Best Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines To Boost Open Rates

Holiday season is at our doorstep, so does Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well! Every year the month of November is accustomed as the beginning of shopping madness, all around the world, over a decade. Cyber Monday, referring to the first Monday of the calendar following Black Friday, is another shopping opportunity for buyers for enormous discount options, specifically for electronic goods and items; moreover it’s an opportunity for retailers to sell their products with great campaigns. So , have you prepared your brand and email marketing campaign for Cyber Monday sales? As far as we know email marketing is one of the most effective methods to boost sales especially for Cyber Monday, because it’s held mostly for online shoppers. Therefore, creating astonishing Cyber Monday emails with catchy Monday sales email subject lines is a key factor while organizing your email campaign. 

Let’s begin with the basics and then get the tips for the best Cyber Monday email subject lines to boost the open and click through rates!

Cyber Monday Emails


Basics of Cyber Monday Online Shopping Event

What is Cyber Monday? 

Well, Cyber Monday is the day when online electronic retailers offer their biggest discounts and deals of the year. So, the word Cyber refers to the feature of the sold items, basically all kinds of electronics with a great range of smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers and related equipment (scanners, printers etc.), e-book readers, gadgets, TVs, sound and monitoring systems, gaming consoles, smart watches, small kitchen and home appliances and electronic hand tools, even electric toothbrushes!

When is Cyber Monday in 2022?

Cyber Monday generally follows Black Friday as being the first Monday after Thanksgiving; this year in 2022 Cyber Monday is going to ‘officially’ take place on November 28th; however the wind of it starts to blow before the exact day. In fact most of the marketing campaigns combine Black Friday deals all together days before the actual week & weekend.  Therefore if you’re dealing with e-commerce somehow it’s inevitable to ignore the importance and huge effect of this whole week, including Thanksgiving weekend as well. 

Why is Cyber Monday Such Important?

Cyber Monday is an important date for retailers and consumers alike. For shoppers, Cyber Monday is an opportunity to save a lot of money especially on Christmas gifts; people generally wait for back Friday and Cyber Monday sales to stock up on holiday gifts and as well as acquiring new products.  For retailers, this is a chance to boost their sales and get an effective boost on the holiday online shopping season before the end of the year.

According to the figures for 2021’s Cyber Monday, “approximately two-thirds of consumers in the US declared that they intend to buy electronics”; this statistic points out that electronics is the most preferred product category during Cyber Monday.  Additionally, this year in 2022, holiday retail sales in US are estimated to go over 940 billion U.S. dollars! 

Therefore, it’s confirmed that Cyber Monday 2022 is going to be a great time to get the best deals on electronics, computers, smartphones and other electronic items.  No matter what electronics or digital items you plan to sell online this Cyber Monday, make sure you have a good plan in place. Cyber Monday deals cannot be underestimated for e-commerce players and small businesses. 

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Examples of Cyber Monday Subject Lines 

How to Create Emails with The Best Cyber Monday Subject Lines?

Typically, Cyber Monday emails are sent out well in advance of the actual day as we mentioned above. However they’re also a great chance to reach out to customers and remind them that you’re still around. The best Cyber Monday subject lines are the ones that are eye-catching to entice your receivers with the aim of opening your emails and turning them curious customers when they click on your marketing emails.  One of the biggest challenges to writing compelling Cyber Monday subject lines is to create an attractive atmosphere regarding Cyber Monday sales and offerings. This requires that you have to craft a subject line that is fun, unique, and looks like it would be interesting to click & open. Plus, you should keep in mind that email subject lines are read more often than body text. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize them over first of all. So, likewise it has been at Black Friday emails your subject lines, these ones also should

  1. Be clear and direct to the point
  2. Have a tone of urgency
  3. Contain CTA 
  4. Have little bit of creativity (Emojis)

    Cyber Monday Black Friday

 Useful Phrases for Cyber Monday Deals  & Subject Line Examples

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have a lot in common, one of which is that email marketers have the burden of achieving the most successful results. To begin with the process Cyber Monday email subject lines should contain straightforward words and actions within the scope of hooking the recipient at first hand. You should address directly to the customers via the subject line which contains the most handy words referring to your deals.

Please keep in mind that, below words and phrases are not preferred in general because of spam filters and phishing issues. However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about boosting the sales and targeting your customers. So, do not hesitate to use these ‘classic and motivative phrases of emailing (just do not get accustomed to them after the holiday season 🙂  

  • On Sale
  • X% off (Discount ratio)
  • Best Offer
  • Free shipping 
  • Last Call
  • Closeout

 And combine these call to actions with the appropriate triggering phrases such as:

  • Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Giving Tuesday
  • The clock is Ticking!
  • X hours Left Only!
  • Valid for X hours only
  • And variations of “Midnight”, “Ends”, “Soon”, “Won’t Last”

Anyway, do not be so generous to splash these best-selling keywords all over the email newsletters; keep the tone tolerable and still tempting. 

