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Boost your sales with engaged emails

With the help of this effective tool, you can give your emails a personalized touch that will make the recipients feel as though you are speaking to them directly. So why use generic emails when you can use unique messaging to leave a lasting impression? Try it out, and see how your email game improves!


Segment your contacts and get higher conversion rates

You can quickly divide your audience into focused groups based on their behavior, preferences, and other factors with contact segmentation. This enables you to send e-nails that are specifically tailored to each recipient, increasing engagement and conversion rates. So why are you still waiting? Join today to observe the effects of intelligent segmentation in action!


Impress your subscribers with expert templates

You can quickly generate eye-catching messages that capture your subscribers' attention and keep them engaged thanks to the broad selection of customized styles available. Our templates can help your emails stand out in the inbox whether you're advertising a deal, launching a new product, or simply sending a newsletter. Join up right away to start designing effective emails.


Save time, drive results

You can easily create targeted messages that are triggered by specific subscriber actions or behaviors. This implies that you can reach the right audience at the tight time without an effort. Our automation capabilities make it simple to maximize your effect and increase sales, whether you're welcoming new subscribers, advertising a special, or following up on abandoned carts.


Know your audience better

You can get important information about how your subscribers interact with your emails, including open, not interested and clicked through rates. You can customize your emails and improve your campaigns with the help of this data to ultimately increase your revenue. So instead of relying on intuition, why not make data-driven decisions?


Get more done in less time

With just a few clicks, you can manage and arrange your contact lists, add categories or segments, and even schedule campaigns for the future. This allows you to spend more time on what really matters and less time on routine tasks.

Get the support you need, when you need it. Our dedicated customer support team is just a call or message away.

Mailsoftly takes great pride in its outstanding customer service, offering round-the-clock assistance through phone, email, or live chat to help you get the most of the platform. Our professional support staff is accessible at all times to address your inquiries and resolve any problems you may experience.

Targeted email marketing solutions for your success

Low Campaign Cost

Affordable email marketing made easy with Mailsoftly - reach more, spend less!

Ease of Use

Send emails with ease, create effective email campaigns without any technical expertise.

Higher ROI

Maximize your ROI and lead generation - proven to deliver 127% ROI in both B2B and B2C sectors.

Elevation of Brand Awareness

Unlock the power of email marketing - focused content & beautiful design to boost brand awareness and sales.

VIP Emails

Take your sales to the next level with personalized emails that make your customers feel like VIPs.

Ultra Detailed Statistics

Measure your success - from open and click rates to click rates, our statistics help you stay on top of your game.

The Email Marketing Solution with Personalization and Targeting Capabilities

Searching for an email marketing software that will let you improve your consumer relationships? With features that let you enable you to create targeted campaigns, segment your audience and personalize your messaging to drive engagement, Mailsoftly is the ideal option.