Best New Year's Email Templates

Happy Early New Year! Our email styles must also advance as we move through the holiday season. With the excitement of buying gifts, everybody is looking for a deal. Christmas season is upon us, and then it will be New Year. What other great way to start the New Year if it is not receiving a 2023 welcome?

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season calls for a lot of distractions and might be forgotten aspects. This being said, it is essential to buckle down on those customs and emphasize the basics. Using templates make it easier to insert the desired information and send it out as a campaign, only focusing on the details of one email template. You are then able to use an algorithm to personalize the emails, adding a special touch to stand out to recipients. Templates greatly simplify the process, but do not forget to allow creativity to seep in. New Years is a time where you are able to stray from the ideal branding image and get festive, take the opportunity! Lets check out some basics that make a simple difference, but risk that chance of being overlooked.

Holidays are Exciting but never forget the Email Basics.

  • Call - To - Actions - are essential in an email; the ultimate goal is to generate website traffic and increase sales. The email may be intriguing, but the call to action button seals the deal.
  • Email Frequency - Push out those emails! One email is not going to get the desired results; emails are often overlooked, so you must be diligent in sending out multiple to ensure you catch readers' attention. 
  • Subject Line - Nobody ever clicked on something boring. It is New Year! Use this opportunity to spice up your subject line and catch your readers' attention. We will elaborate more on this below!
  • Mobile Device Friendly - It is proven that as of May 2022, approximately 46% of recipients open their emails on their mobile devices, so it is essential that emails are made friendly. This is an easy fix to gaining customers as the email still reads well and tells a compelling story. 
  • Email Design - Design matters! This will be elaborated on later, but the design is key; it initially draws the reader's attention.
  • Personalization - Add a personal touch; this makes the recipient feel appreciated and recognized. Emails flood the inbox, especially at this time of year and one of the only opportunities to stand out is to make an email personalized. 
  • Right time - Nobody checks their email at 2 am on a Tuesday. Be aware of the time you are sending out emails. Looking more profound than the time zones in countries but also being conscious of different states to ensure that your email doesn't get overlooked. 

10 ways to make your New Years email stand out

Below is a collection of tips to help make your New Years email stand out and hopefully make the process easier! Go ahead and check them out!

  1. Help them Celebrate - New Year is chaotic; resolutions are being made, parties are being thrown, and kisses when the ball drops. It would be a great idea to capitalize on this chaos and offer a way to help and make a difference. Whether this is tips and tricks or just a better way to stay true to their resolution, it expresses that you care about making their new year a great one!
  2. Ask for Suggestions - Asking for Feedback or ideas is a great way to engage the audience and make them feel heard. They are providing a chance at the end of the year to give ideas on how the company can be better and show the subscribers and readers what they say matters. At this time, customers genuinely appreciate when their voices are heard, so even acknowledging that they have a say could go a long way.
  3. Reflect on what those business achievements were - Do a yearly recap; in this recap, you can emphasize sales quotas that you hit, new best-selling products, how the company gave back in many other things that stand out to the company, as well as the customers. Showing the customers are recipients of the company's success only built more Trust in whether the company can provide. 
  4. Reflect on the client's achievements - Share staff without the clients, how many purchases they made in the year, what level of membership they have, and the way they've provided to give back to the business. Emphasizing that the customers and recipients play a role in how the company is perceived and how well they do. 
  5. Offer the Deal of the Year! - It's the end of the year, so we might as well go out with a bang. This is often a time to offer a deal that comes around less often—showing customers and recipients that our version of celebrating the new year is giving them an irresistible value as a thank-you for their loyalty to the brand. 
  6. Reward Loyal Customers - Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded because they have significantly contributed and proven themselves to trust the brand truly. With this being said, you are gifting them something to start the new year or close out the previous year, and a great way to show them that you are grateful that all day is contributed throughout the last year. 
  7. Share the New Year Spirit - A great way to share the New Year spirit is to raise money for a better cause. Customers and recipients love to see that the brand is giving back to the community and creating an excellent way to bring on the new year with a positive image.
  8. Round up the user's activity - Wrap it all up, literally. This is an excellent opportunity to give your customer or recipient a yearly reflection on their contributions to the brand; well, clothing or money spent shows the customer how much they've engaged.
  9. Excited the Subscribers - Show the customers something they have not seen before or yet, and doing this shows them something that will drop in the year 2023 or something that's going to make a comeback in the year 2023 as long as you were giving them something to look forward to in the future.
  10. Best wishes - as we end this year and start a new one. Say thank you for a customer or recipient's service or loyalty to the brand. They are making it clean and simple to convey that they are appreciated. This is a great way to engage with customers while keeping it sweet and to the point. 

