Email Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Email marketing campaigns plan on staying for a while, so you, Mideswell, use the time to get updated on the trends that will spark sales in 2023. Email Marketing is constantly evolving, offering many methods to keep an audience engaged and interactive. Every year we see a constant and emerging trend, and 2023 will be no exception. So let's dive into what 2023 will have to offer!

2023 Trends to follow

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Illustrations & Shapes:

Incorporating illustrations and geometric patterns/ shapes would be visually aesthetic in an email when used on a sole platform. This being said, when they are correctly integrated, they can enhance the entire user experience. The illustration and shapes will not replace images entirely but instead, work side by side to produce a message in a more effective manner which will lead to an increase in conversions. 

White Space:

Using white space, commonly referred to as negative space, has been a long-term approach in art. It helps eliminate the clutter and the overwhelming feeling that most subscribers get when there is too much at one time, often preventing the subscriber from reading or interacting with the email. There are two approaches to incorporating white space:

  • Passive White space is a blank border around the template, specifically the edges and the content. This space is referred to as passive white space.
  • Active White space incorporates negative space around elements that need to stand out, such as the CTA call to action. This space is referred to as functional white space. 

Abstract & Geometric Shapes: 

Incorporating abstract and geometric elements will make emails more eye-appealing and over all fun. Not taking over the entire email, of course, but instead integrating them into the header by using subtle illustrations or lightly incorporating them into the background. A lot of creativity is loading and ready to appear in 2023. The wave pattern has been mentioned, whose primary purpose is to break up the email using design features. Separating what looks like an entire email into minimal chunks and using graphics to do this can also increase readability and draw attention to the CTA or any other crucial elements. This is also seen with lines, breaking up images and using them for the depth they add to the modernness of an ad and the overall splash of color that is strictly a little less than overwhelming. 

Neon Colors:

Vibrant colors in 2023 are what we are here for! Adding a rich look to your email is fun and could offer the little grit you need to kick it off! They give the brand a youthful and outgoing look which is a great way to have positive outreach about the brand. There are some touchy unspoken rules about incorporating neon, and they go as follows:

  • Use neons sensibly 
  • Dark backgrounds will enhance neon colors
  • Don't use neon as the background, instead use it to enhance what is already on the page


APNG, known as Animated Portable Network Graphics, is similar to a GIF but better. APNG supports 8 - bit alpha transparency and 24 - bit colors, which means that the overall resolution is substantially higher than the resolution of a GIF. Incorporating this can add to the overall aesthetic and enhance what the message of the email campaign is trying to convey. Suppose this is done correctly and grabs the attention span of readers to point them in the right direction. Studies show that approximately 70% of marketers like to incorporate GIFs to increase engagement and drive conversion. 

  • Make sure to use reliable and trustworthy sources to create APNGs, such as Adobe and Photoshop
  • Compress the images and reduce the file size so the email still loads in an efficient manner
  • Limit the frames contained in the APNG
  • If there is a chance of Static Fallback, make sure the first frame has all the relevant information

Animated CTA:

For those who don't know what a CTA is, it is a call to action, often seen at the bottom of an email campaign and prompting you to click and continue to the product they are selling you. In 2023 they wish to animate these CTA and make them stand out and compel subscribers. There has been discussion of animating the CTA itself or animating what is surrounding the CTA.


Memes have skyrocketed. If you are unsure what a meme is, it is "an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users." They are prominent in social media, so it is only suitable to attempt and capitalize on them in email marketing. There are three main points to keep in mind, though, when incorporating memes in your 2023 emails:

  • Ensure that the meme is appropriate. Often they are intended to be crude jokes, so check with your team to see what is offensive.
  • The meme will only be effective if it relates to current trends or events. 
  • Credit Credit Credit the original creator; in the content-creating world, putting credit where due is essential out of respect and legal reasons as well. 

Interactive Content:

The most extensive email design trending in 2023 will be interactive content. It will take a small piece of information and transform it into a participatory experience that will catch subscribers' attention and potentially connect with the audience. Approximately 90% of marketers think interactive content differentiates brands and potentially increases sales. Therefore, it will not be shocking when even more brands obtain this method of wanting to incorporate interactive content. There are a couple of ways this can be done, such as making campaign content heavy, dynamic call-to-action buttons and testimonials, etc. However, with this growth in mind, it is essential to recognize that not everybody will be converting to interactive, so the option of simplicity also needs to be there. 

