How To Use Chatgpt For Storytelling In Emails?

We continue our research for the new and creative methods to take the advantage of ChatGPt within our digital marketing and email marketing projects. Up to now, digital content creators have discovered that ChatGPT creates beneficial solutions for copywriting materials as long as you give the right prompts and keep the conversation in a meaningful way. Within the scope of that storytelling is a valuable asset for copywriting processes we decide to adopt ChatGPT bot for storytelling in emails to increase conversions. 

For a comprehensive answer to the question of What is ChatGPT and How Can You Use It For Cold Email Campaigns in 2023? Please check our blog post! We’re going to discuss more detailed usage of ChatGPT for email body copywriting and more. 

Let’s begin!

What is The Importance of Storytelling For Copywriting?

To begin with the process, let’s first explain the significance of the widely used term ‘storytelling’ for copywriting. 

Storytelling in copywriting is the art of presenting a product or service as a story to connect with the target audience's emotions and desires. By using storytelling techniques, copywriters can engage the reader's imagination, create a memorable experience, and inspire them to take action. The story creates a context for the product or service, making it more relatable, personal, and memorable. It can help build trust and credibility, differentiate the brand from competitors, and create a deeper connection with the target audience. The final objective of incorporating storytelling in copywriting is to establish an emotional connection between the reader and the product/service, thereby inciting them to take the desired action, be it buying, enrolling for a service or any other action.

Additionally, below are some well-known and successful case studies of storytelling in copywriting: 

Apple: Apple has always used storytelling in its advertising to convey its brand values and the unique user experience of its products. The company's "Think Different" campaign, which featured a series of iconic figures such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., and Pablo Picasso, was a masterful use of storytelling to convey the message that Apple's products were designed for creative and innovative thinkers.

Nike: Nike has long used storytelling to create a sense of motivation and inspiration around its products. The company's "Just Do It" campaign, which debuted in 1988, has become one of the most iconic examples of storytelling in advertising. The phrase, along with the accompanying images of athletes pushing themselves to the limit, created a powerful narrative that resonated with consumers and established Nike as a brand catering to individuals driven to attain their objectives.

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has used storytelling to build its brand for over a century. The company's "Share a Coke" campaign, which encouraged consumers to buy Coca-Cola for their friends and loved ones, was a successful example of storytelling that emphasized the brand's focus on bringing people together and spreading happiness.

The significant effect of storytelling in copywriting continues to grow as brands seek to create deeper connections with their target audiences. So why not use ChatGPT for storytelling in email bodies and email marketing strategies? Let’s ask ChatGPT bot itself and dive deeper for actual examples: 


How To Use Chatgpt For Storytelling in Emails?


We simply asked the prompt line to the chatbot as “How can we use ChatGPT for storytelling in emails to increase conversions?” The answers are mindful and inspiring as well: 

ChatGPT for Storytelling

“To use ChatGPT for storytelling in emails to increase conversions, you can follow these steps you can follow these steps:

  • Determine the target audience and pain points of them.
  • Create a story that appeals to their emotions and addresses their pain points.
  • Use conversational language and keep the story concise.
  • Personalize the email using the recipient's name and other details.
  • Incorporate a clear call-to-action that drives conversions.

For example, you could use ChatGPT to generate a story about a customer who faced a similar pain point as the recipient and achieved success with your product or service. This can help build trust and increase the recipient's likelihood of making a purchase.” 

The “pain point” idea is interesting and a good start point to create a setup. So we keep the conversation as “What do you exactly mean by the pain points of the target audience ? Could you give an actual example relating to any services?” and ChatGPT tells us that: 

“Pain points" refer to the problems, challenges, or needs that the target audience faces in their daily life or work. These are the issues that the target audience wants to solve or alleviate. By addressing the pain points in your storytelling, you can create a connection with the recipient and show them how your product or service can help solve their problems.

For example, if you're selling a time management app, the pain point of your target audience could be feeling overwhelmed and struggling to balance multiple tasks and responsibilities. In your story, you could highlight a character who also faced this problem and was able to overcome it with the help of your app. This demonstrates the value of your product and resonates with the recipient's own challenges, making them more likely to convert.”

Storytelling Email Bodies Created by ChatGPT

After such a long explanation, it's time to work on a story as an example. 

Chatgpt for storytelling AppExample1

You may recognize that ChatGPT remembers the previous conversation and creates an example for mail marketing even if we did not include that purpose in the last question. Therefore, here is the key that we frequently repeat, you should follow a conversation pattern to create useful and relevant content. In the above example the bot created an email body to promote a fitness App. So we suggested changing the concept a little bit to create a different scenario. 

Let's create another story with the below info:

Target audience : People living in the suburb and having problems for maintenance services such as roof repairing, plumbing or flooring issues.
Service: A new mobile app combining all the info of local repairmen and mechanics under the same roof with an appointment facility as a plus. Could you create a new storytelling with all of these?

Pay attention that the descriptions are as clear as possible. So, here’s the scenario of chatbot : 

Chatgpt for Storytelling App Example 2

Pretty amazing, yeah? If you have such a service and demand to use that storytelling, please feel free to use it via Mailsoftly! 

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Product Name Alternatives

Let’s find a proper and charming name for that mobile app and keep the conversation with it. Thus, we asked ChatGPt to provide us with some creative name examples. Here check the below suggestions: 

App names Alteratives by Chatbot

Just to keep the conversation going we choose RepairGenie. However, the bot is pretty right that we checked the names and found similar Apps on the GooglePlay store with resembling names in the same industry! Therefore, always check whatever ChatGPT suggests before actual usage. Keep in mind that, Mailsoftly blog posts provide just samples.  

