New Year Email Marketing Ideas 

New Year is a great time to wrap up the previous year and kick off the New Year. When setting up a New Years' email marketing campaign, many tactics can be included. It truthfully depends on the direction that is chosen to be taken. It is time to stray away from the critical emails sent out year-round. Instead, you can celebrate with your customers and participate in their festivities. If the thought of New Years' Email Marketing hasn't crossed your mind, don't worry! We are here to give you some ideas and help you! With Mailsoftly  the ability to get creative and have fun with email designing  is never-ending. Mail softly provides great ways to incorporate easy step-by-step details within an email.

Why is New Year's Email Marketing so Important?

To dissect this question, we must consider why email marketing is so important. The generic answer would be that email marketing allows a brand to stay in touch with its customers and website visitors regularly. The regularity of conversation is incredibly beneficial to creating and maintaining relationships with customers and showing appreciation by keeping customers up to date, whether with the newest products or any upcoming promotions. When Email Marketing was introduced, studies showed that it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. To look at the obvious benefits of email marketing, a couple of things that stand out are improving sales, generating traffic to the sites, lead generation and retention, collecting feedback or surveys, etc. there are many advantages overall. In addition, email marketing is ideal for the holiday season, providing an opportunity to reach out to existing customers and target prospects interested in products and services. But how does that trickle into New Year Email Marketing Ideas?

To dive deeper and look at New Years' Email Marketing, many different directions can be taken. This is the brand or company's opportunity to get creative and add deals as they see fit. The idea of New Year is to throw a party celebrating the previous year and welcoming what is to come. New Year's emails typically capture recipients' attention and turn them into customers; the deals and limited-time offers create FOMO and generate purchases. Putting a time limit on the deals and sales sent out via email is a great way to spike sales by creating urgency. Just because New Year is the end of the holiday season doesn't mean that email marketing should slow down, keep the ball rolling and allow the momentum built up to carry into the New Year. 

Email Marketing to the New Year

The email marketing basics engraved into the campaign mindset hardly ever offer flexibility. There are a couple of approaches to email marketing for the New Year, the first being to ditch the basics and warmly interact with subscribers. It is essential to recognize that there are different ways to

celebrate the New Year, so ensure the email is respectful to all. The second approach is to use the New Year to promote new deals and advertise upcoming goods! This is a great time to incorporate a gift guide, discounts, finding the perfect gift, etc. The last approach would be to combine the two, promote the new year, and give the customers a deal or insight into what will be offered in the New Year.

If you don't have any ideas yet regarding what to include in your New Year email, go ahead and check out some pictures below. 

