What is Mailsoftly?

Mailsoftly is an email sending software at scale. It’s affordable, user friendly and personalized. You can create personalized emails to hundreds of people and you can craft that mail to your audience. With a click of a button you can send hundreds of personalized emails. You can nurture your prospect or you can reach out to your audience.

How Does Mailsoftly Work?

First, you sign up with your email.  Then, you’ll need contacts in the system. In order to do that, you can either import using our templates or you can import a CSV or Excel file to our system that contains all of your contact information. So, you prepare your contact list. You segment your audience. You can give them tags, labels and more.

With dynamic fields, you can create personalized emails with Mailsoftly’s email creation step. Then you can send emails with just one click. After sending your emails, you can get statistics. You can see who has seen your email, who read it or who clicked on the links in it. By analyzing these statistics you can retarget your audience. You learn who is interested in your emails or not by checking out these statistics.

Mailsoftly uses different SMTP settings, different IP addresses to deliver your message to the inboxes of your audience. In order to experience good delivery results, we need to verify your domain address and we need to authenticate your domain settings so that the delivery rate gets higher. You can invite your coworkers to your Mailsoftly account, too.

What Are The Advantages of Mailsoftly?

In terms of competitors, Mailsoftly has 4 differences then others.

Personalized mail sending software

Personalization is a very important part of Mailsoftly features. Open rate, clicks, engagement information of emails are all related to personalization of your email. If you send a general email to hundreds of people you may not get any response. Nowadays, all of us see lots of emails; advertisements, spams… In order to stand out, you should craft you email in a more personalized way. Mailsoftly will deliver very good value in achieving this.

Actionable email statistics

With Mailsoftly, you see how your audience reacts to your email that you send. In order to do that, Mailsoftly gives very detailed statistics and actionable insights. You can see if they clicked on it, read it and more. Other competitors, they give statistics too but you can search through them easily. With Mailsoftly, you can see statistics very easily and for example you can create another list of your contacts who opened your email.


Mailsoftly is more affordable than the others! We provide great technical support, too. In other programs, it's hard to get a response from technical support. When a user faces a problem they think it’s because of spamming and block the user. Mailsoftly also prevents spam but doesn’t frustrate users.

Take bulk actions with your contact list

You need to gather more information about your audience. In order to do that, you need to be able to update the fields in a bulk way. Not 1 by 1, but in an easier way. Mailsoftly gives you the opportunity of audience management. You can create tags and update fields with just one click.

  • Sign up.
  • Create a contact list. You can create a contact list manually if you like, you can multiple contacts at once by copying and pasting or you can import your contacts data directly to the Mailsoftly system.
  • Create an audience. Let’s say that you import 5,000 contacts. With this 5,000 contacts, you may choose the ones who are in the sales department.
  • Send personalized emails. With Mailsoftly, you can easily filter the sales department out and create a contact list of the people you want. After creating this contact list, you can send personalized emails just for them.
  • Check out statistics. Check out who opens your email, who doesn’t open and who clicks the link in the email.

You need a contact list. This contact list may have 1 or 1,000 people in it. In the backend, if you use a dedicated IP, we can use that dedicated ip to send email to your contact list. We do domain authentication. DKIM and SPF records get configured. We don’t spike the email volume but we send emails incrementally.

How Many Emails Can I Send For Free?You can send free emails as long as you authenticate your domain with Mailsoftly.

In the free plan of Mailsoftly, you can send 6,000 emails per month and you have a 2,000 contacts limit. If you exceed these numbers you need to upgrade your plan.

Personalized Emails

Personalization at scale. Let’s say that you have 1,000 contacts. You can craft 1,000 different emails at once.

Detailed Statistics

You can see who engages with your emails and also the engagement level.

Bulk Actions

You need to put more information about your contacts at once and Mailsoftly provides that! It’s a powerful way to update your contacts information because you need a lot of information in order to send personalized emails. You constantly need to update your information so that personalization works in a better way. We also use artificial intelligence to fill the blanks of contact infos.

Email Automation

You can create repeating emails or workflows. You can schedule your emails. Do you want to send an email each Thursday of the week? Do you want to send emails once every 2 weeks? You don’t need to do it manually! Mailsoftly will do it for you.

Mailsoftly is a free mail sending software. You can create a free account and have 2,000 contacts and 6,000 email sending limits.

If you want to send emails from your own domain, you need to update your plan. Basic plan is $39 per month. With Basic Plan you will have 5,000 contacts and 40,000 email sending limit.

With Standard Plan, you can have 15,000 contacts and 150,000 email sending limit and it costs $89.

With Premium Plan, you can have 30,000 contacts and 300,000 email sending limit and it costs $149. In Premium Plan you will have dedicated IP and with dedicated IP your email delivery will be very high. The others use shared IPS, so everybody uses a shared one but with Premium Plan you will have your own dedicated IP.

Mailsoftly also has Enterprise customizations so if you like to get customized plan for your enterprise you can reach out to us.

If you are already in a plan, go to “My Account”. If you exceed your contact limit you will need to reduce your contacts so you will have to upgrade. And if it’s the opposite you will need a downgrade. In order to upgrade or downgrade, go to “Pricing”. You can upgrade or downgrade with one click. You can do it whenever you want. If you stop using your plan in the middle of the month, we will provide you the rest of the cost. You need to enter your credit card information to upgrade or downgrade. We don’t restore your credit card infos, your privacy means the most for us. We work with third party credit card payment integrators.

We have integration with a lot of third party apps, like Facebook, Gmail… If you are using any other mail service provider, you can use their SMTP setting in the Mailsoftly system. Within our system, you will have access to contacts, detailed statistics and easy to use interface.

We take technical support very seriously. If you need technical support you can send an email to [email protected]

For our Premium customers we can give call support. We give them onboarding support, we communicate directly with them. We make video conference calls for the first account setting stage. We help them import their contacts to the Mailsoftly system. We have a ticket system, too. They can create tickets and we answer those tickets in 24 hours.

If you wanna increase your sales, it fits your business. Every business has its people that they want to reach out to. The customers they want to get. In order to do this, you need to send personalized emails and to send personalized emails you’ll need Mailsoftly! Mailsoftly is a great fit for every business!