Contact Segmentation

Catch all customers interested in your service! Reach your target audience by acting strategically while creating your contact lists.

Know Your Customer Better

More Personalized Experience

Discover Your Audience

Divide Your Customers According To Their Interest

If the customer is not interested in your service, you shouldn't send more emails. And if the customer is interested, you should keep sharing your content with them. With Mailsoftly, you can see who is interested or not, so this will be easy to do.

Send Emails To Whoever Wants To See Your Emails

We are trying to discover your audience with segmentation. With Mailsoftly, you can label them, cluster them according to your product and services.

Send Targeted Email Campaigns To Your Subscribers

Your contact list is so important since it provides details on your contacts' responses to your email marketing and other things. With the help of all of this data, you can create unique segments and send targeted email campaigns to your contact list.

Raise Your Sales And Brand Engagement

You may send your clients customized messages based on their habits with Mailsoftly's Contact Segmentation function. Delivering powerful, tailored messages will raise your revenue and brand engagement.

Communicate With The Right Customers

Let's ensure that you are communicating with the appropriate clients! Create segments in your contact list depending on subscriber information like age, sex, language, and more. Using Mailsoftly's email marketing tools, build a targeted campaign. Change your filters slightly and send the identical campaign to a new segment.