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At Mailsoftly, we’re more than just a system – we’re your time-saving partner. Streamlining your emails, organizing your contacts, and managing your time are our top priorities. With us, you’ll benefit from a robust communication approach that strengthens and simplifies your connections.

Who Are We?

Mailsoftly is the innovative creation of management consulting company, Albert Solino Co. Our goal was to develop solutions to the challenges faced by our team and consulting professionals. With over 15 years of providing management consulting services to businesses of all sizes, we understand the importance of effective communication channels with our existing and prospective clients. As part of our mission to grow and enhance these channels, we explored a myriad of popular email software applications to manage our marketing campaigns, especially those targeting email marketing.

Despite testing almost every renowned email software in the market, we found them lacking in features crucial to enhancing our communication and improving the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. This led us to develop our own solution – Mailsoftly!

Leveraging our experience in the consultancy business and our proficient software development team, we strategized and built a system designed to personalize our interactions with our clients. To grasp the full spectrum of email marketing, we integrated features that allow for thorough analytics, easy contact categorization, and dynamic audience segmentation.

While popular software solutions offer a host of features, they ultimately failed to meet our specific needs. This drove us to design Mailsoftly, our own unique system. If you’re currently using Sendgrid, Mailchimp, or similar platforms, you can continue to do so while also benefiting from Mailsoftly as an additional interface. With Mailsoftly, you’ll gain access to email services, delivery systems, SMTP settings, and more. You’ll receive detailed statistics for each of your contacts, which include email opens and link clicks. You can also tag and label your contacts for ease of management – a feature not commonly found in other platforms.

This bespoke product was developed leveraging Albert Solino Corporations’ wide-ranging expertise from serving various sectors across multiple industries over the past 15 years. While Albert Solino Corporation offers a variety of services and products, Mailsoftly emerged as a successful spin-off. As a result, it is more than just a standalone start-up; it’s a system that our existing clients love and one we use ourselves to engage our potential users and promote our unique projects. We continually improve Mailsoftly based on feedback and needs, and the positive response from our initial users is truly exciting.

Story Behind The Name

On a balmy summer night in Istanbul,  Alkan and his friends enjoyed a lively evening on his balcony, sharing laughter and beers. Typically, Alkan’s balcony windows remained closed, but that evening they left them open, a minor detail they would soon forget. After his friends departed and Alkan retired for the night, they neglected to close the windows.

Upon waking the next morning, Alkan was greeted by an unexpected visitor: a pigeon had found its way onto the balcony. It perched comfortably among the boxes stored there. Alkan’s two children, aged five and three, were delighted by the sight of the pigeon, so they allowed it to linger. To their surprise, the pigeon began to construct a nest, eventually laying eggs and raising a small brood of 5-6 baby pigeons. Alkan and his family had front-row seats to watch the eggs hatch, observing as the mother pigeon taught her offspring to fly. As the family lived on the eighth floor, the baby birds used the balcony as a safe space to practice their flight skills—an amusing sight, as they stumbled, failed, and tried again. It was a uniquely heartwarming experience for Alkan’s family.

We at Mailsoftly believe this series of events wasn’t mere coincidence. Pigeons, after all, were the ancient world’s mail carriers, notably during times of war. They’d fly vast distances to deliver messages from one place to another, and despite traveling miles away, they had a remarkable ability to find their way home—a testament to their innate navigational skills.

Although the pigeons continued to frequent Alkan’s balcony, their presence began to create a mess. It eventually reached the point where Alkan’s family could no longer use the balcony and had to clean it out, causing the birds to stop coming.

This encounter with the pigeon family proved to be an inspiring harbinger for Mailsoftly. Just as pigeons were once responsible for delivering messages, Mailsoftly is now committed to ensuring the successful delivery of emails. A year or two after this delightful pigeon saga, we decided to launch Mailsoftly, adopting the pigeon as our icon. The ‘Mail’ in Mailsoftly is an homage to these carrier pigeons, while ‘Softly’ is a nod to their soft feathers. What started as a magical moment transformed into the enchanting origin story of Mailsoftly.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to revolutionize your email management, bringing unparalleled structure and organization to free up more of your valuable time. Amidst rapidly changing priorities, we aim to solve any potential communication issues and introduce a more efficient method of interaction. We offer services that help you streamline your emails, define your contact lists, and expedite your communications swiftly and efficiently.

Our Mision

Mailsoftly revolutionizes the email landscape by minimizing unnoticed time losses, providing great convenience to its users. In today's fast-paced tech world, we understand the significance of speed and work diligently to safeguard your valuable time. We ensure that your emails, a vital communication medium in the corporate world, reach the right individuals accurately and efficiently.

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The Team


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