Subject Line Alternatives

Let’s turn back to the ChatGPT conversation to keep the strategy on the wheels. We picked "RepairGenie" as a name for our imaginative app and asked for 10 subject lines for the ‘above promote email example’ including the name of app as well. 

Subject lines for the repairGenie App.

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Testimonials & Reviews via ChatGPT 

For creating different copywriting material with AI, we asked for some creative examples of testimonials and reviews for the "RepairGenie'' app and we got pretty practical AI copywriting solutions which are actually ready-to-use! Below are the answers created by ChatGPT: 


  • " RepairGenie has made home maintenance so much easier for me! No more searching for reliable repairmen, it's all in one place now."
  • "I never thought I'd be able to book a plumbing appointment from my phone, but with RepairGenie, it's a breeze!"
  • "I love how I can keep track of all my repair appointments in one place with RepairGenie. It's so convenient!"
  • "I was skeptical at first, but after using RepairGenie, I'm convinced it's the best home maintenance app out there."


  • "This app is a lifesaver! No more trying to find good repairmen, they're all here on RepairGenie."
  • "I never thought I'd be able to book a roof repair appointment so easily, but RepairGenie made it happen!"
  • " RepairGenie is the best app for anyone looking to get home maintenance done quickly and efficiently."
  • "I love how user-friendly RepairGenie is, it makes booking appointments and managing repairs so much easier."

So, we took the process a little bit further to learn the strategy with the aim of sending these Testimonials and Reviews within a newsletter email body. Check the below ideas for more: 

Sending testimonails in newsletter email

CTA Alternatives & SEO Keywords

Then we asked for creative call to action text examples to use within that project. You can find the CTA examples created via chatbot for such a promotional newsletter of an App: 

  1. "Book your next repair today with RepairGenie "
  2. "Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a repairman"
  3. "Get the home repairs you need, hassle-free"
  4. "Book your appointment now with the tap of a button"
  5. "The solution to all your maintenance needs, at your fingertips"
  6. "Find the perfect repairman for your needs with RepairGenie "
  7. "Get the reliable repair services you deserve with RepairGenie "
  8. "Join the thousands of happy customers who trust RepairGenie”
  9. "Find your local repairman in seconds with RepairGenie "
  10. "Get the peace of mind that comes with easy and reliable maintenance services"

Then to take the full advantage of the content marketing strategy we demanded SEO keywords to use in a landing page of such an app project. ChatGPT again provided a list of Seo keywords example with a warning attached at the bottom. 

Here is a list of keywords that could be used for the landing page of the "RepairGenie " app, to optimize it for search engines:

Chatgpt for Keywords

Product Description for Play Store

Let’s enlarge the circle to another point. We asked chatbot to write an example for the description of the app to be listed on Google Play Store as well. Below how it has answered that prompt: 

Certainly, here's an example of a description for the "RepairGenie" app to be listed on the Google Play Store:

"Tired of endless searches for reliable repair services? Look no further than RepairGenie, the one-stop solution for all your maintenance needs. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily find and book the right repairman for your job, whether it's roof repair, plumbing, flooring, or anything else. No more hassle, no more phone calls, just the peace of mind that comes with convenient, reliable, and easy-to-book maintenance services. Download RepairGenie today and say goodbye to the stress of home repairs!"

Then we applied that description to our email marketing campaign with such a question: How can we use that product description in an email body then? Do you have any ideas?

RepairGenie Product description in email body

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Do you need more cold email examples? Just check our blog post on the subject : How to use openai’s chatgpt to Write The Perfect Cold Email in 2023?

Up to now, we only targeted customers. But what about the service holders, the repairmen, local mechanics and so on? The Chatbot is told that we should encourage the repairmen to join the RepairGenie app system, and within that context we kindly asked : “Can you recommend any idea for these local repairmen to join the system via offering a magnet lead such as ‘The app has no commission fee either for homeowners or repairmen’?” 

Newsletter with Magnet Lead

Of course, this example needs improvement such as CTA button, contact info and more; however remember that ChatGPT creates according to your prompts. If we had included contact info and CTA demands to the last prompt, it would probably create a newsletter according to that. 

Therefore let’s summarize;

 “What we got from ChatGPT for storytelling and copywriting?”


  • The main story with the pain point in order to use within the promotional email body
  • Subject line examples for the email newsletter
  • Alternative names for the application
  • CTA examples
  • Testimonials and reviews both for the newsletter and the landing page. 
  • The Seo keywords in case of building a landing page
  • App Store product description and usage of it within email campaign
  • Email newsletter for service holders with a magnet key.

The results seem to be pretty beneficial in order to use within an actual digital marketing and email marketing project with the aim of getting ideas, copywriting materail and clues.  


Wrap Up Usage of ChatGPT for Storytelling in Emails and More!

As evident, incorporating ChatGPT into your email campaigns can significantly enhance engagement and conversions. This tool can contribute to the overall profitability of your business by generating leads, boosting sales, and refining your copywriting skills. Adopting ChatGPT as a part of your email marketing strategy can be a valuable addition to drive sales and conversions effectively. However, it is crucial to implement the right strategies to yield the desired results. While ChatGPT continues to advance with the changing needs of internet users, a human touch is still necessary to fine-tune the drafted materials. Ultimately, staying focused on the goal of conversion is key to achieving the best outcomes.. 

Do you wonder how this chatbot can really help your business? Then feel free to read another blog post on the subject : How ChatGPT Helps to Create Sales Emails in 2023? and keep an eye on blog page and post at for more content on this popular subject 

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