Bulk Action

Bulk Actions Give You The Chance To Manipulate The Data

Thanks to Mailsoftly, you can change your contact’s informations as you like. You can change 100 people’s information at the same time with just one click.

Update Your Contact’s Settings With One Click

Your contacts informations are really important for your business and emails. You need to know -at least- basic infos of your contacts and sometimes you will need to update them. You can update how many infos you like with one click.

Tag Your Contacts and Segment Their Interests

Wouldn’t you like it if you can see which customers are interested in which service? Well, you can do it with Mailsoftly! Just create tags for your customers and choose that tag while sending an email. Also, you can add multiple tags at the same time, too! That’s it.

See How Many Times You Sent An Email and To Whom You Sent Them

With Mailsoftly, you can see how many times you sent an email to whom. By looking at that, you can stop or continue to send email to those contacts.

Enter More Information About Your Contacts Quickly

In order to send interesting personalized emails, you need to know your customers. You have to learn their name, age, sex, location and more. Let’s say that you have learnt that 25 of your customers' locations are İstanbul. With Mailsoftly bulk action tools, you can change these contacts’ information with just a click of a button!