Team members are trying to raise their average basket by taking advantage of the BFCM event. Giving away something for free is a terrific approach to encourage more Black Friday shopping at your online store.

How to carry out the concept: You can still participate in BFCM even without offering discounts or not being able to lower your prices. Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday gives you a reason to reach out to your customers. So create an offer for the weekend and promote it by email.

The urgent email announcing the extension of the sale

The urgent email announcing the extension of the sale

Subject: Extended offer! Everything is 50% off.

Email type: Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend promotions are being extended by the team through Wednesday.

Why it is successful: It's likely that some customers won't get a chance to look at your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Just as your competitors' promotions come to an end, you give customers one more chance to shop at your store by extending your offers at the last minute.

This Cyber Monday email works because it surprises people. Customers will undoubtedly be curious about what the latest deals extension email contains, particularly if the sales were supposed to end on Monday.

Finally, the email has a nice layout. The contrast between the colors effectively draws attention to the three most crucial components: "Sales extended for 48 hours," "50% off Everything," and "Use the Cyberwow coupon."

The email contest

Subject: Black Friday

Email type: The Black Friday promotion is being transformed into a competition.

Why it is successful: Giveaways and competitions can increase interest in VNCL promotions. Customers are encouraged to shop at the team's online store by offering them a free entry into the competition they host for each purchase.

10 Cyber ​​Monday Marketing Campaign Ideas

Missed Black Friday this year? Don't worry; Cyber Monday is still coming up. Although it started out as a continuation of Black Friday, this day has evolved into a stand-alone shopping day. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, it makes sense for brands to profit from the frenzied shopping activity. Here are some suggestions for Cyber Monday marketing campaigns you can implement this year:

  • Offer time-limited promotions
  • Create a newsletter
  • Join charitable causes
  • Be unique
  • Thank your clients
  • Bid both online and offline
  • Create a competition
  • Offer gift boxes
  • Make a wheel of fortune
  • Establish a loyalty program

Offer time-limited promotions

By offering "24 hour only" deals, you can make your customers feel compelled to buy the products right away. Another option is to email your customers with a 60% discount that is only good for the next two hours.

Create a newsletter

An almost effortless way to promote Cyber Monday is through email marketing. Simply email your mailing list with your offers to pique their interest. Even after Black Friday, you can inform your customers via email that there will be plenty of deals available on Cyber Monday.

This strategy not only informs clients of special offers and discounts, but it also generates anticipation for any planned Cyber Monday promotions.

Create customer segments in your database for more targeted email marketing campaigns. Then, in order to provide more individualized content, develop a unique message for each group.

Join charitable causes

Giving back is ideal during the holiday season. Why not volunteer your time to a cause this Cyber Monday? Make sure people are aware via your social media channels that a portion of your Cyber Monday sales will be donated to a good cause. This marketing tactic promotes customer donations, aids those in need, and enhances the standing of your company. There is nothing better than helping those who most need it.

Be unique

Making your voice heard over the online noise of everyone else promoting their Cyber Monday deals can be challenging. Ensure that your promotions are consistent with your brand and add value for your customers.

Thank your clients

A gift is always fun to receive. By providing a free gift to customers who spend a certain amount in your store, you can show them how much you value them. It could be a straightforward cotton bag decorated for the holidays or even a customized calendar for the upcoming year. Give away a scaled-down version of a limited-edition item, for instance, to create something more exclusive.

Bid both online and offline

Despite the fact that Cyber Monday is primarily an online event, going to physical stores is still a common holiday activity. By providing a free in-store pickup service, you can combine the online and in-store experiences. In this manner, you can boost store visits and maximize your Cyber Monday sales.

Utilize their trip to the store to pick up their order by sneaking a thank-you gift inside. This will entice customers to come into your store, where they may even take advantage of other promotions.

Create a competition

Online competitions are a low-cost but powerful marketing tactic that will boost your social media presence and brand recognition. It can be as easy as posting a humorous photo with a clever caption that relates to your company, products, or theme.

Offer limited-edition products, high-quality custom hoodies, or gift cards as exclusive promotions. Make sure to improve your customers' lives in some way.

Offer gift boxes

During Cyber Monday, people search for the best Christmas deals. Bundles simplify the gift-selection process for your customers while also generating more revenue through upselling.

Offer mystery packages to your customers to advance your marketing campaign. Create fantastic combinations of some of your best-selling items and provide gift-wrapped versions to your customers when they place an order. They won't have to pack themselves if you do it this way.

Make a wheel of fortune

Making your offers interactive for customers both online and in-person is beneficial to both parties and will undoubtedly boost customer engagement.

Create a wheel of fortune where customers can win a significant discount or a free item for shopping at your physical or online store. Offer prized items to the winners, please. The winners will enjoy their free gifts, and it's a fun operation.

Establish a loyalty program

Take good care of your clients, particularly those who have supported your company for a long time. By providing them with special deals, limited-edition discounts, or freebies, you can demonstrate how much you value their loyalty.

If you use a solid marketing plan, Cyber Monday can multiply your revenue tenfold! Prepare your Cyber Monday campaign schedule right away!