St. Patrick’s Day Email Examples

It's the ideal moment to use email marketing to interact with your audience as St. Patrick's Day approaches. This event is a great chance for businesses to interact with their clients in a fun and festive way. It is observed all around the world with parades, green food, and drinks.

You may use this holiday as an email marketer to differentiate yourself from the competition and raise your open and click-through rates. Making the ideal email can make all the difference, whether you want to send a St. Patrick's Day greeting, advertise your goods, or present special offers.

We'll provide you some great St. Patrick's Day email examples in this article to get you thinking and to assist you in developing a successful email marketing campaign. We'll go over all the crucial components of a great St. Patrick's Day email, from witty subject lines to eye-catching designs and persuasive language.

Now grab a green beer and let's get started!

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What Is St. Patrick’s Day?

The celebration known as St. Patrick's Day is observed every year on March 17 in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is a cultural and religious celebration with Irish roots that is now observed all over the world, especially in nations where there is a sizable Irish diaspora.

The occasion honors the introduction of Christianity to Ireland and St. Patrick's contribution to its spread. According to legend, St. Patrick taught the Irish people about the Holy Trinity by using the three-leafed shamrock. Shamrocks are now commonly associated with St. Patrick's Day and Ireland in general.

Wearing green, participating in parades, imbibing, and chowing down on traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage are all common St. Patrick's Day activities. Large parades with marching bands, floats, and Irish dancers are held in numerous cities across the world, including New York and Chicago.

In general, St. Patrick's Day is a day to honor Irish culture, history, and legacy. It's a fun and happy celebration that unites people in a sense of joy and friendship, whether or not they are Irish.

Why Is It Important?

In honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is a significant event that is observed all over the world. The holiday features a number of important components.

First and foremost, it is an occasion to honor Irish culture and tradition, which has a long history that dates back thousands of years. People can gain more knowledge of Irish customs, traditions, and contributions to the world by celebrating St. Patrick's Day. It's a day set aside to celebrate the accomplishments of Irish people and their contributions to society.

The celebration also has a religious component. St. Patrick's Day honors the introduction of Christianity to Ireland and St. Patrick's contribution to its expansion. According to legend, St. Patrick taught the Irish people about the Holy Trinity by using the three-leafed shamrock.

Overall, St. Patrick's Day is a chance for people to get together to recognize the religious aspect of the festival while also celebrating Irish culture, heritage, and history. It is a time to consider the contributions made by the Irish to the globe and to honor their distinctive traditions and practices.

St. Patrick’s Day Email Examples

Why It’s Important to Send Email on St. Patrick’s Day?

Emailing on St. Patrick's Day can strengthen relationships and increase engagement with customers, clients, or colleagues.

Businesses and organizations may find it crucial to send emails on St. Patrick's Day for a number of reasons. On St. Patrick's Day, it's crucial to send emails for the following reasons:

Boost Consumer Engagement: One efficient strategy to boost customer engagement with your company is to send subscribers an email with a St. Patrick's Day theme. You may draw in your audience and spark interest in your goods or services by capitalizing on the joyous holiday attitude.

Increase Brand Awareness: St. Patrick's Day offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd and increase brand recognition. Your brand's personality and voice can be highlighted by developing a special and imaginative St. Patrick's Day email campaign, which will help people remember your company favorably.

Increase Sales: St. Patrick's Day is a fantastic opportunity to advertise your goods and services and increase sales. To encourage your email subscribers to make a purchase, you might provide special offers or discounts. You may entice your customers to act and buy by sending them a thoughtful email campaign.

Client Connection: St. Patrick's Day is a joyous and festive celebration, and by sending a themed email, you may establish a personal connection with your customers. You can take advantage of the occasion to show your consumers how much you appreciate them and to develop your relationship with them.

In conclusion, sending emails on St. Patrick's Day can be a terrific method to interact with your audience, build brand recognition, promote sales, and improve relationships with clients. You may make the most of this joyous occasion by utilizing the Christmas spirit and creating a thoughtful email campaign.

Best St. Patrick’s Day Email Examples


The St. Patrick's Day email from Starbucks continues the company's tradition of innovative and captivating email promotions. They urged their subscribers to "get fortunate with a sip of the Irish Cream Cold Brew" in an email that included a green beverage.

Pottery Barn

A festive table arrangement with green dinnerware and decor was featured in Pottery Barn's St. Patrick's Day email promotion. The email was a promotion for their St. Patrick's Day sale, which featured special prices on a number of items.


J.Crew offered 17% off orders of $100 or more in addition to a selection of green clothes and accessories as part of their St. Patrick's Day email campaign.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot ran a St. Patrick's Day email campaign that included a promotion for free delivery on a number of green-themed home and garden products.


Birchbox focused its St. Patrick's Day email promotion on highlighting their green-themed cosmetics. The email advertised a promotion for a free gift with purchase with a green motif.


In an email marketing for St. Patrick's Day, McDonald's promoted their popular Shamrock Shake and urged recipients to "get your green on" with it.


The "Happy St. Patrick's Day" greeting was written in white letters behind a green Google logo in the company's straightforward yet impactful email campaign for St. Patrick's Day.


The St. Patrick's Day email campaign from Nike was straightforward but powerful. They urged their readers to "take on the day with a little Irish luck" and highlighted a running shoe with a green theme.

Uber Eats

The main goal of Uber Eats' St. Patrick's Day email campaign was to advertise delivery from Irish bars and eateries. An advertisement for free delivery from certain Irish businesses was included in the email.


Green eyeshadow and lipstick were used in a festive cosmetic look for Sephora's St. Patrick's Day email marketing. A free gift with purchase incentive was also included in the email.

St. Patrick's Day Email Marketing Best Practices

St. Patrick's Day Email Marketing Best Practices

The following St. Patrick's Day email marketing best practices can assist you in developing efficient and interesting email campaigns:

Start early

To guarantee that you have enough time to develop engaging content and promos, start planning your St. Patrick's Day email campaign well in advance.

Ensure simplicity

Your St. Patrick's Day email marketing needs to be crystal clear, succinct, and simple to read. Employ straightforward language and refrain from stuffing your email with excessive details or photos.

Employ festive imagery

Use festive imagery like leprechauns, clovers, and green color schemes to make your St. Patrick's Day email campaign stand out and exude the celebratory mood.

Personalize your email

Create customized emails by using the subscriber's name and previous purchase information to make them feel more engaging and pertinent to the recipient.

Add a call-to-action that is crystal clear

Your St. Patrick's Day email campaign needs to have a call-to-action (CTA) that is crystal clear and motivates readers to take action, such as buying something, signing up for a promotion, or sharing your email on social media.

Provide unique promotions

To encourage subscribers to make a purchase on St. Patrick's Day, offer exclusive deals or discounts.

Use segmentation

Create targeted, tailored emails that appeal to your audience by segmenting your email list based on subscriber behavior, interests, or past purchases.

Optimize for mobile

The majority of subscribers are likely to receive your email on their smartphone or tablet, so make sure your St. Patrick's Day email campaign is mobile-friendly.