Why is Personalized Email Important for Email Marketing?

Email marketing has been still an effective digital marketing strategy over the decades and as we mentioned on our previous blog posts the popularity of email marketing seems to be timeless. Here are some simple figures to discover the potential:
According to the latest Statista.com reports “approximately 306 billion emails were sent and received every day” globally in the year 2020. The predictions are close to that every year 100.000 new email users sign-up for new accounts and it is estimated that in 2025 the number of email users is predicted to be around 4.6 billion users. 

Considering such a huge bunch of receivers, email marketing and email personalization strategy needs essential roadmaps and guidelines in order to craft attractive and engaging solutions. Personalized emails or in other terms personalization of emails is one of these tactics eventually. Because personalization basically creates a ‘personal connection’ between your business and customers. 

In this article we’ll explain a short definition of personalization and personalized emails, benefits of personalization and some basic strategies to craft personalized emails.

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Why is Personalization Essential for Marketing?

Personalization is the process of designing a communication or marketing program specifically for a particular individual or group. It takes into account the unique preferences, values, and experiences of the target audience. For a comprehensive definition please check out another blog post on the subject “What is personalized email?

In today’s world, personalization turns out to be vital more and more among marketing practices because people desire to be seen as individuals.  Therefore, personalization is the key to building a relationship with a customer. When your customers feel like they are unique for your business, they are more likely to be loyal and return to your site. Personalization also allows you to target your marketing efforts to the specific needs of your customers.

Personalization can be done in a variety of ways, but some of the most common include tailoring the content, design, and layout to match the individual user's preferences; using customer data to create targeted ads and offers; and personalizing interactions with customers through channels such as email marketing, social media etc. Hence, customized emails create potential in order to build meaningful relationships with the potential clients and create loyal customers. 

Email personalization is an effective way to align and personalize your email marketing campaigns especially while dealing with mass email lists. By carefully tailoring your emails to the buyer's journey, you can ensure that your messages are relevant and valuable to your customers; in addition to these you can increase engagement and conversions. A well-customized email can help improve the conversion rate of a sale. It can also help to align the customer's journey with the sales process.  Personalization of the emails supports the mail marketing strategy to

  • Stand out in the inbox, 
  • Increase the likelihood of a positive open rate,
  • Boost the chance of conversion,
  • Improve the possibility of customer retention. 

Benefits of Personalized Emails For Email Marketers

Personalized emails are powerful methods to reach the customers and increase their likelihood of engaging ,to your messages. When you send personalized emails, you can tailor them to the specific needs of each individual. This allows you to build a deeper connection with your customers. Personalized email can increase the likelihood that recipients will act on your message. By tailoring your messages to individual recipients, you can ensure that your emails are more likely to be read and acted on. Additionally, personalizing your emails can increase the perceived value of your brand.

Email personalization can help to improve the open and click-through rates of your email campaign, as well as the conversion rates of your website or landing page. Customized email also creates a more personal connection with your email recipients, which can encourage them to take action via the sent email. That will definitely support the email marketing customer journey as well.

Email personalization is done through things like including the individual’s name in the subject line, salutation or greetings, tailoring the content to customers’ interests, closing. By means of these tips personalized email marketing helps to engage recipients and build trust. Personalization in email marketing is also a cost-effective solution when compared to other channels. You can reduce the costs and increase profits via personalized email marketing because customized messages create more engagement and enhance email open rates according to statistics. 

Here is a short list for the benefits of email personalization: 

  • Boosts Recognition of the Brand
  • Promotes Credibility
  • Builds Reliable Relationships
  • Reduces the Costs & Increases Profits
  • Improves & Maintains Client Satisfaction

How to Personalize Emails for Maximum Effect?

As we clarified up to now, the content of your emails should speak to their audience. This means that they should not just be sending out the same information over and over again, but they should also be making it as relevant as possible so that the recipient gets the most value from the email. Personalization is a great way to accomplish this without having to go too far or too far. You see, personalization is when you target users based on things like gender or interests and then display content appropriate for them. There are many tools available these days that can help you personalize emails so that they stand out from the crowd and get noticed by exactly who they’re intended for. Let’s take a look at some other topic customizing strategy of emails in order to create irresistible marketing content targeted directly at your customers.

