The Best Black Friday Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Sales!

Black Friday is one of the most momentous days in American history. It is when the nation’s largest retailers release their best deals on products and services, with many people using it as their first chance to buy things they’ve always wanted. Moreover, Black Friday sales are also becoming one of the world’s most successful shopping days — with even more big names coming out with new deals, campaigns, sales strategies and even new product lines to get the attention of buyers. Hence, if you go live a digital Black Friday campaign via email marketing, there are certain methods you should follow for creating a sales-booster Black Friday email campaign. This blog post focuses on the email subject lines specifically, because a catchy email subject line seems to be the first path for shoppers to open a marketing email!

Read on for our top tips, along with some other great ideas for crafting effective Black Friday emails and Cyber Monday emails, accordingly.

Black Friday Email Subject Lines


Why Should You Use Specific Black Friday Subject Lines?

When it comes to email marketing, one of the most important things you can do is to craft effective subject lines. This is especially true for Black Friday sales, when everyone is bombarded with marketing messages and your emails need to stand out from the rest.

So what makes a good Black Friday subject line? First and foremost, it should be specific. Mentioning Black Friday in your subject line will let your subscribers know that you have deals and discounts to offer, which will entice them to open your email. Because most recipients, shoppers in other words, demand to know exactly how much they're saving and what they're getting. Secondly, your subject line should be enticing, making your subscribers want to learn more about your deals. And finally, your subject line should be brief and to the point, as people are likely to skim through their emails on Black Friday. These 3 steps are also valid for Cyber Monday, likewise. However Cyber Monday campaigns may differ from Black Friday emails due to their characteristic content on equipment.

Keep these tips in mind when crafting your Black Friday subject lines, and you'll be sure to reach your target audience.

How to Create Attractive Black Friday Sales Subject Lines

As we mentioned above, Black Friday sales have been one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, and businesses are always looking for ways to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

One way they do this is by creating attractively-discounted deals and sending them out in mass email campaigns. Here again, rises the question: why are email subject lines important? Because, the subject line is critical in getting recipients to open the email in the first place. Within the scope of improving digital marketing techniques, Black Friday deal makers seem to have figured out is the art of the perfect subject line. Whether it's a clever play on words, an irresistible offer, or something else, these subject lines are designed to get you to click.

Obviously, some subject lines are more effective than others, and there are a few key things to keep in mind when crafting yours. Here is your short-down list for Black Friday email subject line tips:   

  1. Make sure that the discount is crystal clear.
  2. Be straightforward to the point
  3. Personalize the subject line, if possible
  4. Create a sense of urgency
  5. Choose strong action verbs.
  6. Use your imagination and emojis!

The specific and attractive email subject lines are going to be the pole star of Black Friday email campaigns to hit the target audience directly. After implementing these tips into your email campaign, follow the open rate figures to evaluate if your strategy is working properly or not.

What are The Best Black Friday Subject Lines for Email Marketing?

Up to now, we underlined the importance of email subject lines for Black Friday email campaigns to grab the attention of recipients with the aim of turning them into actual shoppers. While Black Friday may seem like a time to go crazy with the holiday marketing strategies, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to catch the online shoppers by email marketing.

As far as we know subject lines that are too general are often overlooked in the inbox, but those that are specific and relevant are more likely to be opened. Hence, there are a few things to consider when crafting the perfect subject line for Black Friday email marketing campaign.  

It’s obvious that an email subject line should be eye-catching, even if it’s about Black Friday or not. Considering holiday email marketing, it may include a call-to-action that will entice recipients to open the email. In addition to that, an email marketer should emphasize that the subject line is reflective of the content of the email; so that recipients are not disappointed or frustrated when they open and read it. Finally please remember, using emojis or symbols in the subject line may cause more engagement with the recipients. So, how can you actually accomplish that?

Now, let’s dive deeper within the topics for best Black Friday email subject lines to boost your sales.

Black Friday Email Marketing

Email Subject Lines for Early Birds of Black Friday

For those shoppers who like to get a jump on their Black Friday shopping at the dawn of the campaigns, email subject lines can be a great way to entice them to open your emails and click through to your deals. Some great email subject lines for Black Friday early birds could include:

“Get a head start on Black Friday shopping with our early bird deals!”

“Black Friday Preview - $50 Off Unlimited [product name] from [company name]”

“Black Friday is Coming! Up to 90% off! Get a Free $5 or $10 Gift Card First

"Wake up and smell the savings Up to 60% - our Black Friday deals are live!"

"Early bird gets the worm - and the best deals!"

“Black Friday Sneak Peek! Save Up to 60% Now!”

By using these or similar Black Friday subject lines, you can let shoppers know that your Black Friday deals are live before anyone else on the market and the best offers are ready for them to take advantage of. 

Great Subject Line Examples for the WON Black Friday Deals

If one step of Black Friday is all about getting the best deals before anyone else, the other one is making email receivers to open the emails and click on the offers, CTAs of the campaign, for sure! These email subject lines can be identified as Black Friday newsletter subject lines, as well.

To cut the story short let’s take a look at email subject lines with great offers having the effect of high click open and click through rates as well:

“It's Your Exclusive Black Friday! 50% OFF Flash Sale!”

“Don't Miss Our Black Friday Deal! 50% Off Yearly Plans, Plus Extra Advantages!”

