Import Data And Integrations

Import All Of The Custom and Non-Custom Customer Information to Mailsoftly

Stop Entering Your Contacts Manually

One of the most crucial duties while using an email application has always been to manage the address book carefully and quickly. Sending private or professional emails is easy if all of your necessary contact information is accessible. For this reason, Mailsoftly email marketing program provides a contact import feature! When merging address information from a CSV file, other email clients or Gmail etc. the import function is really important.

Import Your Contacts Easily

If you have a CSV file or Excel file of contacts you can import them to Mailsoftly. Or you can synchronize your Google contacts into Mailsoftly. Once you import your contacts you will be able to send emails to them directly.

Craft Emails According to Customer Informations

Once you fill in the information of your contacts, you can craft emails personalized to them. For example, if the customer is interested in CRM, you can send emails about CRM.

Import All Of Your Data With Mailsoftly Tools

You can add or update contacts in Mailsoftly using our import tool. You can import data from a connected app like Gmail, upload a CSV file, copy and paste contacts from a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel and more.