Email Deliverability: What is it and What You Need To Know

Every email marketer or digital marketing expert may have struggled with email deliverability at one point or another. In a world where more than half of all emails are spam, it is especially challenging for marketers to reach their target audience with marketing emails. 

If your business sends a lot of email, it is important that you optimize your email process to avoid sending out messages that will not be read. Poor deliverability can result in a negative impact on your business and its reputation. Your emails may not be reaching the recipients because of spam filters and blacklisting. There are several things you can do to improve deliverability, whether you send just a few thousand or hundreds of thousands of emails each month. 

If you have no clue about what you are doing and you also fail to take action when you see deliverability drop, your efforts will probably be thwarted by spam filters. On the other hand, if you can monitor the situation closely, you can optimize your emails and avoid being marked as spam by various ISPs (internet service providers). The improved email marketing service Mailsoftly provides unique solutions to prevent spamming and support the best of email deliverability. 

Let’s dig in deeper to explain exactly what deliverability is, how it impacts your marketing strategy, and how you can optimize and improve your email process for best results via Mailsoftly features.


What Is Email Deliverability?

Before we dive into what email deliverability means for digital marketers, let’s start by defining what it is. Deliverability is the likelihood that a piece of email gets to the inbox instead of the spam folder. Email delivery providers (such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail) use a variety of criteria to determine how to handle emails sent by digital marketing experts — everything from the subject line to the frequency of your emails. If certain actions are detected by the ISP, your email may be flagged as spam (you have to prevent your emails from going to spam) and sent to the spam folder instead of the inbox.

Deliverability is important because digital marketers cannot send meaningful emails to their customers if they are not getting delivered. If your emails are not getting delivered properly, you are missing out on a great opportunity to engage with your customers, promote your service & product, generate more sales or build a relationship.

Why Is Email Deliverability Important?

Email deliverability is important for many reasons. First of all, it allows you to connect with your customers. You can send them updates, offer valuable content, and even drive sales with emails — if you can get them delivered. You can engage with your customers, offer them helpful advice, and provide useful information that can help them solve problems. When your emails are delivered, you have the opportunity to build trust and a relationship with the people who signed up to receive your emails. When you are able to engage with your audience, you can build a stronger relationship and encourage ongoing communication. 

Email mailing is also an effective channel for driving sales. When your emails are delivered, you can reach your potential customers with the crafted emails and with a well-organized strategy your email mailing may create potential leads, sales and profits depending on these. You can send out sales-oriented mailings at the right time during the day to encourage sales and generate more revenue for your business. Unless your emails are being delivered, you can not engage with your customers and build a relationship with them. You cannot send sales-oriented email mailings that encourage people to visit your website and buy products or generate revenue for your business.

Thanks to Mailsoftly, an online email marketing platform, you do not get the risk of being labeled as “spam”. Instead of that nightmare perspective, Mailsoftly simply helps you to reach out the recipient’s inboxes without any problem and to turn your email marketing strategy into a success story. Furthermore, you can also automate the sales-oriented mailings (which are already in boxed) via Mailsoftly and earn time as well! To learn the details of the email automation process please read our blog post! 

How Does Email Deliverability Affect Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Achieving a high ratio of email deliverability is a vital element of an email marketing campaign. It is also a fundamental metric for online marketing experts to track and improve where necessary. If your emails are not getting delivered, there is no point to monitor or analyze the open or click rates accordingly. Because you will be unable to reach your audience at the very beginning of the process. or generate sales. In order to help achieve better email deliverability, increase your chances of reaching inboxes and get engaged with your customers, please keep on reading our article. 

There are some dynamic rules and tips for creating a digital marketing strategy via email marketing, 

First of all it is important to keep in mind that deliverability rates play a significant role in your success. If the emails are being marked as spam during the sending process, they will not reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Instead, they will be sent to their spam folders, which means your subscribers will not see them at all or have a very little chance to notice them. Providing that a large portion of your subscribers has their emails sent to their spam folders, you may lose a significant portion of your email list unfortunately. In fact, some ISPs will automatically remove you from their subscribers’ lists if they continue to mark your emails as spam. That means you are losing subscribers permanently, and you are losing the opportunity to engage with the potential customers and leads as well.

In a totally pessimistic scenario, if your emails are being marked as spam, you may also be negatively affecting your brand. ISPs will display a warning message to your subscribers if they mark your emails as spam, and they may use words like “scam” or “dangerous” to describe your emails. These warnings can negatively impact your brand and drive away potential customers. 

In order to prevent all of these negative possibilities you can use Mailsoftly for high and reliable email delivery results. Mailsoftly, provides IP pools and dedicated IP systems at first hand, preventing your campaign to be recognized as spam. Mailsoftly functions within the primary basics of the email sending process; it provides a simple and user friendly interface as well. Furthermore, Mailsoftly feedback teams also use the software as a part of their workflow and check the deliverability of the campaigns in person. 

Please read on to learn more about the importance of deliverability and how you can achieve the best results with Mailsoftly!  

5 Ways To Help Achieve Better Email Deliverability

Up to now we tried to explain the dark side of the process and potential threats arising from it. Let’s take a look at the possible solutions to avoid labeling as spam and creating better email deliverability. 

There are some ways and tips to help email marketing strategists to achieve better email deliverability and increase the chances of reaching the subscribers’ inboxes. These are best practices that all digital marketing specialists should follow to avoid getting their emails marked as spam and losing a significant portion of their email lists.

