Transactional Email

Transactional emails are so important when it comes to customer experience. Mailsoftly guarantees that your transactional emails are sent to your intended recipients.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are notifications emails triggered by the recipient, often they are in forms of welcome emails, order confirmations or account verification. Typically, they follow a recipient’s interaction, so they do hold higher value as recipients expect them immediately. They are often used to validate and assure recipients that the action taken with the website whether it is a product or application that has been completed. This opens a channel of communication with personalized messaging to strengthen the customer / consumer relationship. Transactional emails can be used as a customer service tool, always anticipating customers' concerns and being able to approach answering in a confident and reassuring manner. In simple terms, if you can create a quality customer service environment then your customer retention improves as well. Many businesses have a key target of acquiring new customers, which is great, but it is 5x more expensive than retaining the customers you currently have, Transactional emails aids in retention!

Encourage Your Customers To Return To Your Website By Sending Them Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails vs. Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are often sent in bulk at a preset time that is created by the sender, whereas transactional emails are sent once a person performs an action on a landing page, website, or app. This typically leads to higher interaction and open rates for transactional emails. Where the content in transactional emails is informational and functional, the majority of marketing emails are promotional. Transactional emails are able to be sent regardless if the customer has subscribed to your product whereas Marketing emails are supposed to only be sent if the customer has subscribed.

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3 Things that Transactional emails affect firsthand

1. Increasing customer loyalty

Transactional emails create the ability for customer loyalty and to build a customer to brand relationship.

2. Increasing email marketing performance and email domain reputation

Transactional emails are known to have stronger engagement rates due to their messages being unique to correspond to the user. When comparing other types of emails open rates, repeated open rates, and click through rates are typically much higher for transactional emails.

3. Increasing probability of sale

Transactional emails are a great way to notify subscribers, users or customers of important product releases that are fundamental for the business success.

There are many types of transactional emails

1. Account notification emails :

Emails that are sent out to keep customer informed about updates or changes on their account, this can fall under order updates, login attempts, interaction with an item they liked

2. User Requested Emails :

Emails like this are usually time restricted and ask the customer to verify an email or recover a code

3. Receipts and Invoice Emails :

Emails that are sent after a transaction is made, it typically holds details of the purchase as well as an order confirmation, receipt etc.

4. Support and Feedback Emails :

Emails that are feedback and interaction based are usually sent out after some type of aided customer interaction takes place such as support requests, customer feedback etc.

Improve Customer Loyalty With Transactional Emails