What Are Survey Emails? Best Survey Email Template Examples

You want to improve your business strategy and are determined to succeed. Do you send survey emails to your clients in order to get there, but you rarely get a response? It's no surprise that the average response rate to customer surveys is around 14%. Only large, well-known corporations can achieve around 25%.

In this article, we show you how to increase the conversion rate of email-based online survey invitations and share some of the best examples we've found.

We will also provide you with some templates that are ready to use.

What Is An Email Survey?

There are lots of types of emails, follow up emails, newsletter emails and many more. Email survey is one of them. Getting feedback from your customers is a great way to improve your marketing strategy and get better results. Every business, from independent startups to multinational corporations, relies heavily on customer feedback. You cannot afford to simply guess at your customer's wants and needs as a business; rather, you must get to know the customer thoroughly in order to exceed their expectations.

Survey emails are perhaps the most effective tool for gathering customer feedback, though getting users to complete them can be difficult. People are not usually eager to spend their free time answering questions simply because an email has arrived in their inbox. As a result, it's no surprise that the average survey response rate is around 10%, with even well-known brands struggling to reach the 25%. If you can create the right email survey, you will get great results. In the other articles we have talked about email marketing templates, examples, follow up email templates; but in this article, we will be also talking about best practices of survey emails, survey email templates and survey email tips. Keep reading...

How to Create a Survey Invitation Email

Have you ever sent out email invitations for customer satisfaction surveys? These posts are an excellent way to solicit feedback about your company. However, if you do not carefully design these email templates, the intended purpose may fail. Let's look at how to get the most out of your emails for satisfaction surveys.

Make an eye-catching email subject line.

A large percentage of people will decide whether or not to open your email solely based on the subject line. The subject line, after the sender name, has the greatest influence on whether or not an email is opened. So, brainstorming, planning, and testing your subject line is the first step in getting people who read to open your survey invitation emails. A good general rule for the subject line is to keep it simple. Since most mobile devices only display the first six or seven words of a subject line, keeping it short and simple is absolutely essential to transmitting your message.

survey email

Get right to the point

Efficient survey questionnaire invitation emails will directly respond to the following questions:

What: What exactly is the email about? What is its intent? Make it clear what the survey's purpose is and why you're conducting it.

Why: Why should readers take part? Do you provide a reward, such as a coupon? How will the results of the survey benefit you? Inform the readers.

How: How should readers interact, and also how will the process take? Make sure to disclose the next steps and how long it will take you to complete the survey (will it take less than 5 minutes?).

Where: Where should readers click? Use an appealing call-to-action button and leave out any secondary CTAs. It should be apparent to readers where to click to play an active role.

"Your opinion interests us"

This email sent by a famous electric shop following a purchase is crisp and clear. He simply asks you a question: "Following this experience, would you recommend “X” to those around you?". To vote, a slider from 0 to 10 is present. Simply select the note that matches your experience, and you're done. There is no simpler satisfaction questionnaire.

Change the subject of the invitation email if necessary.

The subject of the email should be brief, readable, and memorable. It must entice people to open the email, whether the buyer is using a smartphone or a computer.

You can include an emoji or a personalized context element ("We'd like to hear your thoughts on your trip to France"). When making a purchase in-store, don't be afraid to mention the signer's name and city.

Customize invitation email colors

Customize the colors of the invitation e-mail to the customer opinion questionnaire to provide visual content that echoes your company's graphic charter.

Mention the amount of time required to complete the survey.

Inform contacts about the length of time it will take to complete the survey so they can plan accordingly. Don't just say "quick" or "does not really take much time," because those are relative terms. Instead, see how long it takes to finish your survey (ideally, around 3 minutes). Acknowledge this in the survey invitation if you want to to send surveys on a regular basis. Your contacts should be able to unsubscribe. As a result, include a "unsubscribe" link at the bottom.

Best Practices of Survey Emails

We've compiled a few pointers to help you craft the most effective emails inviting recipients to participate in your surveys:

  • Provide incentives - People are more likely to review if there is a reward in store for them, such as a voucher or discount coupon for their next purchase from your store.
  • Indicate the time required to complete the survey - By being honest about the time required to complete a survey, you demonstrate to respondents that you value their time.
  • Keep the survey brief – the shorter the survey, the higher the overall response rate. Reduce the number of questions to demonstrate to your users that you value their time.
  • Explain the purpose of the survey – let your email recipients know why you want to know their views and how the information collected will be used to their benefit.
  • Be grateful - sending a simple thank you message after completing a survey is polite and shows your appreciation, while also confirming that your users' responses were correctly submitted.
  • Share the results - Informing your customers about the results of your survey and any changes that result will make them feel heard and more likely to provide feedback in the future.