  • Create high-quality and unique content
  • Avoid spammy words and phrases
  • Choose the right time slot to send the emails 
  • Use a clean, healthy email list
  • And Finally Use Mailsoftly! 


These are several ways to help achieve better email deliverability and increase your chances of reaching the recipients’ true inboxes. It is important to remember that email deliverability is something that you can actively work on to optimize it. 

If your emails are being sent to your subscribers’ spam folders, there are ways you can improve email deliverability and help your emails reach inboxes. Remember that it’s up to you to make these changes happen, and it’ll be well worth it once you’re able to send emails that your subscribers actually want to receive. 

Let’s dive a bit further to analyze the tips in details: 

  • High-quality and unique content

A qualified copywriting on the internet means to be unique in every aspect of creative materials. It does not matter whatever you are writing a blog or a news article, creating social media posts or content of a marketing newsletter. Real creators and editors of the digital world do not copy and paste others’ original materials. Therefore, you must be sure you will publish or send the unique, original content to your audience and subscribers. There is no doubt that Google bots & algorithms exactly know who published an original text first. So do not hesitate to produce unique content for your email marketing strategy.  High-quality and unique content will also create a valuable brand awareness and it will also trigger people to open your emailing; and as a consequence click the inside links, images or videos which is the essential aim of email marketing. 

  • Avoid spammy words and phrases

You should definitely avoid spammy words and phrases while crafting your email marketing content, especially the subject line. Email providers’ spam filters are pretty improved and much more sensitive on subject lines as compared to the previous years. There are some exact words and phrases that you should definitely avoid such as “free, free access, winner, casino, bonus, all new, unlimited, prizes, click here” etc. on the subject line of your email. On the other hand digital marketing experts agree on to use promotional phrases at the main body of the content; absolutely within limits! You should not use the same call-to-action phrase more than twice to trigger your potential leads. However, it will definitely trigger the spam filters! If the main body of the content is filled up with just “%100 free” or “click & order now!” phrases the mailing will probably labeled as spam via the receiver's service provider. Then it will be directly forwarded to the Spam folder, in other words hell of email boxes that no one is eager to be there! None of email marketers prefer to be seen as frauds; unless they are a real one! 


  • The right time slot & scheduling to send the emails

The proper time slot and scheduling your email mailings must be a part of your email marketing strategy at all. The sending day may change according to the business itself; for instance a marketing mail for an e-commerce site may be sent on a daily basis especially for marketplaces where there are always on sale opportunities and something new to tell. On the other hand, if you are handling a newsletter project for a non-profit organization you should choose to send the mails once or twice a week. If there is no critical update for a meeting or event, sending out newsletters about the same subject on a daily basis will fed up your subscribers. For instance in the entertainment business online movie platforms prefer to send newsletters on Friday mornings, the day when the new releases come out generally, and people are intent to plan their weekend activities. 

On that topic another primary issue is to choose the right time slot during the day in order to increase the opening ratio of the emails. According to general statistics late morning hours till noon, mainly between 10. am-11:59 a.m. are the best time slots for receiving the recipients’ inboxes; and surely achieve good results for opened & clicked ratios. Especially working white-collared class may intend to answer the mails, organize their workflow in morning hours. Therefore, if a promotional email pops-up in the mailbox, it may have a better chance to be recognized and get the instant attention of the recipient.    


  • A clean, healthy email list

Almost all of the process for sending relevant and working email campaigns is strictly related to the good, clean e-mail lists, which are obtained via white-hat channels doubtlessly. As we stated and explained in detail at the blog post How to Create an Email List in 2022, a healthy contact list will improve the open & click ratios as well. Because the recipients will be the potential customers or leads for your email campaign project. In addition to these, contact list segmentation, which is a distinguishing feature of Mailsoftly, is a secret weapon for organizing and specification of your campaigns. For instance, you have a comprehensive contact list for an e-commerce campaign project. When you specify the receivers according to their previous shopping habits, locations or just are of interest, your emails will have a better chance to be recognized and opened. At Mailsoftly you can create tones of different segmentation lists for your whole contacts and organize them according to the specifications as well. Then it is possible to touch the right audience just with just a few clicks!   

One final point that a good email marketer should not ignore is cleaning out the dead emails out of the list! Returned and undelivered emails is going to affect negatively the delivery ratios and service providers will recognize the bad turnovers in a period of time; consequently the process may end up to be labeled as spam even though the mailing content has nothing related to spamming. Therefore, check your contact list periodically for deliverability process as well. You can also eliminate the non-openers from the campaign after a valid period of time.  Do not delete your database for good (because it is also hard to achieve real emails & people) but segment them according to the detailed statics

Try Mailsoftly for Free! 

Mailsoftly, the best email marketing service, provides IP pools and dedicated IP systems to end up in the inbox of your contacts. As mentioned above, sent emails may go into the spam box of an email user because of several reasons. In order to pop up in the inbox, you should use shared and dedicated IPs. As a technical term dedicated IP means that one IP is dedicated to you and you are responsible for its reputation. If you send lots of unnecessary mails to your contacts you may end up in the spam folder, due to the prohibition of email delivery providers. Thanks to its developers’ team Mailsoftly uses a system that the emails never end up in a spam folder. 

Mailsoftly is an affordable, user friendly and personalized email sending software at scale. It provides the most of email deliverability for the marketing campaigns and supports that with true statics to work on for future projects. Mailsoftly DEV and UX teams work night & day for new improvements and releases weekly a new update for the best of email marketing. Try it now!