What Is Email Automation? (2024 Guide)

E-mail automation is one of the most important channels in digital communication. Email automation is the process of scheduling emails in order to send them at a time that you prefer. Email automation allows marketers to schedule targeted messages or send them when a user takes a specific action on a website.

It is a very effective method to multiply existing leads, it can also be used to engage new customers and engage with past customers regularly, reminding them of your brand and informing them about new deals, promotions and more.

Today, we are all exposed to e-mail automations. For example; you sign up for a website and an automatic e-mail is sent to your e-mail address, this incoming e-mail is a mail directed by an e-mail automation and it’s delivered to you by the system. Sending certain messages to designated people by e-mail on specified dates is another type of e-mail automation, and these can be reminder e-mails (invoices, campaigns, credit card statements, subscriptions, etc.).

It’s not possible for businesses with millions of customers to send e-mails and inform their customers one by one, but they can do this in seconds with e-mail automation. Of course, this isn’t just a method used by large companies. It’s a system that can be easily used by small and medium-sized businesses and provides many benefits.

Why Should Companies Use E-Mail Automation?

First, let's consider the conditions where there is no e-mail automation in the company;

  1. You have a form on your site so that your customers can contact you, and your potential customer fills in that form and sends it to you. At this point, the employee that works in this field may miss or forget to respond. In the meantime, your potential customer waits for a reply, besides, he may experience uneasiness between the dilemma of whether his e-mail was delivered or not.
  2. Accounting firms request sales and purchase invoices from their customers every month. Sending e-mails to hundreds of customers every month in line with this request can cause a great loss of time, and accordingly, malfunctions and errors may occur.
  3. In a business system where reminder emails must be sent repeatedly, sometimes weekly or monthly, it’s difficult for employees to keep up with them manually and is costly for the company.
  4. Regular reminders of important issues on the agenda are physically and psychologically tiring and unsettling for employees.
  5. Forgotten, incorrectly prepared, sent to the wrong person or forwarded on the wrong date, e-mails may harm the company and may indirectly harm the company by reducing the motivation of the employees as a result of human error.
  6. Objections or requests of customers and potential customers to those who send e-mails can be a distracting factor for the company from time to time.what is email automation

What are the Advantages of Email Automation?

  • When someone signs up for your newsletter or fills out a contact form, a confirmation or welcome email is sent. The confirmation email reassures your customers or prospects that you have received their registration, and the welcome email helps develop the newly formed relationship.
  • If you want your emails to be opened, you can access your contacts' time zone and analytics data to determine the best time to send emails.
  • By targeting specific customers, you can only email them and get better feedback. For example; for a seminar to be held in Ankara, you can target your customers in Ankara and send e-mails by setting the dates as information and reminders.
  • As a result of minimizing the time allocated for sending e-mails in your company, you can direct your potential work volume to other areas and get maximum efficiency in other areas.
  • By minimizing the error rate in your standard e-mails sent every week and every month, you can increase the probability of gaining customers and strengthen your communication with your existing customers.
  • By sending regular e-mails to your customers and potential customers, you can make them feel valuable and ensure that they come to you first when needed.
  • By allowing users to unsubscribe from their e-mail subscriptions at any time, you provide the feeling that they are informed of their own volition, not as if they were forcibly exposed to e-mails. This increases respect for your company. Therefore, your company and people who are interested in your business will stay in your system, while unrelated people will unsubscribe, which will direct you to your real customers and avoid wasting time.

In Which Fields Can Companies Use E-Mail Automation?

E-mail automation is mostly used in the field of marketing. Customers and potential customers can be informed by sending e-mails to the designated people in the marketing department on the specified date, in many ways such as promotion, update, campaign, reminder and so on. The biggest benefit of doing these operations with e-mail automation is to be able to see how many people open e-mails and analyze who is interested in e-mails. This allows you to define your target customers in your next e-mail and increase your business potential with more accurate rates. It is very difficult to analyze the e-mails sent without using e-mail automation and to determine the accuracy of these analyzes.