Get to Know The Audience

At the end of the day it’s important to know who you’re marketing to create email personalization, email personalization examples and build meaningful relationships. Try to tailor your emails to specific segments of your customer base. You can collect data simply with forms and surveys on your website or you can use CRMs for small businesses to achieve this kind of data. This method is going to help you to understand the target audience, including but not limited to their behaviors, demands, needs and more. Even just the location and 3 types of field of interest will end up a personalized content material. By means of that you can segment your messages and make sure the right people are getting the right content. Besides, do not hesitate to work hand in hand with the sales team. Take the advantage of unique perspectives of sales and marketing professionals. As a consequence, you’ll have a better understanding of what your audience is thinking, which will help you to personalize your emails even more.

Optimize the Content & The Tone

There are several ways to optimize the content of personalized emails. First of all, use the collected data in the right way to create effective email content. Do not send the list of “15 Best Spa Centers in Virginia'' to the Silicon Valley people! However, always think about “recommendations'' according to the customers’ preferences.

For the tone of your mails, use an active and catchy language, and make sure your emails are easy to read and follow. You can prefer to use a kind of urgent tone especially for special offers, discount coupons etc. If you are sending such mail always add the deadline date of the offer to trigger the customers. 

Embrace the content strategy as a whole picture and remember that customer behavior is going to teach & add new moves to your strategy. Therefore be open to the positive or negative feedback and use them in favor of your next campaign strategy. 

Show, Don’t Just Tell!

Your emails should contain a combination of information and images, rather than just a bunch of words. People love visual content, and it’s also been proven to be more engaging than textual content. When you include images in your emails, it makes the content more memorable and helps to create closer bonds with customers on an emotive level. Images also help to personalize emails even more since people are more likely to notice and react to visuals than to written content alone.

Use Video Marketing 

Video marketing is great dynamic content for personalized email marketing strategies. Bu using the power of video marketing your emails is going to be memorable and thus, more effective. You can spend more time creating eye-opening content and fewer hours crafting emails that are just plain boring. To get the most out of video marketing, you should also incorporate social media and email marketing, which can work together to increase the reach of your videos even further. By optimizing your videos for maximum effectiveness, you increase the chances of sending them to your audience and increasing your sales. On the other hand take into account the responsiveness when you use dynamic content. The visuals and the layout in the email should be optimized for the most common devices users have. This means that it should be optimizable for the mobile phones, tablets and standard browsers. You can check the responsiveness via email design tools as well. 

Make Your Emails Actionable With CTAs

At the end of the day, the most effective emails are not just facts and figures, but are emails that help your customers to become victors by adding value to their lives. That’s where the actionable part comes into play. By having emails with actionable content, you can actually help your customers to take that first step towards their goals. Having actionable emails in your emails can help you capture the attention of customers and get them moving in the right direction. CTAs are a great way to encourage your subscribers to take action, whether it's clicking through to your website, signing up for a webinar, or taking advantage of a special offer. Including a CTA in your email is a great way to increase engagement and get people to take action. When used effectively, CTAs can help you boost your click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement from your email list.

Personalize The Features of The Email 

Personalizing your emails can help you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by exactly who you’re intended for. This is particularly important for emails that you send to customers on a regular basis. After all, these are people you’re trying to leverage for future business and you want to make sure that you’re sending the most valuable content possible to them. There are a few different ways you can go about this. Firstly, personalize the subject line because people are much more intended to open the emails if they are directly referred. Secondly personalize the salutation like “Dear Joe Doe,” or “Hi John!” which creates a personal greeting to the content. Thirdly, add engaging CTA to create action towards the content. Support all of these with relevant content that your customer is going to be triggered and click on to visit your landing page or website. 



Through the whole article we explained the significant benefits of email personalization for email marketers. As we mentioned when organized properly, personalized email marketing can be an effective way to bring in new customers, grow existing customers, or simply to increase your mailing list. To create personalized email is a practical strategy that you can employ to email marketing to its full potential. By adding a personal touch to your emails, you can create a lot more impact with each email you send and make your business much more memorable for the recipient of the email. The content in your emails should be relevant to the audience with the goal of making the email as beneficial as possible for the recipient.

Consequently the content in your emails is going to have a significant impact on your audience, click and open rates, engagements and finally on visitors of the landing page and sales figures. By using Mailsoftly’s Personalized Email feature you can directly refer to your client in a formal or sincere way, you can create special offers, send these emails with automation and much more! Always keep in mind that by sending the right content to the right customers at the right time, personalized emails improve the customer experience. Thanks to Mailsoftly, you can stand out between mass emails and prove the effectiveness of your marketing strategy as well. Try Mailsoftly for free now!