What is the Notification Email?

Notification Email is a type of transactional email dealing with the new updates, developments about a product, service or website . These kinds of emails aim to inform the subscribers briefly about “what is going on lately?” When users register for an email marketing program, they frequently agree to receive these informative emails from specific companies and vendors. These emails might be about new products or services, but seldomly on special offers. In order to take advantage of notification emails, subscribers generally agree to receive them periodically and at regular intervals. 

Notification emails can be classified under transactional emails and they are categorized with subscription emails and order confirmation emails as well. While notification emails can be a great way to keep your subscribers engaged, they can also be a source of irritation if they are not well-designed or well-timed.

In this article we will explain the definition of notification emails, the importance of them for digital marketing strategies, tips & examples to write well-working, actual notification emails.

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What is Email Notification?

In a nutshell, notification emails are those which are sent to subscribers whenever there is an update on the website, the app or the system. They can be in the form of a blog post, a new product, an event, etc. Email notifications help keep your subscribers updated on the latest news and developments on your site, and can be a powerful marketing tool. Notification emails can be sent as part of a system-wide update, or in response to an action taken by the recipient. Notification emails are a valuable tool for keeping recipients informed, but they can also be abused. If too many notification emails are sent, or if they are not relevant to the recipient, they can be both consuming and irritating somehow. 

Moreover, the notification email is a type of communication method to keep the engagement besides informing. Business owners or companies can use this kind of emailing, in order to keep in touch with customers and clients. These relatively innocent emails increase the chance of being contacted.

Moreover, notifications are a great way to keep your customers informed. Notifications can help you keep your customers informed on a regular basis and increase sales. By means of notification emails the engagement rate of the marketing emails may rise constantly. 

Why Should Digital Marketers Send Notification Emails?

As we mentioned above notification emails are a type of email that are sent to inform the recipient about a specific, ongoing subject or chain of events. They can be sent in response to an action taken by the recipient, or they can be sent as part of a campaign or organization update. Customers, or recipients in general get the information they need because they have already subscribed for it.

Sending a regular reminder email to your customers turned out to be an essential step for digital marketing strategies. If you are an email marketing strategist, you’ve probably put in the time and effort needed to ensure that the emails you send are the most relevant and helpful. Planning your next step via notification emails is another part of the strategy. According to the statistics, notification emails have the highest open rate among other marketing emails; because subscribers assume that the email will not directly sell something to them, it is just informative. Therefore notification emails are beneficial tools for a marketing strategy in order to stay connected and remind of your business in a natural way. 

How to Write Notification Emails 

With those above definitions in our mind, let’s take a look at what’s involved in writing a notification email. Below you can find few tips to incorporate notifications into your email marketing strategy: 

Be Consistent - Another thing you should keep in mind when writing a notification email is consistency. Craft your emails keeping in mind that your list of subscribers have limited time to read the email notifications so be consistent & coherent with the information. Although it’s tempting to send an email every time you get new leads or subscribers, you might end up receiving a lot of unsubscription emails as a result. 

Keep it Short: Unlike most types of communication, notifications are meant to be read in one sitting. Keep the mail body short and to the point, nevertheless it contains a long format for legal regulations such as Privacy Policy etc. 

Limited Call to Action:  Use CTAs only where necessary. Do not forget that notification emails are not intent to sell anything immediately or directly at that point of communication. Therefore, try to use CTAs to inform the subscribers in a useful way. 

Use your Signature & Footer: Signing emails is another essential part however, even some specialists may forget signatures before sending out important emails. If you always sign your emails, your emails gain a professional image that you’re paying attention to your business as well. Always use your signature and a footer part to let your customers know that the email is sent via a trustworthy sender, mainly your service or company.

Types of Notification Emails  with Examples


  • Updates on Regulations: 

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use regulations at websites or applications are subject to change from time to time. In most of the countries it’s the legal obligation of the business holders to inform customers or clients about these updates. So, that’s one of the most common type of notification emails. You can check the below example of Google, which you may have seen more than once in your inbox. 

  • Welcome to subscription emails. 

Well, welcome emails are another comprehensive subject to handle under email marketing; nevertheless digital marketers are agreed that some of the welcoming emails can also be classified as notification emails. Below you can check 2 different kinds of welcoming emails, one is created via wikipedia.org, the gigant online encyclopedia, welcoming a new user’s email mainly. The other one is about a digital subscription to an online newspaper. 


Even though the both of them are welcoming the subscriber in a way, the emailings are different. Wikipedia just informs and even checks the credentials; whereas Oksijen Newspaper explains the details of digital subscription, renewal, payment methods etc, as well as necessary CTAs to lead the reader to enter the website and start reading the articles right away. 


