Halloween Email Examples

Horror films, creepy costumes, and fake spider webs. All signs point to that season of the year.

So, to help you sell more this season without running a big sale campaign or hurting your profits, here are some motivating Halloween email examples.

Halloween Email Newsletter Tips

halloween email

Email subject line

Even if you have the best costume ever, it will be useless if you can't get your neighbors to open their doors and let you see it. In the context of email marketing, this refers to writing a subject line that compels readers to open the email and read the contents. A tie-breaker determines whether you get a second chance to impress or lose and go home empty-handed. Although there are general guidelines for writing subject lines that convert well, nobody advises against using spooky Halloween-themed keywords that might catch a subscriber's eye in their inbox. One of those holidays where people are more receptive to practical jokes and con games. Therefore, make use of their laid-back and friendly demeanor and our suggestions for effective Halloween subject lines.

Use holiday emojis

What better day than Halloween to show off your sense of humor? Utilize emojis to exercise your wit and cunning. It is a universal language that conveys ideas intuitively and includes feelings. Additionally, they will blend seamlessly with the spooky copy. You can use them as a bulleted list or as small accents throughout the text. But be careful not to overdo it. Your voice should be lighthearted, intelligent, or witty but not childish.

Emojis of carved pumpkins are well-liked for a good reason: their orange color makes them stand out on screens of all sizes. However, their popularity may also lessen their impact, so experiment with other Halloween-related emojis as well. Black cats, ghosts, and skulls are just a few possibilities.

Keep it brief, simple, and Halloween-themed

Remember that the ideal subject line length is between 30 and 50 characters. Note that regardless of the size of the monitor, the first 38 characters are shown. Additionally, keep your message brief and to the point. Finally, keep your end in mind. Your subject line might make someone immediately think of the spooky season. Therefore, use words associated with Halloween to add some spooky vibes inside.

Inbox Design

Halloween is a time when you can let your hair down by straying from the norm and dressing your email newsletters in spooky costumes, even if you run a serious campaign and all of your emails maintain a formal tone. You can make a few adjustments to fit the trick-or-treating atmosphere, or you can make your entire design scream "Halloween!"

Modify the sender's name.

Jokes are appropriate during Halloween, as are obviously silly names. Show people that you are in a holiday mood in addition to having an email newsletter with the spirit of All Saints' Eve. Without a doubt, it will win you supporters.


Selecting the appropriate color for your email newsletter is the first thing you should do. There are several options that can be used to help your design reach the desired level of spookiness. Let's focus on the leading candidates.


Well, the color black is always a good choice. It fits many occasions without difficulty because it is so all-purpose. And this time, only the best are capable of performing this task. All the Halloween themes that are based on witches, darkness, ominous shadows, cauldrons, and ghoulishness go perfectly with it.


It is one of the most popular Halloween colors.

Given that orange color evokes positive feelings wherever it can, you can't go wrong with it. Additionally, since it's likely that you'll use one or two gourds as decorations, these two go together beautifully and add a festive touch to your Halloween email newsletter.


White people make excellent criminal partners. While it may appear neutral most of the time, it is associated with ghosts, ghouls, and spider webs during Halloween.


If a color-coordinated design is insufficient to produce the desired effect, you can always use eerie photos to create a spooky but fun atmosphere. People scan before they read; a well-designed picture conveys the message right away.


Turning on the art and turning off the images always makes us feel more alive. Even more so, there are numerous examples that are appropriate. Blood, demons, and zombies don't have to be the only topics discussed. Vampires and ghosts aren't the only things connected to the holiday.

The Approach

Let's get down to business and start generating some traffic with carefully planned and timed campaigns.

Playing up traditions is the best way to take advantage of the holiday. It will encourage participation from readers, create excitement, and uplift the spirit. You can gain from time-tested methods. The Halloween sneak peeks set the stage for success, which is followed by a trick-or-treating campaign and an extended sale.

Share your industry experience

Offer your customers content in your Halloween email campaign that enhances their holiday experience, such as suggestions for creative and attention-grabbing costumes, party ideas, and party planning advice, or suggestions for indoor and outdoor decorating that will transform their home into a spooky-looking haunted house.

Encourage clients' success

To ensure that customers' orders for party supplies, costumes, decor, and other items arrive on time, use your Halloween email campaign to remind customers about order deadlines. Are there any tardy people in your audience? Make promotional materials for them as well. Give them a last-minute option that will guarantee a successful Halloween.