Below are some examples driven from actual Cyber Monday email campaigns: 

  • Wait For It! ️ Super Sale Days are Coming! 
  • Cyber Monday Sale Starts Early: Over X New Deals
  • Cyber Monday 50% Off Deal!
  • Go BIG and GO PREMIUM! Cyber Monday Sale! Save more than 50% 
  • Cyber ​​Monday Arrives with a 30% discount! 
  • Cyber Monday. Cyber savings. $200 off 
  • Cyber ​​Monday Exclusive Deal! 
  • Take advantage of Cyber ​​Monday with 60%!
  • Cyber Monday 2 for 1 Deal
  • Cyber Monday Flash Sale! Save Up TO 80% Off!
  •  Cyber ​​Monday Deals are Here!
  • This Cyber ​​Monday, We Cutdown Our Prices
  • Let the discount Hunt Begin with Cyber ​​Monday! 
  • This Email Contains Cyber ​​Monday COUPON! 
  • Best value. $ X [Value] the First Year. Save 35%.
  • 65% Off Flash Sale on Cyber Monday Carnival!
  • Up to 80% OFF + Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Cyber Monday!
  • Electronics New Arrivals, Buy One Get One Free
  • Up To 50% OFF, Don’t Miss The Chance To Get This Bargain

Combine Email Subject Lines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Together

Combining email subject lines Black Friday and Cyber Monday together actually means combining the marketing strategy, likewise. However, this is a totally another subject to be discussed so let’s focus on creating more attractive and eye-catching subject lines using the power of Black Friday. This will help ensure that your emails stand out in shoppers’ inboxes. Additionally, do not forget to include the sale or promotion material in your subject line with the aim of giving shoppers an incentive reason to open your Friday Monday newsletter. 

Let’s check how we can associate 2 opportunities within a subject line. –

  • 50% OFF. Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale!
  • Exclusive collections: Black Friday Cyber Monday!
  • Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday Together! 
  • Don’t Miss The New Deals! Friday Cyber!
  • Best Offer. Best Value on Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale!

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Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines Mentioning Free Shipping

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, shoppers are on the lookout for good deals. And what better way to attract shoppers than with the promise of free shipping?  If you want your Cyber Monday email to stand out in a crowded inbox, try using a subject line that mentions free shipping. This can be an effective way to get people to open your email, especially if they are looking for deals on shipping. Include mention of free shipping in your Cyber Monday email subject lines to entice shoppers to open your emails and take advantage of your great deals! Just make sure that the rest of your email lives up to the promise of free shipping! You can also add other options such as discount rates to the subject line as well: 

  • Cyber Week Continues! 15% Off + Free Shipping on Orders $49 & Up!
  •  $0 Shipping + 25% Off! Don’t Miss Out on Cyber Monday Deals!
  • Start This Year Off Safely!  + Free Shipping on $50+
  •  25% Off Sitewide + FREE Shipping for Cyber Monday!
  • Tonight’s the Night  + Free Shipping orders $49.99+
  • It’s Cyber Week! Celebrate with Free Shipping!
  • Final Hours! Exclusive Free Shipping On Us
  • 4-Days Left! Free Shipping Just For You!
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 and Get 15% Off!
  • Cyber Monday Sale! Up to 60% Off + Free Shipping

Cyber Monday Email Marketing Campaigns

Last Chance Email Subject Lines for Cyber Monday

A last chance email is a powerful tool to increase your Cyber Monday sales. By creating a sense of urgency and offering a discount, you can encourage customers to buy before the deadline. Additionally, last chance emails can be personalized to target each customer’s unique needs and interests, if you have the right tools. By taking the time to create an effective last chance email, you can boost your Cyber Monday sales and improve your bottom line.

Below you can find some triggering email subject lines underlining the last chance offers: 

  • Hurry! Don’t Miss This Sale! 
  • LAST HOURS!  Start the week off with good news! Cyber Monday sale at [Company Name]! 
  • Last Chance to Get Your Cyber Monday Offer! 
  • Only 12 Hours Left of This Offer!
  •   Last Day to Save $200
  • Cyber ​​Monday Is Almost Over. Hurry to Get The Offer!  
  • Cyber Monday! Last chance to save on Premium Accounts! 
  • Cyber Monday Won’t Last Forever. Save While You Can!
  • Last Chance to Get 15% Off + Free Shipping on Orders Over $49!
  • Cyber ​​Monday Offers End Soon! 
  • Get your Cyber Monday Offer Before It’s Gone!
  • Less than 24 hours left in Cyber Monday sales!
  • Time is Running out to Save!

Up to now we try to list many useful subject lines for cyber monday deals and email designs. For Black Friday deals you can our blog post specific on that subject The Best Black Friday Subject Lines to Boost Your Sales. Additionally design tips please visit Cyber Monday Email examples article, likewise.
Cyber Monday Subject Lines

How To Launch Cyber Monday Email Marketing Campaigns With Mailsoftly?

To cut the story short, we pointed out the importance of Cyber Monday email subject lines and how you can create a charming one with tips and examples in order to boost the open & click rates. By using a unique and attractive newsletter subject line, an email marketer can guarantee that the email campaign is going to reach the targeted customers at the right time. Additionally, for Cyber Monday email template examples you can check the other comprehensive blog post on our website. 

Try and use Mailsoftly to send out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing emails  to great masses in order to boost your sales during the holiday season! You can sign up for free and use as many features as bulk email sending, A/B testing, email automation which will be helpful for email campaigns during holiday email marketing. Try Mailsoftly for free for Thanks giving email marketing, Black Friday email marketing, Cyber Monday email newsletters and of course for upcoming New Year!