High And Reliable Email Delivery

Send Emails That Receivers Want to Receive.

Main goal of email marketing is preventing spam. Nobody wants to see spam emails. So, we mustn’t spam.

Email Delivery At High Rate

Although most email marketers are aware of how sender reputation affects the effectiveness of their campaigns, they are still generally uninformed about how email message filtering rules actually work. Since filtering is one of the most important parts of the email delivery process, Mailsoftly helps you filter your contacts and send the right emails.

Mailsoftly Provides IP Pools and Dedicated IP Systems to End Up In Inbox Of Your Contacts

Emails that you send may go into a spam box. In order to pop up in the inbox, we should use shared and dedicated IPs. Dedicated IP means that one IP is dedicated to you and you are responsible for its reputation. If you send lots of unnecessary mails you may end up in the spam folder. We are using a system that never makes your emails go into a spam folder.

Never Go Into The Spam Box

Thanks to Mailsoftly, personalized emails can be written quickly and easily. On the other programs, there is a chance that the recipient may never access your email. Anti-spam filters are installed in every email account, and they can identify all emails, including promotional and commercial ones. With Mailsoftly, if you don’t send spam emails, you don’t go to the spam box.

Deliver Your Emails The Correct Way

Deliverability is really important in the digital world. Email is frequently the preferred method of communication between a user and a website, online store and more. For marketing emails, the effects are less severe but a poor deliverability rate may signal a poorer reputation for your emails.