Cool Halloween Email Examples

Just a few weeks remain until Halloween, which means that millions of people must stock up on candy and dust off last year's costumes.

Additionally, it means setting up a Halloween sale for businesses.

Unbelievably, Halloween is one of the year's biggest sales occasions. Sales in the US alone have been rising steadily year over year and are now just shy of $10 billion. with an American adult's average holiday spending coming to $82.

There are a lot of costumes, props, and sweets there. However, people aren't just making the usual purchases for the holidays. Neither are Americans the only ones participating.

Although Halloween is often thought of as a North American holiday, its roots are in Europe, where it is still observed, as well as in other parts of the world.

This indicates that shrewd business people around the world are holding Halloween sales for anything and everything.

You're probably planning to do the same as you read this article. Additionally, you're probably considering developing a Halloween email marketing campaign.

As a result, we've put together this list of the top Halloween emails we could find to help you get inspired.

halloween email examples 1Slice

This subject line would then pique the reader's interest and that of a subscriber. The fact that this email is being delivered to a recipient who has clearly signed up to receive it is obvious from the email's very top, so the sender is free to engage the audience in some additional playful interaction. Take note of the way this New York pizza company responded to the inquiry in the subject line.

And even though the reader is aware that the subject line is most likely cheesy, it reads as a joke and makes the reader wonder what the answer might be. It works perfectly for a pizza restaurant running a Halloween email campaign. If you put yourself in their position, you can use this Halloween email example as inspiration for your own creative spins, and there are more to come!

halloween email examples 2Tattly

Although there have been better subject lines, the likelihood is that anyone who receives this email is already a subscriber and will be aware of the discount linked to the Halloween sale.

With the discount prominently displayed at the top, it is obvious that the email is part of a Halloween marketing campaign. They give the audience a promo code, set a deadline for the Halloween sale, and sprinkle Halloween imagery all through the advertisement.

There are some fantastic gems you can mine from this to use for your own brand if you're looking to use this base as inspiration for Halloween emails.


halloween email examples 3The use of their brand to play off the month and make a specific aspect of the season their own makes this subject line catchy. It's another example of taking something not particularly Halloween-related and turning it into something that fits with the holiday's spirit, even though going in this exact direction probably isn't best for every brand. Crocs managed to incorporate their brand and themselves into the Halloween mood while also injecting clever humor into their content. They don't try to reinvent the wheel with their imagery or footwear, and you get the reassuring impression that you will be at ease while trick-or-treating. This implies constant comfort, making these shoes appropriate for both the holiday season and the rest of the year. Right at the top, they offer a special deal with free shipping. To make it more Halloween-themed, they used a plain spider web as the background for their shoes, and the CTA simply asks you to visit their website. Additionally, they include a specialty section at the bottom that allows customers to easily transform any of their products into Halloween-appropriate footwear by adding charms to any pair of shoes, broadening their seasonal selection.

Dunkin Donuts

Even the subject line makes reference to Halloween by conjuring images of a doorbell, which is the traditional signal that someone is at your door. That means a trick-or-treater will be knocking on your door on Halloween in search of a treat.

halloween email examples 4Once more, we demonstrate how to seize an opportunity by being creative and being aware of your audience. Most people associate Dunkin' Donuts with coffee and, obviously, donuts. However, they have a Halloween offer without even offering a donut or latte with a Halloween flavor. The title is excellent, and the phrase "Click Your Treat" immediately brings to mind "Trick-or-Treat." To let you know they have something special for you, they display the offer right next to the title with the circle reading "3X POINTS," so continue reading. They know people are interested in their offers and will want to take advantage of this deal because the offer is only for those who have accounts. In order to show more of their products and give customers three different ways to respond, they demonstrate three products and include a CTA for each one.


Sometimes taking the easy path is the best course of action. In a friendly tone that sounds like something a real person might actually say to a friend of theirs, Canva simply invites their audience to celebrate Halloween. Without reinventing the wheel, it has an impact.

Here it is: "No tricks, just treats," presumably the title or header that we see the most frequently. It is frequently used for a reason—it clearly communicates to the audience that this has to do with a good offer that isn't deceptive and will be in keeping with the Halloween theme. Even though Canva isn't specifically a Halloween company, they demonstrate how to use their platform to make your own Halloween newsletters or posters. They provide actual examples and pictures of their products, demonstrating how they are themed for the holidays and how simple it is to customize them. They even pose a fascinating query: "How will you personalize them?"