How to Create Best Newsletter Templates and Examples?

A newsletter is a kind of email that marketers or PR professionals prefer to send potential clients and contacts in order to inform them about their brand's or company’s updates, new releases or event infos.  Well-designed and functional email newsletter templates are widely preferred among digital professionals such as digital marketers, email marketing specialists, content strategists or PR experts, as well as individuals like bloggers, freelancers etc.  However creating best newsletter templates and examples may be challenging for non professionals. 

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In this article, we are going to discuss the basic virtual elements for a newsletter template with examples and real samples as well. Therefore, please keep reading for the best Email Newsletter examples! 
Best Newsletter Templates

How To Structure or Re-organize a Newsletter Template?


During the email marketing campaigns do not underestimate the importance of having a well-designed newsletter. Emailing still remains one of the best ways to engage and convert customers. However, without an eye-catching newsletter, your email recipients won’t respond as well to your emails. Email newsletters are meant to inform your audience of a specific event, promotion, sale, or piece of news. Newsletters can also be used to distribute new or important content, such as your latest articles, videos, or social media posts. Therefore, the newsletter template should contain the necessary elements, design tips in line with the purpose of sending it. 

Organized your newsletter template layout with a user friendly way 

A newsletter is a great way to keep your customers and followers up-to-date on what's new with your company. But if you want people to actually read your newsletter, you need to make sure it's well-organized and easy to read. One effortless way to achieve this is using an efficient newsletter template.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a user friendly newsletter email template for your mailing. First, assure that the template example is easy to edit and customize. Then, you should pick a layout that's easy to observe and read; hence the recipients can quickly find the information they are searching for. Plus, you should prefer to use the essential, core material at the beginning of the template. So, the readers are going to be attracted directly to the subject.

The most vital element is that the template you’ll choose MUST be responsive with all components. 

Responsive design automatically adjusts your template to look great on any screen size or device. This means your email newsletter will always look its best, no matter where your subscribers are reading it.  Today more people are reading email on their phones more than ever before, responsive email template design is crucial more than ever. When you choose a responsive email template your newsletter will be more accessible to a wider range. Even the responsiveness of the newsletter template even defines the percentages of the click through rates. Because according to numbers 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices. There is no other way in 21th century email marketing practices. You must ensure that the sent newsletter looks OK & functional on all devices.

Emphasis on visuals while organizing the content of newsletter templates

Your newsletter template should be designed in a way that engages your readers and encourages them to click through to your website or blog. One way to do this is to include engaging graphics like images or videos. By including these types of graphics, you can make your newsletter more visually appealing and help to capture your readers' attention.

Including images or videos in your newsletter can also help to break up the text and make it more readable. If you have a lot of text in your newsletter, consider adding an image or video to break up the monotony and help your readers to better digest your content. Therefore, if you aim to make your newsletter more engaging, consider adding some visuals to your template. With a little bit of planning, you can easily create a newsletter that your readers will love.

Be Brave Towards CTAs and Use Them!

As you can see in the newsletter template examples below, clear CTAs like promotional text or buttons can help encourage your subscribers to take action. By including a CTA in your newsletter, you can increase the likelihood that your subscribers will take the desired action, whether it's clicking through to your website, making a purchase or attending a course. Think of Call To Action buttons or links such as magnets or bridges for customers to be led to your main goals. Thus, if you're eager to increase the effectiveness of your newsletter, be sure to include at leat one clear and effective CTA to the template. 

With these critical clues in mind, let's take a look at some newsletter template types and examples for best solutions. 

Types of Various Newsletter Template Examples

B2B Newsletter Templates

B2B newsletter templates can be a great way to save time and money when creating a newsletter for your business. With a b2b newsletter example, you can create a professional-looking newsletter quickly and easily, without having to hire a designer or spend a lot of money. Business newsletter templates can be purchased for a one-time fee or as part of a subscription. The most popular business newsletter templates are those that are easy to use and design, and that offer a wide range of features.

There are many benefits of using a template for your B2B newsletter, including:

  • - Save time: With a template, you can create a newsletter in a fraction of the time it would take to create one from scratch.
  • - Save money: Templates are much less expensive than hiring a designer to create a custom newsletter for you.
  • - Get a professional look: With a well-designed template, your newsletter will look just as good as one that was created by a professional designer.
  • - To be consistent: Using a template will help you to create a consistent look for your weekly or monthly updates. 

B2B Newsletter Templates are also identified as business newsletter templates or company newsletter templates. B2B Newsletter is much more a general term when compared to corporate newsletter templates. Below you can find examples for a company newsletter and a B2B newsletter example of a design website  
Company Newsletter
Source :
B2B Sample

Welcome Newsletter Templates

A welcome email is a type of mailing which is sent to new subscribers shortly after the subscription process to a newsletter mailing list or signing up a website database. 