If we consider the use of e-mail automation in sales processes; There are several stages in the sales process. These processes are; may continue as the first meeting, meeting, proposal and finalization of the proposal. All these processes have different names and titles. In this case, manually tracking them can be a waste of time. E-mail automation supports you here as a great power. You can easily access the desired customer lists, e-mails, contact information or offers by separating them by date, customer type or many more filters.

mail automationThe accounting department deals with issued invoices and miscellaneous payments and this can be a very busy job. Thanks to e-mail automation, you can reach customers in the fastest way and get results by minimizing this density. Collections are made at the end of each month and the customers are informed about this collection. When these processes are done manually, confusions, mistakes can be made or a customer can be missed. With e-mail automation, the expected payment from the customer can be reminded automatically at the end of each month, and the work can be carried out in a healthy way without being victimized on both sides.

In addition to customer relations, e-mail automation strengthens communication in company relations. For example; you can make your employees feel that they aren’t forgotten by setting the information that your employees care about, such as celebrating birthdays of employees and sending congratulatory e-mails, on the system. It’s easy to remember this information in companies with 5-10 people, but in companies with 50, 100, 500 and more employees, it’s not possible to remember the birthday of every employee. By sending these congratulatory e-mails, you can increase the motivation of your employees and remind them once again that they are valuable. This will strengthen both the sincerity of the company's value to its employees and the communication within the company.

Another usage area of e-mail automation is project management. Project managers can have many clients at the same time and be involved in many projects at the same time. Project researches, project tests and project deliveries of each customer are not carried out in the same way and are not carried out on the same date. When project managers do these responsibilities manually, they may fail due to not being able to concentrate enough. Thanks to e-mail automation, the information of each customer is kept at the set dates in separate places, and it is aimed to carry out the work faster by providing information, reminders and updates without the project managers having to do anything.

Your business needs email automation for many reasons. Ultimately, you can use email automation to nurture your customer relationships, gain new customer sales, and convert your new customers into repeat buyers. Keeping in touch with your customers means they will think of you more often.

Using Email Automation in Relationships with Customers

Email automation is an assistant and communication tool. We can record and manage all communications throughout the customer relationship lifecycle. If we consider some items from this life cycle, they can be;

  • Marketing
  • Emails to customers or potential customers
  • Analysis of opened emails
  • Sales
  • Projects
  • Surveys
  •  Announcement of new product services and customer approach

E-mail automation allows you to create corporate memory in relations with customers. It enables you to establish a strong bond with your customers, as it offers activities that can range from activities for the masses to the individual.

email automationAccording to a study, it was found that existing customers spend 69% more than new customers. Therefore, curbing your communication with your customer after the primary sale will definitely be a costly mistake. So after you make a sale, you can start an automated email campaign with your customers. By keeping your customers in the loop with next offers on your new and other products and services, you can lay the groundwork for your next business deal and build loyal customers to your company.

Here are a few points that you should pay attention to in the e-mails you can send to retain your customers;

  • You can thank your customer for their work with your company.
  • You can let your customers know when their purchased products will arrive or how they can activate your services.
  • You can check how satisfied they are with the products they buy with surveys.
  • You can test if they need more help with your products and services.
  • You can request a review by sending a survey form tailored to your customer's interests, and you can shape your next service according to the results of this survey.
  • You can grab your customers' attention by offering interesting and informative content as "gifts" without mentioning your company or services.

Mailsoftly Email Sending and E-Mail Automation Product

Our customers can perform the processes that need to be done regularly in project management by using e-mail automation via Mailsoftly. So, what can our customer companies do through this system?

  • Creating e-mail drafts
  • Adding various plugins
  • An email automation with weekly, monthly adjustments
  • An interface where they can manage the customer life cycle on the e-mail side and analyze how much it affects the customers

Our top quality e-mail automation offers your company as follows;

  • Sending e-mails to your customers and potential customers in bulk at the date and time you specify
  • Sending e-mails that you can strengthen your communication with your customers
  • Sending collection reminder emails in sales processes
  • Finding desired customers easily by filtering customers in project management
  • Not repeating the same transactions over and over by keeping customer information recorded
  • Emails celebrating the birthdays of your employees within the company
  • Performance evaluation emails
  • Promotion and welcome emails to attract potential customers
  • Campaign e-mails for you to re-establish business deals with your existing customers
  • Easy job tracking
  • Minimizing wasted time
  • Bringing the error rate closer to zero
  • The ability to direct your current job performance to other jobs by minimizing the intensity you experience while trying to communicate with your customers

As in every field, many things in companies are now progressing flawlessly and fluently thanks to software developers. It is possible with e-mail automation to turn your potential energy into profit by making things easier for your company, employees and customers!