7 Surprising Email Marketing Statistics for 2023; Including Personalization Effect

A modern digital world is emerging, and marketers are seeing it from a new perspective. In fact, digital transformation is the third-largest spending transformation effort in the U.S. economy this year — and it’s only getting faster. As more consumers and businesses digitize their homes, offices, homes, and social media accounts, marketers need to find new ways to connect with them online and stay connected at the same time. If you’ve been following Mailsoftly’s blog posts for a while, you’ll know that we’re big proponents of personalized marketing and the role that email personalization plays in helping customers find the best products and services within the most unique sense. 

In addition to personalization it’s a fact that today’s marketing likes to be more data-driven than ever before. Following the trends will help ensure that your digital marketing investments in 2023 and beyond remain relevant and effective – whether you are brand new to digital marketing or a seasoned marketer looking to expand your reach into new advertising and email marketing. In this article, we will round up some useful digital marketing statistics for 2023 including email marketing and personalized emails. Before the dawn of the new year we're providing profitable '2023 email marketing statistics' along with how you can leverage them to drive greater conversions, increase business value, and grow your business faster too. But before that let's remember the basic elements. 

7 Profitable Email Marketing Statics for 2023

What is Email Personalization? 

As we clarified one of our main blog posts namely “what is email personalization?” , this methodology is one of the most important features of an email marketing campaign. It allows your customers to interact with your brand in a personalized way. A personalization strategy can help you create a more personalized email that better reflects your customers’ interests, values, and preferences. It can also help you to target the right audience and to optimize your email for those audiences. One of the most important aspects of personalization is ensuring that your emails are delivered with the most relevant content. This means ensuring that your emails are designed to be relevant to the audience that they are sent to, and that they are delivered in a way that is easy for them to understand and take action. 

Importance of Email Personalization in Digital Marketing

Personalization is a key component of email marketing. It’s the process of creating personalized content for your customers and followers. It helps to make sure that your customers are getting the most relevant information from your landing page, website or app. By giving them a reason to conduct your business, you can increase engagement and convert more people into loyal customers. Personalization is important because it increases the likelihood that a customer will see your email and click on the link (CTA) in order to complete their purchase. Moreover, according to researchers personalization was responsible for nearly half of all emails sent out within a month. In order to analyze the essential details of email personalization you can read our previous blog post titled as “Why is Personalized Email Important for Email Marketing?”. After learning the details of the process you can create your email marketing strategy with tips & clues as well. 

Personalized Email Marketing Statistics 2023

7 Profitable Email Marketing Statics for 2023 

In the introduction part of our article, we tried to remind once again the concept of email personalization and value of personalized emails by refreshing our background information. Now, let's briefly talk about what awaits us numerically in digital marketing and email marketing in 2023 as a result of the surveys and analysis carried out by the experts of the field.

Through the end of year 2023 it’s estimated that; 

  1. The number of email users all around the world is going to be around 4.4 billion! We know the population of the world is almost 8 billion and the estimated number is above half of the whole people in the world! So, we can say that you have a chance to reach half of the world by email marketing, at least theoretically 😊 
  2. Number of sent and received emails per day worldwide is going to be 347.3 billions! One other shocking number that’s hard to put in words. Let’s put 2 related data together in the same basket:  347 billion emails in a day are going to be sent and received by 4.4 billion email users! It equals that everyone will reach 86 emails daily (and probably delete or ignore 90% of them) including personal emails, business emails, forwards, campaigns, notifications, invitations, newsletters, password emails, junk emails etc.  Therefore, an email marketing strategy MUST stand out from the crowd not only in 2022 but also in 2023 as well as the following years. 
  3. The e-mail marketing revenue worldwide will reach around 11 billion USD which exactly means email marketing is still a popular marketing tool having a spotlight on. Because the figures seem to go higher and higher when compared to the past periods. And according to the assumptions the figures are going to increase in a steady percentage as well. 
  4. Email marketing software market value is going to be around 1.62 billion USD on a global scale. This is a good and promising forecast for all email marketing software tools including Mailsoftly! We may have competitors in the market, naturally; however steady increasing value of a market will definitely affect all the participants of it in a positive way. So, fingers are crossed! 
  5. The global revenue of the customer experience personalization and optimization software and services industry will reach around 9.6 billion USD  That is another surprising and hopeful fact, regarding all the industries specializing in CX personalization. It seems this whole industry is almost 5 times bigger than the email marketing software market alone. Therefore business owners and runners should definitely give an eye on personalization of customer journeys as soon as possible within the year 2023 if they have not taken a step already. 
  6. The next numbers come for sales people. The figure for digital lead generation advertising spending in the United States, alone, is forecasted to reach 3.2 billion by the end of 2023. Moreover the huge investment is expected to generate 201 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.  Insane, right? The expected revenue is almost 64 times higher than the investment itself! 
  7. The final email marketing statistics are related to the artificial intelligence issue. In 2021, the marketing revenue for artificial intelligence (AI) in general marketing was estimated at 15.84 billion USD
    The source projected that the value may increase around 22 billion by 2023. On the other hand this is not a surprising expectation because AI technologies are growing fast every other year; the usage spreads away from science & medicine to even agriculture and energy industries as well. Why not digital marketing is going be a part of the that big picture?  The world is evolving, so are digital marketing strategies likewise. For more details on Artificial Intelligence at Email Marketing please check our blog post on the subject. One more data relating to the subject is that the share of U.S. marketers using machine learning in their personalization efforts is reported as 46% by the end of 2020. You can presume the rise of that percentage according to the popularity of the subject as well.

