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Valentine's Day Messages for Employees [2024] 

Valentine's Day is a largely celebrated holiday for those in a relationship. It is celebrated Globe-wide by family, friends, loved ones, and sometimes, employees. However, it is essential to note that frequently, people spend more time with their coworkers than they might with their family. So you do develop a friendship that can turn into a company of love. Not entailing that there are any romance rows behind it but truly just loving a friend. Often people make friendships that last a lifetime, so they leave work, so it is essential to remember that showing appropriate workplace love is also a vast Factor for Valentine's date. 

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From an employer perspective, you may not have the financial means to give your employees a reward or gift card for Valentine's Day, but it's still a great way to offer a heartfelt thank you and appreciation shown towards them. A famous quote from a book called Finding Happiness states, "people will never admit it, but money is not the only thing I desire most from their work ."If you genuinely let this thinking, you can appreciate the little things that go into your working environment that you may never notice.

Let's get some basics out of the way.

1. Appropriate - Now, this is very tedious ground to cover. The idea behind Valentine's Day is love regardless of the form or relationship that it shows. This is being said in the workplace and needs to be strictly appropriate and not cross boundaries. Terms of what is deemed appropriate in a workplace could often be based upon the type of work, where it is located, employee policies Etc many factors can affect what is deemed appropriate. If you have questions before sending it out of the campaign, don't hesitate to contact your HR team, as they will know the best way to handle the situation. With that being said, an inappropriate message to an employee, colleague, or Boss is something sweet and to the point but does not give any suggestive Behavior. As well as that, when it comes to imagery and colors used, keep it Valentine's day-themed in terms of colors. In terms of imagery, having Valentine's gift or a little interactive clip is okay if it is not suggestive. There are many gray lines when it comes to this, so please use your best judgment. 

Another piece that needs to be mentioned is the possibility of interoffice dating. More often than not, there's some relationship in the workplace, and making sure to make that couple not feel uncomfortable is essential. It is not anybody's place to pass judgment on their relationship because it is Valentine's Day, and it needs to be made clear that that is not okay. 

2. Fun / Funny - If your workplace is comfortable with comedy, this could be a great time to capitalize on a joke or funny Valentine's Day clip that makes the office chocolate. Once again, please use the appropriate form as it will be sent out to multiple people, and we do not want to cross boundaries. Also, keep in mind that funny and fun can be different for too many people. By catering to many personalities and professions, it is essential that no lines are crossed, or no jokes or images are pulled into question if they are appropriate.

3. To the point - When receiving something from a coworker regarding a holiday, you must keep their time in mind. Having it concise and to the point is very polite because they have other things to tend to as they are at their job. 

Valentine's Day Messages for Employees 2023

Need Ideas? We can help!

Sometimes figuring out where to start can be the hardest part! That is okay Mailsoftly always has ideas or examples and tips! Check out our other blogs for some advice or tips to make this easier!

  • Recommend restaurants next to the work area! In many workplaces, offices work late, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Sending out a list of highly recommended or credited restaurants to employees could help them in their Valentine's Day plans as they try to plan around their hectic schedules. It also shows your employees or coworkers that you are aware of what Day it is and you want to keep their job from being taken away from the fact that it is unique. Offering alternative methods or possible solutions to a dilemma they might run into due to their job is always a way to make employees feel valued. It also does a great job of promoting local restaurants in the area and can help their businesses grow.

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  • Send "love" notes of appreciation and thanks. This can be fun to incorporate Valentine's Day throughout the week. A fun and collaborative method and approach to this would be to write a "love" note to an employee every Day of the week that mentions how their effort is going noticed and that the passion they have in the workplace is astronomical. This is just an example of a way to show appreciation and thanks. If you have a more creative way within your company walls to go ahead and do this, you're welcome to it as just an idea. Although this may take a few minutes out of your day to write a note such as this, it will make a lasting impression on the employee and make their value to the company much deeper. 
  • Offer inspiration by decorating the office, making a theme for the holiday, or sharing a cute story or message. It is proven to enhance the workers' spirits daily if there is excitement in the air. It will not only improve their attitudes, but their professionalism and individual productivity can also increase. 
  • Share a love story; now, this may be incredibly personal if that type of workplace that you all prayed in, but if a manager or a leader within the workplace can share a story, it would cut people in the spirit. Everybody loves a good love story, and if it's coming from someone that you admire and look up to. You see that they are opening up to you in that aspect; it will encourage a healthy workplace and generate a conversation that's not solely work oriented. With that being said, an acute newsletter could be sent out with a little story about how Sally's Grandma and Grandpa met back in the Day. That in itself is perfect; the story is told, it's simple, and it's in a newsletter that everybody can read in their own time.
  • Take the time to celebrate some employees who genuinely stand out. This can be a fun way to incorporate into a Valentine's Day company newsletter by picking an employee that truly encompasses the company's spirit. An excellent way to go about this is somebody who's been with the company for a long time or who shows love for the company by going all out in their efforts. Having little recognition of that person will not only give an example of what other staff had the opportunity to do but also make the employee feel like their hard work is truly appreciated. 
  • Make it family-friendly. Offer something for the family to participate in. It could be as simple as sending everybody a gift card to the local ice cream shop down the street that would cover soup for Mom, Dad, and their child. Or it can be much more interactive by hosting a luncheon where they can bring their significant other and show them a day of what they do. The second option is a stretch, but it is an idea. There are many ways to make holidays family-friendly, as families have become a lot more tight-knit and do try themselves. I'll spend time together. It's always great to offer an alternative option where family is considered.

Valentine's Day Message Examples

We are going to offer some options, the first of which is Classic or Friendly. The second is comical - this is for those offices that had a workspace where comedy is not scarce. 

Valentine's Day Wishes for Coworkers

This is very similar to employees but as the hierarchy goes both ways a coworker is somebody who is at the same level in terms of position held. 

Valentine's Day Wishes for Coworkers

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Valentine's Day Wishes for Employees

This is very similar to coworkers but there is a hierarchy level if there is confusion in that regard. An employee is somebody who works directly under you. 

Valentine's Day Wishes for Employees

Valentine's Day Messages for Employees

Valentine's Day Wishes for your Boss

There are many great occasions to thank your Boss for everything they do. But, unfortunately, there is often a lot of weight on their shoulders that need to be more appreciated, now is the time to change that! 

Valentine's Day Wishes for your Boss

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Time to send it out!

Was Stalin time's Day such a nationally celebrated holiday? It's good to recognize it in the workplace as all celebrate it. That said, many factors go into the celebration, and making it work is appropriate. If the tips are followed that are mentioned here, you should be in the clear. There are many fun ways to approach Valentine's Day in the workplace, but that entirely depends upon your workplace environment and how things typically go on an everyday interaction. Refrain from assuming that you can break company policy or break the unspoken code within your office due to a holiday. Instead, create your Cole or classic email newsletter approach based on the vibe of your office. That said, if you are looking for a platform to send out your Valentine's Day emails to your staff or your Boss in a mass way, go ahead and check out Mailsoftly. Male softly offers flexibility in writing your email newsletter and the creativity behind it. It also allows for the easy creation of an email campaign or newsletter and is very user-friendly.