"Welcome Email" supports contacting your new clients at first hand, sharing the initial info about your brand or service and leading your contacts through the website again after subscription. Also the open rates of welcome emails seems to be above all standart emailings. Therefore a well-looking and charming welcome newsletter template is going to be effective over your new subscribers and potential customers.
Welcome Newsletter Template
Source :
Welcome Newsletter Template

Nonprofit Newsletter Templates

As the title implies non-profit newsletter is a kind of newsletter format which is posted by a nonprofit organization with the aim of keeping the members, volunteers, and other supporters engaged into a specific society or union. A nonprofit newsletter template may help you create a professional and effective newsletter for your organization. A template can help you save time and money by providing a pre-designed layout that you can customize to fit your specific needs. A template can also help ensure that your newsletter is consistent with your organization's branding and style guidelines. Additionally, using a template can help you create a more polished and professional-looking newsletter that is more likely to engage and inspire your readers. 
Non-profit Newsletter template with Cta

Real Estate Newsletter Templates

Real Estate is a huge industry, even a leading service together with construction business for most of the countries. In recent years digital marketing tools are highly appreciated for real estate experts and new techniques are taking the positions of traditional promotions. Therefore, real estate newsletters are a prospecting tool for the people in the real estate business. Real estate newsletter template examples buy you time by providing a pre-designed layout that you can simply fill in with your own content. 

These templates may help a real estate expert to create a professional-looking newsletter that will impress the clients and prospects. Finally, the real estate newsletter templates are cost-effective solutions to promote the portfolio especially beyond the closest area or districts.  
Real Estate newsletter
Source :

Holiday Newsletter Examples

Sales during the holiday season can be a make-or-break time for many businesses. While there are many different ways to boost sales during this time, one of the most effective is to use holiday newsletter templates, with no doubts.

Newsletter templates allow you to quickly and easily create beautiful, informative newsletters that will engage and inspire your customers. Among the various holiday templates to choose from, you can easily find one that fits your brand and your message.

Sales representatives can use holiday newsletter templates to save time and create an artistic newsletter. The templates can be customized with the company's branding, logo, and contact information as well. They can also be customized with the sales representative's personal information, such as their name, photo, and contact information.
Holiday Newsletter Business

Event Newsletter Template Examples

Event newsletter template examples can be extremely helpful for event planners who are looking to create a polished newsletter. Event newsletters are a great way to keep attendees updated on all the latest event information, and they can also be used to promote upcoming events. By using an event newsletter template, you can ensure that your newsletter is up to par with the competition. The event newsletters are mostly used for organizations’ several activities, online meetings, seminars and webinars, online courses and digital announcements of physical, real life events as well. 
Event Newsletter
Event Newsletter Examples

Restaurant Newsletter Examples

If you conduct a search for the answers of “how should a restaurant newsletter template look like?” we should say that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question; as the look of a restaurant newsletter template will vary depending on the style and tone of the restaurant itself. However, there are a few basic elements that all restaurant newsletter templates should include as other templates do. First, the template should have a header that includes the name of the restaurant and the date of the newsletter. This will help readers identify the newsletter and know when it was published. Next, the template should include a section for featured content. This is where you can highlight a new menu item, a special event, or anything else you want to promote. Third, the template should have a section for contact information. This is important so that readers can easily get in touch with the restaurant if they have any questions or comments. 
Restaurant Newsletter Examples
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Newsletter Announcement Templates

An announcement newsletter is a type of a newsletter which is easier to formulate. It has a definite purpose, to get the attention of the receivers and inform them about the current processes or progress. An announcement newsletter should also create an engagement with a clear CTA to make recipients take quick action towards the offerings. The newsletter sender may be providing a discount, an advantageous package or inviting to attend an organization such as a private-meeting, competition or accreditation. This type of newsletters generally provide offers for a limited time period in order to keep the campaigns active for recipients. Therefore, always keep an eye on deadlines of the offerings! 
Announcement Newsletter Template

Announcement Newsletter Template

Some Other Kinds of Newsletter Templates

Up To now, we tried to explain the types of various popular newsletter templates with actual examples, by underlying the importance of sending them according to each industry, along with the digital marketing processes. Some of newsletters content may compose of visuals, photos or videos such as welcome emails or restaurant newsletter examples eventually, some content may consist mainly text body, for instance informative newsletters of news agencies, bloggers, forum sites etc. People mostly conducts searches for free email newsletter templates as well as best newsletter templates with the aim of reaching the most accurate template from the easiest way. However, keep in mind that the best newsletter template design is the one which represents your brand or company as the exact way with a polished and appropriate way. Below you can check some other newsletter tenplates which are neat and result-oriented. 

Blogger Newsletter Templates:

Blogger Newsletter Template

Fashion and Shopping Newsletter Templates:

Fashion Newsletter Template


Engagement Email Template

Engagement Email Template


Daily update newsletter example of an online subscription membership:

Weekly newsletter example for the new coming updates of an online informative website with forums and debates.
Informative newsletter on updates
For more email newsletter templates, design and format please check Mailsoftly’s email templates feature to find the best of newsletter email examples and design ideas.