New Year Email Ideas and Examples (2023)

"Happy new year!" This message has most likely been sent to you via email several times every year. It is without a doubt one of the chestnut trees most commonly used by brands to communicate with their customers. It's an opportunity to unwind and use a less commercial tone... These emails, however, are not always successful.

So, how do you make your Christmas marketing emails stand out among the thousands of other brands' offers? It isn't difficult! Instead of selling your products, make your customers happy and spread the Christmas spirit! This will increase the effectiveness of your newsletter because readers will be more likely to purchase from those who spread the holiday spirit.

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New Year Email Ideas and Examples

What Is A New Year's Email?

A New Year email is correspondence sent by a business to its customers during the New Year's holiday season. A New Year's email is frequently used to announce a new product or service or to simply share a festive greeting with a company's customers. In any case, New Year's emails are an excellent marketing tool for connecting with customers.

Ideas for Christmas Marketing Emails

  • Use Interactivity And Gamification

Interactivity and gamification can be used to entertain your customers. We tend to relax, have fun, and enjoy being entertained during the holiday season. Gamification can be used to spice up your Christmas newsletters.

  • Provide Free Shipping

Customers will only buy from brands that offer free shipping 91% of the time. 91%! It does, after all, matter! Customers are willing to spend an impressive $997.79 on Christmas this year, according to the NRF, with $650 going toward gifts. It's massive. Giving customers free shipping is a small reward for being so kind and generous to their friends.

  • Review The Year and Discuss Your Plans For The Coming Year

Remind your clients of your experiences together. For starters, they will be aware that you are keeping track of their achievements. Second, you could remind them of your assistance and support throughout the year. This is one of the best Christmas newsletter ideas for businesses that provide consulting, legal services, or SaaS products.

  • Provide Delivery Dates

People buy gifts for special occasions. As a result, it is critical that these orders arrive by a certain deadline. However, we all know that post offices and delivery services will be extremely busy during this time, particularly in 2023. Orders may take longer to deliver than usual. You don't want to let your customers down during this magical time.

  • Hold Competitions

Running a contest could be an excellent Christmas email marketing strategy. First and foremost, competitions pique our interest. Second, winning a contest will bring joy to someone. Making people happy is something we all strive for, especially during the holiday season. Make sure to announce the winner before Christmas!

  • Determine Your Working Hours

Users need to know when they can contact you, whether your business is online or offline. This is not an optional item; it is required, particularly if you will not be working during the holiday season.

  • Assist Your Customers In Obtaining What They Truly Desire

Wanted a Playstation 5, but your friends bought you a pair of socks? You wanted a pair of shoes, but your family gave you a pair of pants instead? This happens frequently. Why not assist your subscribers in obtaining what they truly desire? Last year, Victoria's Secret did something similar: they allowed customers to add their favorite items to their cart. Then they "hint" to their subscribers' relatives and friends about what this subscriber has added to their basket.

  • Give Personalized Gifts or Discounts To Your Most Loyal Customers

You can thank your subscribers for their support by sending them gifts. There are two ways to give gifts: give small gifts to everyone or give a large gift to the lucky recipients. This way, you can drive traffic to your website, encourage your subscribers to look for your products (many will buy them even if they don't win), and make at least one person happy. Isn't that amazing?

  • Express Your Gratitude and Congratulations To Your Customers

Thank all of your customers for sticking with you for a long time...or for a short time. Would your business exist without them? It would not exist. This is why the upcoming holidays are a good time to thank people and express how much you appreciate them. Make it clear that they are more than just customers; they are also friends and possibly even members of your extended family.

To make your Christmas newsletter even more heartfelt, include a photo/video of your entire team, or your CEO alone, saying, "Merry Christmas."

  • Spread The Holiday Spirit

There are numerous ways to accomplish this, such as using a Christmas-themed email design, sharing funny or touching stories with your customers, or sharing your holiday playlists.

  • Make Use of Real-Time Content

Do you have a limited edition? What should you do if you run out of a product you've already promoted in your Christmas email to customers to avoid disappointing users? The answer is easy; include real-time content in emails. How? Connect your Google Spreadsheets to your emails. When your stock of a particular item is depleted, you can notify your users in the same email by simply changing the Google Sheets sheet.

  • Gift Cards Should Be Promoted

Promote gift cards in order to please 50% of Americans. Did you know that 50% of those polled by the NRF this year said they would love to receive a gift card for Christmas?

  • Make Shopping More Convenient

We are constantly on the move. So looking for Christmas items on your website or in your emails can take time. You can help your customers save time by using additional menu tabs that will take them directly to where they want to go.