  • Introducing a new team member 

Remote working teams usually use common online platforms or CMS to plan, organize and create content & projects on a daily basis. Whenever a new team member joins your ‘white-collared club’ a notification email may appear at your inbox to inform you about the new coming person. By means of that notification it is pretty sure that you are going to collaborate on the same projects as well. Please check the below email from Canva.com 

The template example is just like that: 

Subject line: A new Member has joined your team!

Name/Surname ( abc.acb@xyz.com ) has just joined the Growth Team as a Member. You can add or remove team members from your team settings.

View team members [CTA]

This email was sent to you because you signed up for Canva. If this email was sent to you in error, please contact support .

[Company Signature]

  • Support Ticket Received Notifications

Actually, these kinds of email notifications are very helpful especially while you try to reach out to a technical person in order to solve your problems or errors. It may be challenging to explain the issues to technical teams or even ending up with a ‘real’ expert on the subject. However, within a decade thanks to the ticket solution systems, it became much easier to access teams of technical services. These notifications let you know that the system has just received your complaint or the issue, and someone is going to handle it as soon as possible! Hurray! 

These kind of notifications have the simplest email designs, so you can check the below written example in order to form a standard and auto service ticket email : 

Subject line: Support Ticket Received - Refund Request

Your ticket was received. We will answer as soon as possible.

Name [Name of the Company] 

License Number : 1234567890

Email : [email protected]

Subject : Refund Request



Please cancel my order that includes 2 business packets. I will try the personal packet firstly. Please inform me after the cancellation.

Thanks for your understanding and help.

I agree to your Privacy Policy. 

  • Social Media Accounts Notifications

When users create a new social media account, they generally agree to terms & conditions and click the below sign-up button by accepting all of the email notifications. Therefore, it is not a surprise to receive tons of emails from Facebook or Linkedin accounts about the friends and connections those are mentioning about you on the feeds, comments, etc. Below you can check the general template of an email notification sent by Linkedin for reminding a message sent to the account owner:  

Please keep in mind that you can always unsubscribe from these kinds of notifications via settings at your social media accounts… 

  • Free Trial Notifications

Sign Up for free softwares is extremely joyful, however, every nice thing will end up sometime… Notification emails to remind the end of the free trial session always break the heart of free members, however some should call the bad news! On the other hand, these notification emails always provide a discount, a special offer or another opportunity to extend your membership as a paid user. That’s the right place to use CTAs in order to sell or upgrade a membership to a free user if the trial period is satisfactory enough 😉 

Below you can check a written template example for the end of a free trial for an online software: 

Subject line : Your Trial will expire in 1 day. Upgrade now & Get 10% off.

Hi There!

Have you been creating lots of content with [Saas/Software Name]?

Avoid disruptions and get continued access to [product Name]. Here is an extra 10% everything coupon as a thank you! “ [Code]” 

Buy Now With 10% Discount

If you have any questions please feel free to get into contact with our team!


[Company Name] Sales Team 

To unsubscribe from our periodic e-mail messages, please click the following link


  • Legal Notification Emails

These types of notifications may arise according to your agreements regarding bank accounts, bills, internet or tv service providers or online streaming platforms as well. You can check the final example for a notification email of a bank transaction : 


Dear [Name/Surname],

Reminder EFT

Your money transfer transaction has been completed.

Notifications are sent to let you know that your money transfers above the specified amount are realized as you want, or that your money transfer orders are recorded upon realization in the future. For your questions, you can call [ Call Center Number], Customer Communication Center.

Sender Information:


ZZZZ - 123


Receiver information:


ZZZZ - 123


Amount: [ Total Currency],

Transaction Date: 01.09.2020 


You can change your transaction limits for money transfer notifications. Click for Notification Settings


If you think this e-mail is not yours, you can call [ Call Center Number], Customer Communication Center and report the wrong e-mail sent.

[Name of the Bank]

[Address of the Bank]

[Website of the Bank]



Throughout the whole  article, we discussed some common definitions, benefits and best practices for notification emails. In Fact most of us are familiar with that emailing type however the definitions may be some blurry because transactional emails are pretty similar to each other.  However, there is no doubt that crafting and sending notification emails should be a part of the digital marketing strategy in order to create a sincere relationship with your subscribers from the scratch point. Then you should adjust your tone of communication at the notification emails, should keep them informative as much as possible and you may lead the subscribers to CTAs when there is some convenient opportunity that arises just like at trial notification emails. 

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