Examples of Valentine's Day Email Newsletters [2023]

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show the one you love how much you appreciate them. It is based on couples and the mutual Love they share for one another. They are expressing gratitude to their other half. Valentine's Day has been idealized for so long that every girl expects chocolate, flowers, a nice dinner, and a special gift that hopefully sparkles. All of these individuals must spend money, right? Therefore it is best to market and use the enormous shopping opportunity to benefit your business; there is always a chance to reach potential customers. 

Although Valentine's Day follows two of the most important shopping days, Black Friday and Christmas, it is essential to note that January is a dead month in terms of sales and deals due to the recent splurge in holiday retail. Nevertheless, there are many ways to market Valentine's Day and see what ways to turn high conversions. 

Valentines Day

Let's Check out some Email Newsletter Basics

A few email newsletter basics are essential to create a newsletter that will lead to success rates. First, keep in mind that Valentine's is not a day where people get the Day off work - it is a regular day, so the plans and the email newsletter need to circulate the idea that there is a limited amount of time to celebrate it unless the individuals decide to make it a weekend celebration.  

  • Make sure the subscription list is accurate. This is an excellent time to reevaluate the subscription list. Valentine's Day does not have a large fan base, meaning that there are some people on the subscription list that I am sure are not interested or invested in the love-filled holiday. Using this to your knowledge, take the opportunity to segment your subscription list. If there is a possibility to promote gender, go ahead and segment to do so. As well as always ensuring you show some love to your loyal customers and offer a particular discount or exclusive look at what is upcoming. 
  • Personalize the Newsletter. Take the extra time to have a personalized touch to the newsletter, showing gratitude and admiring them by ensuring you use their first name. If the clientele you are reaching out to is a small base, go ahead and customize each newsletter if the time is a lot for that. 
  • Make sure the email is sent out at the right time. As mentioned earlier, Valentine's Day is not an actual day reserved for work; therefore, the daily routine will continue except for a possible dinner reservation. If you are sending out a newsletter the Day of Valentine's Day, then do so in the morning, preferably in the morning hours of 10 - 12 am, and if you are looking to send it out during the day hours, 4 - 6 p is ideal. Remember that if Valentine's Day falls on a weekend, then be sure to readjust the time slots of these campaigns. 
  • Review previous campaigns and evaluate what worked. If this is not your first time running a Valentine's Day email newsletter campaign, then go ahead and check out what you did previously to see what worked and what was unsuccessful. 
  • Run A/B testing. This is a great way to take notes on what works and what needs improvement. You can look back at past campaigns and compare and readjust. Poor campaign tactics can be avoided. 
  • Always check your work. This is an easy concept but can be difficult for some to grasp; always check your work. It is an impression of who you are and reflects on the brand. That being said, it is essential to check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. There are many shortcuts to do this if you are in a rush, so feel free to google those to save that time. For the images you use, please be sure to give them alts, as well as that they are sending the correct on-brand message to your audience. If you are attempting to include a video showing as loading slowly or taking away from the news, try to revert to the option of using animation or a gif. This way, there is less distraction from the message itself, it doesn't get marked as spam, and there is no loading time to turn away potential customers. 

Subject Lines

There are many ways to catch an audience's attention, and a catchy subject line is a basic fact. With an attention line that grabs the audience and makes an impression, your campaign ad will succeed. Valentine's Day is a more challenging holiday to market as many have a negative taste in their mouth towards it, only some people are in a relationship, and there is no special recognition by the government to honor it as a day off. If you are looking to use some elegant Subject lines, check these out:

  • Sweet deals are coming for you!
  • Perfect gifts for that special somebody
  • A Valentine's Day gift for you 
  • Cupid's last call - make sure to order now!
  • Will you be our Valentine?

There is also some flexibility offered when writing subject lines that give the ability to be flirty and fun!

  • All you Need is Love!
  • Inside, you can find a Valentine's Day gift just for you
  • Unique gifts for your special Valentine.

A fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit is to use emojis! Emojis can spice up the bland subject line and make sure it is Valentine's Day themed. Keep it short! Nobody wants to read a never-ending subject line. The goal is to be fast and to the point to capture the attention, not lose concentration. Ideally, keep it at an ideal 40 - 60 characters if you keep your email campaigns mobile-friendly (which all campaigns need to be); remember that only 41 characters are sufficient for an iPhone without making somebody scroll. 

Let's Check out some ideas for Valentine's Day Marketing!

Start Early

Starting early is the secret to having a great campaign. When you start early with your campaigns, you often have a lot of other brands to the punch of marketing for that specific holiday. Having your newsletter sent out first or even having the idea of the campaign you're trying to run and giving me a sneak peek can be an excellent eight and success when running the actual campaign itself. There is a great wolf using email marketing called "reminder, resource, reassurance." If you are allowed the flexibility, it is an excellent time at the beginning of February to start by sending out several emails with different types of content to see which email has the highest success rate. 