“Black Friday | Lowest Price Guarantee - 70% Off”

“The Main Sale Of The Year Is On! BLACK FRIDAY Starts Today!”

“Dear [Name of Recipients] , Black Friday-Flash Sale Up To $100 OFF”

“Black Friday SALE Starts NOW! ”

“Are You Ready For Black Friday? ”

“Dear [Name of Recipients], Black Friday Bidding SALE! Bid From $1!”

“Attention! This Email Contains Coupons!”

“Up to 90% Off! Catch this Black Friday or Hold on for another 365 Days!”

“The Main Sale Of The Year Is On! BLACK FRIDAY Starts Today! ”

“Dear [Name of Recipients], Black Friday – Enjoy 10% Refunds & Favorite Free Gift”

“Black Friday Is On! Here are the Best Deals Up to %60”

“Black Friday Sale>>> 70% Off Holiday Special Bundle”

“Make The Most Out Of This Black Friday Spend $10 & Get $5 Back”

All of these seem to be tempting, right? Be calm, you’re not alone or an online shopping addict; at least yet. Because, the figures of a 2021 survey are supporting some interesting facts on digital marketing channels. The great majority of ‘responding’ U.S. Black Friday / Cyber Monday shoppers declared that they were informed about the deals via digital platform; plus, promotional emails have a great slice of the cake with the percentage of 58 just behind the online ads. Therefore, never underestimate the power of email marketing campaigns and the subject line of it!

One of our previous blog posts you can read the importance of email marketing and types of it with examples in order to ensure about the subject. 

Free Shipping Subject Lines for Black Friday Emails

Any retailer would demand to go on sales with great amounts for instance 50% or more within the Black Friday campaigns. However, it may be not possible to downprice your items for the whole Black Friday campaign period; however you may offer different options like gift cards or free shipping which are also tempting for online shoppers.  On the other hand, keep in mind that there are so many retailers offering free shipping during the holidays, it may be challenging for you to entice customers to shop with you. Hence, in order to Black Friday email to stand out, try using one of these free shipping email subject lines:

“$0 Shipping on Orders Over $45 + Up to 60% Off! Black Friday continues.”

"Get your holiday shopping done early with free shipping from [Your Store]"

“Black Friday Alert: 25% off & FREE shipping over $100!” 

"Free shipping on all orders this Black Friday"

"Shop now and get free shipping on all orders over $50"

Don't forget to include a call to action in your subject line in order to lead your customers inside the email as well. Plus keep in mind that hint of human nature: Who doesn't love getting their shopping delivered for free? Including yourself 😊

'Last Chance!' Subject Lines for Black Friday Email Marketing

So far, we're convinced that the best Black Friday subject lines must be creative, attention-grabbing, and make it clear that there are incredible deals to be had. However people may dismiss the emails or the total campaign overall and they can't take advantage of the great deals inside. Therefore, you should pay a little bit more effort to push them to open your last minute emails and make sure your customers know about all the great deals you're offering. Make them remember that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year!

Some great last chance email subject lines for Black Friday and fall sale may include:

“2 hours and 43 minutes left for your Black Friday deal...”

“HURRY UP — it's almost midnight!”

“Last Call for Black Friday Savings! Don't Miss Up to 70% Off!”

“Last chance!  25% off & FREE shipping ends tonight!”

“Black Friday FINAL HOURS! 75% Off” 

“Grab the Last Chance for International Brands Discounts of 2022!”

“The clock is ticking. See what we have for Black Friday!”

“Hurry! This offer ends on Friday!”

You can also use great Black Friday email templates to empower the strength of your email campaign.

Black Friday Final Sales Email Subject Lines

The Party isn't Over! Extended Deals to Cyber Monday!

As you can see Black Friday email marketing may be much more challenging than you plan. You should definitely include "Black Friday Cyber Monday" campaigns as a whole into the annual budget plans if you haven't done before. Beginning of November may be a little bit late because the holiday season is just around the corner, and everyone is looking for the best deals starting from Halloween week.

However, opportunities for an online retailer never ends, thanks to the evolving digital world and email marketing. You can still stretch your campaigns, in fact until the next Tuesday; because, the following week creates a chance for Cyber Monday, likewise. One way to do this is by sending out emails with subject lines that highlight your extending offers as "Black Friday Cyber Monday ". Let's finally check below lines for extending campaigns:  

“Not enough? More Black Friday Items Added!”

"50% OFF! Black Friday continues on Cyber Monday Sale"

"The Carnival Continues, Comeback for Discounts on Cyber Monday"

"Don't Miss Out! You can still Get the best deals with Cyber Monday!"

"Extend Your Buying Experience Till Monday!"

Black Frday Cyber Monday Mailings


Through the whole article, we explained the emphasis of email subject lines and how you can create a catchy one with examples. Now, as email marketers you learned that the specific Black Friday or Cyber Monday subject lines are a great way to make sure your email marketing campaign is reaching the right people at the right time. By using a unique newsletter subject line, you can ensure that your email is going to hit the recipients at the right time, on early days of the campaign, the week of the campaign or at the last minutes of the deals.

Additionally, for Black Friday email templates you can check the other comprehensive blog post on our website. 

Use Mailsoftly to send out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing campaigns to masses in order to boost your sales! You can sign up for free and use as many features as you please to check sending bulk mails, testing your mailings and following valuable statistics of your campaigns. Try Mailsoftly for free before the holiday marketing season is over!