16 New Years Email Marketing Tips

  1. Play up the Party: New Year is typically based around having a party of some sort or attending a party of some sort. If you sell party-related items, this is your time to shine and assist your subscribers. The ultimate goal of this is to have them turn to your brand when the ball drops. Emails with helpful content and promotions that will give your readers a reason to interact with the email - could help increase click-through rates. 
  2. Make it transactional: Throw out a "We miss your email," nurturing the relationship with customers as they look for a 'new life' entering the New Year. Typically at this point in the Holiday season, customers are shopped out, so it is the job of the email to spark interest and motivate customers. Offering a large discount and advertising it obnoxiously, nobody will spend money on a bad deal. If the brand is not able to afford to have a large discount, then offer free shipping if a specific amount is spent. 
  3. Thank everybody, for a great year! : Offer a simple thank you; it is possible to keep it sweet and short. This is a great way to engage with customers and build a trusting relationship with recurring customers. 
  4. Let's kick off the year with a positive mindset: This is a great time to introduce new products as the new year starts. Using bright colors that fit with the brand and catch people's attention is a fun way to encourage customers to think positively while entering the New Year.
  5. Take the time to feature new products: This is a great time to show products that will be coming in the new year or products that you will bring back in the new year. Giving a glimpse or a sneak peek is a great way to make customers feel included in what the company has going on behind the doors. sending sneak peeks to loyal customers or sending them to everyone will give a feeling of universal VIP status. 
  6. Create FOMO so clients can spend their gift cards and certificates: The best approach is to review with your Finance team the most popular gift cards allotted throughout the holiday season. Then take it upon yourself to do a product assessment and see what products are similar to the amounts on the cards. You were then able to add price incentives so that those who have the gift card or willing to spend money on that product. This is a great way to increase quarter 1 Sales. 
  7. When is the ideal time to send out a New Year's campaign: The ideal time to send out a New Year's campaign is right after Christmas for New Year's Eve and a couple of days before New Year's Eve for New Year's Day. This can be unclear, such as breaking it down by date to send out an email for New Year's Eve sales, preferably by December 28th. To send a New Year's email out for New Year's Day, sales prefer to send it out by December 30th. This gives people the time to see an idea and think about it but still make the purchase. If you were truly pushing for the sale, you could send a "the sale Starts Now" email to remind customers.
  8. Make sure the Email subject lines are pristine: To learn about subject lines in New Year's emails, Check out this link. Wow, recipients and boxes are flooded due to the holiday emails. A catchy subject line could make a difference when the email gets opened. Using different subject lines with different audiences to keep track of your New Year's emails and which performed Best by looking at the open rates.
  9. Create a contest: A fun way to get future customers and current customers involved is to have a contest of some sort. Sometimes a contest can result in Winning a discount code with a simple spinning of the wheel to see what discount you win. There is also the option of being a smaller-owned company and raffling off certain best-selling items. 
  10. Call -To- Actions: Make sure that the call to action is prominent and interactive, even if it is in a product photo - make sure always to have linking available as you want to catch the customer's attention. You also want to ensure that the conversion opportunity is quick and seamless. 
  11. Go Traditional: Keep it classy; oftentimes, creativity can take over and stray from the point of the email. But there is always a way to bring it back home and keep
  12. New Year's Day Sale: Have a fun way of kicking off the New Year by offering a New Year's Day sale. These are not as common, but they are fun; having customers get excited for a deal as they enter the New Year is a creative way to kick it off and celebrate with them. It can be a "Welcome to the New Year" email, even if it isn't a sale. Simply wishing them good luck on their resolutions to come throughout the year. 
  13. Cater to impulsive purchases: Make it easy! Impulsive purchases are made when people feel pressured or left out; the way to create this feeling is to create unspoken pressure. A great way to do this is to add a timer to the top of the email page so that there is a constant reminder that the sale ends in an allotted amount of time. Or mentioning that their sizes are running out or inventory is low will catch people's attention because they want the newest and 'what's popular.
  14. New Years' Resolution: New Year's Resolutions are a game changer come January 1st; everybody wants to enter the New Year with the plan to improve themselves and reboot their lives. The idea of starting over with a blank sheet is fascinating, making the world a better place or making their lives drastically improve. There are two ways to capitalize on this particular market
  • Create a way to encourage customers to stick to their goals and intentions. Keeping a positive mindset towards their goals and sending words of encouragement
  • Focus on what the company can do to help them reach their goals. Analyze products that were bought through the previous year, using this to segment the audience and reach out accordingly. 

   15. Wrap up the previous Year: Tie it up with a nice bow! This is a fun way to engage with customers and loyalty members. Recapping the year from       both the customer's perspective and the brand's point of view, there are truthfully two ways this can occur. From the customer's perspective, it can be a recap of the points they have earned over the last year, the most bought product, etc. If you'd like to see an example, Spotify does a great job. From the brand's perspective, it is fun to wrap up the year and see the growth in sales and how much the brand has developed; you can then share this story with your customers and create a transparency that they will appreciate.

  16. Buying Guides: Offer tips and tricks! Buying guides is a great way to promote your product. Some examples of this would be how-tos for makeup, party planning, how to make a perfect playlist, and provide valuable tips.


There are many ways that Email Marketing can make a drastic difference in your company's success. Still, New Year's emails are a fun way to add some sparkle to the essential emails that are sent out year-round—providing sales and deals that catch the attention of others and draw them to interact with your brand, whether purchasing or even signing up for emails, whether you are making sales or gaining leads. These ideas above are a great start if you are unsure how to approach this upcoming New Year!  Make sure  to check out Mailsoftly  for details and information in regards to email marketing. Using Mailsoftly  will only add to your email marketing experience and I'll allow for success.