Customized Imagery: 

As the world gets more complex, the imagery that is included needs to be more involved as well; that is the only way to catch the attention of people looking at generic emails all day. Stay away from generic pictures, images, and icons. It may take more time and effort to customize imagery, but it will go a long way, and customers will appreciate its uniqueness. Ensure the images don't look cheap instead of taking the time to create premium-level photos, avoiding the risk of making the brand look tacky. 

Less Text, More Visuals:

The classic saying a picture says a thousand words could not be more prevalent than with email marketing. There are many instances where we have seen images stealing the show rather than anything written. It will not be slowing down; studies have shown an increase in conversion when subscribers are offered the option of viewing an image as opposed to text. The human brain processes visual content almost 60,000 times faster than a text block. Using images, illustrations, photos, and graphics to grab and retain the user's focus is the new wave for 2023, so make sure the presented content is indeed attention-grabbing. 

Include the Faces of Models: 

 The human brain wants to detect faces, and it is in our nature that we choose to identify the beginning before we notice almost anything else. This is called social attention, and it will be making a booming appearance in 2023. The inclusion of faces and seeing expressions not only makes the campaigns more inclusive but it does aids in the emotional tie to the photo as well.

Creative Product Display: 

The amount of effort that goes into the unnoticed product display is uncanny. Product display is quite literally how an item is introduced to the world. Coming into 2023 creative product displays are what is going to make the difference. As mentioned, it is how a product is introduced into the world. Therefore it must be eye-catching, appealing, intriguing, and make an impactful first impression. There are many instances where this product display takes off, such as floating images, 3D imagery, and unique, irregular shapes and patterns. This is an attempt to make designs modern, as that is what is currently trending. There is the discussion above of APNG, and when these two are combined, the return is not only based upon clicks, but conversion will be astonishing. 


As the complexity of designs increases, the email marketing world will also see many advances. This is a great time to discuss the aesthetics that go into the 2023 email marketing campaigns. When marketing increases its interactiveness, it will be limited for the time being as it is a new marketing atmosphere. The significant advances we will see are the call to action because those need to be the most intriguing. As we mentioned before, some graphics will be added to the border and the product displays.  

Dark Mode:

Dark mode has slowly integrated into life through apple products, so it is an idea that people are already used to. It is a modern feature that email marketers are adapting to, allowing for more creativity, and a pop of color will go a much longer way. The popularity of dark mode is excellent because it is proven to be better for eyes to adjust to as the white light is aggressive. In addition, it has been shown to improve sleep as the eye strain is not nearly as severe. These qualities can create an atmosphere to explore and scroll through an email at a much slower pace, as it does not affect your eyes. 

This can also help keep subscribers' attention for extended periods due to the reading flow. As mentioned above, with the ability to integrate color, the call to action can now be bright as it will truly grab the subscriber's attention. There are some things to keep in mind:

  • Stay away from the Long text
  • Use contrast 
  • Color psychology
  • Colors that are on brand
  • Never use solid black

Fancy Lists:

Lists often speak to a specific type of people, and when they are included, it speaks volumes. Frequently you see business owners use them to reveal their new and upcoming products. Or they are used to highlight the benefits and vital information that will affect your shopping experience. Email designers have adopted quite a few unique and fun approaches to doing this, such as color, symbols, imagery, illustrations, animated icons, and anything that can catch attention—making sure to make a statement with unique, stylish, and creative ways to retain the subscriber's attention. 

We love a good hand:

There is specific attention to hands when they are included in an ad and the attention they catch. People are always curious as to what the individual is holding. Attempt in 2023 to use images that incorporate hands for highlighting specific products.

Inclusivity is never going out of style:

As the world evolves we are all adjusting to inclusivity, 2023 is the year that creating inclusive emails will take off. In recent years it has been challenging to navigate as some lack awareness, biases, technical difficulties, and personalization. This is no excuse; organizations need to make the uncomfortable to see real growth. It differentiates from business to business and depends on the target audience, but being universal about inclusivity will build trust with the brand, send a straightforward message and create credibility. If you are curious about how to educate your brand: 

  • Gender-Neutral TermsTrends in 2023 email marketing
  • Color inclusive
  • Body Positive Images
  • Segmentation
  • Accessibility audits 
  • Making the templates friendly on mobile devices

Let's Recap for 2023!

There were a lot of upcoming trends mentioned above, so take your time. Review what you think is practical to incorporate into your email marketing campaign. The trends arriving for the 2023 year will be the spark of flavor that we are all looking for. This being said, it may get hard to do, so it is much easier to use the software. This is an excellent opportunity to check out Mailsoftly and its unique approach to email marketing campaigns. The originality and simplicity of the process are much more user-friendly so take the time to explore how to make your life easier!