Design Ideas

  • Festive Elements -Try to do something New Year's themed, including pretty fireworks and confetti or great ways to emphasize that it is New Year but not super overwhelming. You rarely get to go out of the design template for your specific brands taking advantage of the opportunity when you do.
  • Brand Towards the Holidays - If you are not trying to be overwhelmed by sending emails for Christmas and New Year's, you're more than welcome to combine the two. Adding a few New Year's sprinkles to a classic Christmas email, it's a cute way to emphasize that both are coming up if your brand has something to offer.
  • Make it promotional with deals - Incorporating deals such as "only one more day of the year to use 40% of" or something along those lines is a cute way to incorporate a sail into wrapping up the year. Pushing some deals out before another quarter begins is always a great way to go out with a bang.
  • Countdown timers - Something that is spicy and we'll catch the attention of subscribers and readers is to include a countdown timer. We are grabbing the reader's attention and creating a sense of urgency among subscribers and readers, meeting them to add things to the cart and make impulsive purchases. 
  • Less is More - Keeping it primary will never go out of style. Sometimes the less you say, the more effective it is to the reader. Short and to the point gets the message along the same as something flashy and significant; sometimes, even simplistic catches the viewer's eye because they are so automated to ignore flash-sale emails.
  • Promote interaction - a great way to do this is to include a survey; including a survey means that you value the opinion of the recipients and customers. You are always trying to better your brand and taking feedback so you can go into the 2023 year with fresh ideas and a new way to approach customers. 
  • Subject Lines - A great way to look at your subject line is as if they were a cell person; a great salesperson can take an idea of purchase and make you go through with it. Approximately 47% of emails are opened because of their subject line. Here are a couple of creative ones to include:
    • Let's toast to a good deal!
    • New Year's eve essentials etc. 
    • Shop Essentials for the New Year
    • Our New Year's gift? 25% off the entire week!
    • Send 2022 out with a Bang 

Let us check out some Examples.

Aveda - This brand does a great job of keeping it simple but getting the message across. I love the creativity of incorporating the rooster year and having that conditioner Focus. And there's a call to action on that first image page asking to shop for gifts. Because you look below, it says new year, new hair, and offers a deal if you spend a certain amount of money and use a code, you get five-piece hair care. So not only will they get you to spend money, but they will reward you for spending that money.



Spotify - Spotify has continuously done a wrapped-up summary of their subscribers' music preferences, podcasts, short videos, playlists that were often streamed, etcetera—choosing to fully engage with their customers by making it very creative and Interactive so customers can anticipate receiving the female. It has now become a trend that when you get your details wrapped in Details, it has become a trend to post them on social media, so others can engage with them. Creating this anticipation that subscribers get to receive their rap notification was a great marketing tactic for Spotify as it is something the only Spotify releases and its unique design and colors are very intriguing.





Loft -This is very creative in their email campaign by emphasizing the fireworks on New Year's and combining that by saying a flash sale to match the flash of the fireworks. It's very simplistic and leads to a quick shopping link on their website. If you look in the fine print on the top of the image, you can see that it says "free shipping on all orders of 125 or more". 




Legacybox - To bring it all in, Legacybox does a great job adding the gold Sparkles to make my email twinkle. As well as mentioning the sale is too good to end, it would have had it extended for one more day. However, if you use the code toast, you qualify for the deal. It's a cute play on words because New Year's toasts are typically made to commemorate the past year. So they allow customers to use the coupon code toast to extend the deals. 


Wrap it all up

To wrap it up and put a nice little bow on the best New Year's templates, keep a few things in mind. New Year's is a time to think outside the box and get creative with your email campaigns. There are great tips and ideas mentioned above, but ensure you're keeping them accurate to your brand. It is a great way to incorporate Corky subject lines, fun imagery, and superb sales. Mailsoftly allows you to have this individualization in your emails. It makes the process easier, so you can focus on your creativity instead of your step-by-step attention to detail. Trusting male softly to be your partner in crime this holiday season as you embark on an email in Campaign Journey.