Email Personalization

Personalized Communication Channel At Scale

Our main goal is to establish a personalized communication channel between you and your audience at scale.

Every Email Can Be Customized

There are a lot of emails that try to get your attention in order to stand out, so you have to do better and send personalized emails. You need to know your customers. You need to send emails according to their needs.

Stand Out Between Mass Emails

In a day, we receive lots of bulk emails. Lots of them try to get our attention, try to sell something… With Mailsoftly, you can stand out between mass emails. You can grab their attention with email personalization and you can do this at scale!

Get More Engagement With Personalized Emails!

With Mailsoftly, you can have dynamic fields about your contacts, you can directly address them. You can also preview your personalized emails before sending.

Send Emails That People Want to Receive By Making Emails Personal

What we are trying to achieve is that we are trying to help you establish a personalized communication channel with your audience at scale. So you will have more engagement from your emails. Deliver your personalized message to the right people at scale. When you send a personalized email your engagement will be higher compared to a regular email.

Craft Emails In A Highly Personalized Way

The main functionality of Mailsoftly is crafting emails according to your audience in a highly personalized way.

Create A Special Bond With Your Customers

The goal of personalization is to establish a special bond between a brand and its client. A brand can demonstrate to a consumer that it cares about both their expectations and their expectations of all of its customers by calling them by name or by providing them a selection of offers after their most recent transaction.

Catch Your Clients Attention

If you want to stand out in the inbox, you need to send personalized emails. When you send a personalized email you get a bigger chance to have a higher open and click rate. By sending the right content to the right customers at the right time, personalized emails improve the customer experience.