Growth Revenue 2023

Some Other Beneficial and Surprising Marketing Statics Regarding Past Periods

One other statics shows the essential usage of personalization in another perspective. The most common protective action of internet users (with the percent of 45; statista ) is refusing to open emails from unknown email addresses for security reasons and in order to avoid cyber crime issues.  Therefore, begining with personalazition of the subject line addressing to the recievers with familiar and sincere tone will probably protect your marketing emails to be sent to trash. In order to learn how to personalize you email campaigns you can read our blog post for tips & techniques of email personalization.

We often discuss the benefits of email personalization to the business or brands; however it is certainly effective in terms of customers as well. In a survey conducted in March 2020, U.S. marketers define that “improved customer experience” is the leading benefit from personalization and the most used format of personalization is in-line content at email marketing projects.  According to the same research , gauging the use of personalization among marketers in the US, it was found that 78 percent of responding marketers were using personalization in e-mail marketing, compared to 31 percent who were using personalization in mobile apps.

On the other hand, the most appealing type of content personalization among internet users is “products related to the internet”. That is also a dynamic for the people in the United States, dated to  2019. You can turn that fact into a profitable benefit if you have an enterprise regarding online products by sending cold emails to the mass email listings! 

Let’s list some last figures about the subject; ()

  • Average monthly revenue from advanced marketing personalization among U.S. retailers is 6,791 USD by the year of 2019. 
  • 93% is the share percentage of B2B marketers who are attributing the revenue growth to personalization by the year of 2020. 
  • 33% is the share percentage for US and UK marketers who are devoting at least 50 percent of marketing budgets to the personalization processes; the research is dated to Feb. of 2020. (Source: Statista)

The Benefits of Email Personalization

Learn Email Personalization from the Best Examples!

According to the numbers, personalization will provide more chances for your email marketing campaign to win among other competitors. If you are convinced of the technique, but you are unsure about how to proceed with personalization of emails, please check out one other latest blog post, specifically on Personalized Email Examples

You can find the best samples with images and comments as well as tips to create your own personalized email campaign. Always keep in mind that email personalization creates an email specifically for a consumer's interests and it is a great way to increase open and click-through rates, which have a measurable impact on ROI and revenue.

Here is also a short list for “How to Personalize Emails for Maximum Effect?”

  • Get to Know The Audience 
  • Optimize the Content & The Tone
  • Include Images & Videos 
  • Make Your Emails Actionable With CTAs
  • Personalize The Features of The Email



The theory behind statistics is mostly pure mathematics and everyone knows that “mathematics does not lie!” 

Through the whole article, we tried to underline and support the essentials of email marketing by actual marketing statistics for 2023. Because creating a solid and working digital marketing strategy is not a child’s toy. As a marketing professional you should be cautious and aware of all the pros & cons and methodologies including email marketing solutions. Therefore figures only will help to draw a roadmap for your current or upcoming strategy.

Mailsoftly allows you to personalize your emails based on various factors such as email list segmentation, listing tags, subject lines, greetings lines, open & click stats and so on! By means of Mailsoftly’s Personalized Email features you can create personalized emails with a few clicks, and send the right content to the right customers. Additionally you can save the preferences and use the segmentation again for future projects. You can create customized cold email templates as well; and also save these templates for further purposes. Thanks to Mailsoftly, you can create triggering messages to the specific receivers as a part of your email marketing strategy. Try Mailsoftly for free now!