Survey Email Tips

Inform your customers how long it will take to complete the survey.

If you want people to respond to your questions, you must tell them how long it will take. Be truthful if the survey is lengthy and may take up to 20 minutes. 

Offer coupons and discounts

Polls are generally unpopular with the public. However, you can entice them to respond by offering them a discount. Give them a 15% discount on their next purchase, or something similar. You could also give them a coupon.

Inform users of the survey's closing date and time

When it comes to time, make sure to include the date and time the survey closes. People may prefer to complete the forms in the evening, later in the day, or even on the weekend when they have extra time. As a result, it would be gracious of you to inform your customers about the survey availability time. Especially if the survey is really long.

Send a reminder 

People usually start an online survey with the intention of finishing it. But sometimes they get interrupted and don't finish filling it out, and by the end of the day, they forgot all about the survey. 

Explain the survey's goal

survey emailsInform subscribers that you are conducting this survey for them. Of course, this will only work if you truly provide valuable information to your readers.

Keep the survey brief

Why should we keep the survey short? The shorter the questionnaire, the more likely it is that your customers will complete it. To accomplish this, avoid asking more than four questions. People will appreciate that you value their time.

If the visitor has recently used your products or services, the preferred form would be a single question: did you enjoy your visit? Or would you tell your friends about us?

Make sure to share the result

When people put their energy in something or vote for certain changes, they intuitively want to know the outcome. Promise to share the results at the beginning of your survey e-mail.

Express gratitude

Always thank your customers for what they have done . First of all, it's a matter of politeness. In addition, people need to feel appreciated. In fact, by completing the survey, they did us a favor. Finally, it is a way to let them know that their answer has been taken into account.

Survey Email Template Examples

Here are some best email templates and email examples.

Survey Email Template 1- Offering encouragement

Hello [name],

We would love to hear your thoughts on [survey topic]. It will greatly assist us in improving [pain point] in order to provide a better customer experience for all of our clients.

We are offering all respondents a [X]% discount code off their next purchase in our online store as a thank you for completing our short survey, which will only take about [Y] minutes of your time!

Please click the survey link below to take advantage of this opportunity:

[Begin survey]

Thank you very much for your time; it is greatly appreciated.


The [company] group

Survey Email Template 2- Product/service evaluation

Good day, [name],

You recently purchased [product/service] from our online store, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

It will only take [X] minutes to complete the survey, and your responses will help us improve future [product lines/software versions].

To begin, please select your rating from the list below.

[Link to a feedback scale]

Thank you for your suggestions.


Survey Email Template 3- Single question

Greetings, [name],

[company] values our users' feedback, which is why we'd appreciate it if you could answer one simple question for us.

Your feedback will help shape the direction of our future content, so we hope you agree that finding out what you really think will be mutually beneficial.

You can respond to our one-question survey by clicking on your preferred option below:

  • Option 1, 
  • Option 2, 
  • and Option 3...

We greatly appreciate your feedback; it will assist us in meeting our goal of exceeding all of our clients' expectations.

Best wishes,

[Name], [position] at [firm]

Survey Email Template 4- Survey Results

Hello, [name],

We've compiled the results of our recent survey, which we greatly appreciated.

We thought you might be interested in the results since you took the time to share your thoughts on [product/service/matter].

We are delighted to inform you that [X% of our customers] would recommend [product/service] to a friend!

While this is fantastic news, there is still room for improvement, and we will use every comment we receive from loyal users like yourself to improve.

Thank you, and please enjoy your [optional token of appreciation].

Best regards,


Frequently  Asked Questions

How many questions should be included in a survey (email)?

If you embed the survey in the email, only one question should be included. If you're linking to a longer survey, there's no limit to how long it can be. The most important thing is to tell your users how long it will take to respond; otherwise, you risk boring them and losing respondents.

Should I use an embedded form or link to a survey?

Both options are valid, but embedding a multi-question survey in an email is not. If you're sending a one-question micro-survey, embed the response form in the email so users can respond with a single click that takes them to a confirmation page that they can close right away. It's also a good idea to embed the first question in this way to link to a full survey.

Why do I have to send a survey invitation email?

Surveys allow you to collect valuable data from your existing customers or subscribers, and email is a low-cost and quick way to receive a large number of responses. You can get honest responses because anonymous surveys allow your customers to express their true feelings. Email surveys also allow you to reach out to your target audience via a channel they already use and interact with.