  • Remind Customers That The New Year is Approaching

You should remind your customers that the New Year is approaching. People may completely forget about Christmas because they are overcome with emotion. Inform your customers about your generous discounts.

Trends in Holiday Email

Consider the changes in purchasing behavior over the previous period when planning your Christmas email marketing campaign. Google published a series of findings this year based on an analysis of thousands of searches from around the world. Here are some trends to keep in mind.

Winter-themed Newsletter

The main trend is that more and more customers are spending time browsing or looking for inspiration in online stores. In other words, instead of going to physical stores, people are shopping online. It is a purchasing process step that must be incorporated into the marketing campaign.

Considering this behavior, plan a series of emails that include at least an educational newsletter with holiday inspiration. You can send gift ideas, home decor inspiration, Christmas dinner recipes, seasonal fashion trends, vacation destinations for couples or families, and so on, depending on the online store profile.

Newsletters tailored to specific regions and cities

Another discovery from Google's study was that people prefer to purchase from local businesses in order to support brands during difficult times. Align yourself with this need by segmenting your subscriber list based on their location and including a tag in the subject or body of the e-mail where you mention this location. You can also refer to a local store, delivery in that area, local traditions, and so on. For more effective communication, use your creativeness and send Santa Claus to a specific location.

Christmas Offers 

Another trend to consider when planning the winter promotion campaign: people want offers and discounts more than ever. Google has noticed an increase in searches for discount codes or brand promotions. 

Examples of Christmas Newsletter Subjects

  1. Disney: Christmas is almost here…
  2. Disneyland Paris: Last chance: Receive €200 of magic by booking your magical Christmas!
  3. Sephora: Christmas is coming and still no gift?
  4. PicWicToys: Christmas offers: last days to take advantage of them!
  5. Fnac: Christmas Flash Sale: take advantage of it before it's too late!
  6. Cultura: [Gift ideas] Last straight line >>
  7. RougeGorge: It's not (yet) too late.
  8. Darty: In 48 hours it will be too late!
  9. Leroy Merlin: Our last-minute gift ideas on sale!
  10. Northern ferret: The last minute gift…
  11. Christine Laure: WINTER is coming… rather a coat or a parka? -20%* on your favorite item.
  12. SERGeNT MAJoR: Last days to take advantage of our Christmas offer!

Objects including a personalization field

The first step in personalizing an email campaign is to address your contacts by their name or first name. Personalization of an email campaign can take a variety of forms. This enables you to capture the recipients' interest and establish lasting connections.

  1. Disneyland Paris: First name, looking for the best Christmas present? Do not search anymore!
  2. Green light: Christmas is over! It's time to recharge the batteries for 2023!
  3. Yves Rocher: NEW First name, your 2 GIFTS have arrived
  4. Swarovski: First name, the holiday season is coming!
  5. Canon: First name, gifts for your loved ones

Gift-giving Objects

Everyone is searching for gift suggestions. As the holidays get closer, this is frequently consumers' top concern. How can you please your loved ones and guarantee delivery in time to place the gifts under the tree?

  1. Nuxe: Last minute inspiration
  2. Sephora: 3 FABULOUS days: -25% on perfumes and perfume boxes!
  3. Armani: The 2020 Holiday Collection
  4. Marie Claire: The good beauty plan to offer or to treat yourself

Objects containing the word “Christmas”

Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas magic… Companies don't mince words; they get right to the point. They have enough creativity to seamlessly incorporate this word into the topic of their campaigns.

  1. Ebay: Everything Christmas is on eBay!
  2. L'Occitane en Provence: Christmas Lottery | 100% chance of winning!
  3. Leroy Merlin: Let's reinvent Christmas at home
  4. Fnac: Unleash the power of Christmas!

When Should You Send Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign?

Many people begin shopping for seasonal items and gifts as early as November, so don't put off your holiday email marketing campaign for too long. Create a sequence that includes educational emails (which can be sent earlier to pique the subscriber's interest), newsletters with offers, and newsletters for the subscriber basket, for example.

Combining the email sequence with a Christmas SMS campaign is another option. When used correctly, SMS can increase the effectiveness of a newsletter by reminding the buyer of the offer and reporting it on the site. To pique people's interest, include a fascinating image and coupon codes.

There are also special days to remember during this time period:

  • November 30 – Saint Andrew
  • December 1st – National Day of Romania
  • December 6 – The feast of Saint Nicolas
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve
  • December 25 – Christmas
  • December 27 – Le Saint Etienne
  • January 1 – The New Year and the Feast of Saint Basil

Determine what type of discount you will provide and for what occasion. Create a cohesive campaign and don't just send out a newsletter because you danger irritating your audience. Use campaign data to segment the list and send personalized and relevant messages.

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