Flirt away

This holiday is one where flirtatious remarks are almost appreciated—making this the holiday that intrigues shoppers by showing them some appreciation and Love. Offering an energetic tagline or a fun animated image will often put everybody in a festive mood as it takes them off guard.

Always send with Love.

 Valentine's Day is based upon Love, which can mean any Love, from relationships to food to pets and anything in between. So why not show your subscribers some love if that's the case? Setting the mood for the holiday of Valentine's Day is simple, but you can critique it to match different audiences. Strengthening your relationship with your recipients by showing them that the brand loves them and throwing them a coupon or a discount code is a great way to help this conversion and generate some possible New Leads.

Give a gift guide

Who doesn't love a gift guide? A gift guide is a perfect way that a newsletter can capture the audience's attention and bring them back wanting more. Sometimes a gift guide is made for Christmas, Black Friday, or birthdays so why not incorporate a gift guide for Valentine's Day? Often Valentine's Day is the most complex gift to shop for. Keep in mind that providing a gift guide is a great idea, but you always want to ensure that you are providing only a few options, creating an overwhelming environment can most likely turn guests away. Segmenting your list by gender, age, demographic Etc is a great way to increase interaction with the website or email. 

Decorate your newsletter with Love

Valentine's Day has its own official identity, meaning there are Universal signs for kissing and hugging, commonly referred to as "XOXO." There are also many vital symbols and icons that, if you are looking to make your campaign more Valentine's Day based that when including will scream Valentine's Day. The list goes as follows:

  • Graphic hearts or a gif
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Lips
  • Roses
  • Wings
  • Cupid
  • Flowers (especially roses)

They're enjoyable ways to incorporate these little Valentine's Day iconic signs, such as using them in the header or the footer. But be wary of the fact that there is such a thing as overdoing it, and you want to ensure the page is manageable with Valentine's Day sign-in. Also, avoid clip art-style graphics, which need to be updated and are typically generic.

Typography as a decorative element

Using font makes a significant difference in how somebody takes your message. Such as, if somebody were to type in all caps, you would interpret it as them raising their voice, so the same goes for other thoughts. Script fonts, or what is typically used when looking to have a decorative usage if you were looking at incorporating a splash of fancy detail using a script font, is an excellent way of subtly making the email more "fancy."

CTA buttons need to be simple

The call to action must be simple and to the point. Having too many calls to action in one newsletter can confuse the recipient and often lead to no choice selected at all. We also want to ensure that the links incorporated into the calls to action lead to the correct page. For example, if they choose "gifts for her," they should land on the page where it's gifts for her and not him. Although it is evident that creativity Is very prominent in the email marketing campaign world when it comes to calls to action, a few rules are Universal, which we choose to stick by. Those rules go as follows:

  • Making sure the color stands out
  • Having the call to action in the same position regardless of the campaign
  • Ensure that this CTA reflects what the user will see on the landing page
  •  CTA needs to be brief and concise
  •  A/B test your CTAs to give Insight into what resonates the best with your recipients

Valentine's Day is more than presents.

The idea behind Valentine's Day is to go on a date, receive flowers and chocolate and go home with a lovely gift from a significant other. But there are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day other than receiving gifts. Often couples like to take the time to be with each other, so why not offer some ideas on how they can do That in the calmness of their home? Suppose you have ideas that could be researched and presented. In that case, our activities online, games you can play, classic romantic movies to watch, or even trying to recreate a Valentine's Day recipe.

Encourage Self Love

We all know that Valentine's Day is solely based on The idea of being in a relationship. But remember that some people don't necessarily love Valentine's Day or are not in a position to participate. This is when you can offer some ideas of self-love that they can join in—having an alternative option of focusing on yourself and promoting the idea that putting yourself first could go a long way in how the recipient views the brand. 

Time to send out your Valentine's Day Email Newsletter!

Now that we have given you the tips and tricks into how a successful email newsletter is Randy specifically for Valentine's Day, it is time to implement it into your marketing campaign. There are many tips and tricks to follow when going through this process, but the thing to keep in mind it's staying on brand. You could have the most striking and interactive Valentine's Day email newsletter sent out in that holiday season, but if it is off-brand or voice message you want, then what was the point? To ensure that the email marketing campaign has a goal, conversion, generating leads, or retention, ensure that the purposes established in the campaign are created around that. Many ideas can be incorporated into this campaign, so go ahead and get creative with it. MAILSOFTLY is a great start if you want an interactive and innovative platform. It offers excellent flexibility and campaigns, as well as segmentation and creating contact lists, so go ahead and explore more when you get the chance.