Nonprofit Valentine's Day Email Examples [2024]

Let us break this into two parts to understand how they come together fully. First, Valentine's Day is when Love is held to the highest standard of the year. The idea of Love can be shown in many forms. The typical Icing on the cake form of Love is a gift, dinner, or flowers. If you love your pet, you can show forms of Love by buying them gifts and treats. Frequently you see the state of Love in emails sent from companies that contain idealists for gifts for them or some fun Valentine's Day discount. Second, Valentine's Day can also be based around showing Love and thanks towards somebody because they are the person they are. 

Then there's a nonprofit, an organization composed of people for a purpose other than generating a profit. By no means does any of the organization's income get collected by members, directors, or officers, which means that most nonprofit Charities must get their Revenue from donations, Grants, and memberships. There is also no owner of a nonprofit; they have a nonprofit's founders who are not permitted to profit or benefit from the organization's net earnings. However, they can also generate Revenue by promoting and selling branded products. Frequently an expense that a nonprofit organization may have to pay is rent or mortgage. There are three main types of nonprofits by which an organization can identify: public charities, private foundations, and private operating foundations. 

Valentine's Day can be more than just the chocolates, and the flowers received. Being a nonprofit organization means that you need to get creative in how you collect donations, funds, grants, etc. this can be done on multiple platforms, such as showing Love to children in need, rescuing pets, or just helping the homeless. The idea behind Valentine's Day is showing Love which all of these acts stem from in some manner. Research shows that appealing to emotions can lead to more donations, so why not use this chance of an emotional Love Field holiday to try and profit to increase the chances of contributions? Giving back is a form of Love, and almost anybody can get behind that idea. 

Suppose the organization needs to put on a nonprofit fundraising event. Why not tie it to Valentine's Day and the tremendous escalating height behind it? Celebrate? Love is in the way of giving back. Giving people a reason to leave their house in the cold month of February can stem a desire to help others. Using the desire to draw them into a world where Love is more than gifts; Love is working together to make the world a better place for someone besides themselves. There are many ways to incorporate Valentine's Day into a nonprofit campaign, but we'll go ahead and walk through some ideas and examples of where you could start your journey. 

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10 Examples of What could be included in a Non - Profit Valentines Day collaboration

  1. Catchy Slogans or Poems - Valentine's Day is typically associated with love poems, and roses are red violets are the blue type of slogans. That being said, it is an excellent time for a nonprofit to twist a slogan to draw attention to the cause it is trying to support. Often you can see a play on words during Valentine's Day as it is fun and comedic to Twisted, a holiday focused on appreciating something besides yourself. A great example of this would be if you were to have a nonprofit that is supposed to save otters. A fun plan could be "I'm Otterly in love with you, Happy Valentine's Day ."This is fun and attention-grabbing as it catches somebody off guard if they were to scan it. Making them reread it and pay attention to the fact that there was a plan word can hone them in on donating to the nonprofit.
  2. Ways to Give Back - Often, a lot of Brands during Valentine's Day create a list of gifts that you should give her if you were the other gender. a nonprofit can take this and spin it in a way to offer a list of different ways to participate within the nonprofit. Essentially a list of different ways to give back. This can be fun and Innovative as it can be shown as a list that one would think is a recommendation of gifts but would have a nonprofit spin on it. Having the option of donating time, donating any money, or becoming a member Etc whichever options work within the nonprofit that you are creating this campaign for, there are different options to make this list. This is also very beneficial as it can promote different ways to advertise what your nonprofit does and how people can get involved if they want to do so.
  3. Thank your supporters for their donations - first and foremost, brands often use Valentine's Day to show Love and support to those loyal to purchase products or their subscriber list. In this case, a nonprofit can take this opportunity to reach out and say thank you to its supporters for their donations and their time, as a nonprofit does most of its work through other people's contributions. Creating a fun and cute email newsletter from the nonprofit founders would come off as a very appreciative and thoughtful way to show the Love forward.
  4. [Nonprofit] loves you - Show some love during the holiday season. A nonprofit can create an email marketing campaign that goes straight to the member or volunteer, is handwritten, and shows appreciation. This can come off a lot like thinking of the supporters for the donations, but somebody who donates and contributes their time is in entirely different categories. Having the nonprofit personally reach out to those who have gone out of their way and gotten their hands dirty by helping deserves their appreciation.
  5. Donate in the Name of Valentine's Day - Tug on those heartstrings. Valentine's Day has developed with it as the world has grown. They are promoting the idea of looking outside of yourself and looking at the bigger picture of the world to show Love in different ways. People often think of Valentine's Day and couples and gifts, but what if changing the Outlook could benefit the nonprofit? Promoting an event such as donating in the name of Valentine's Day offers the ability for somebody to show Love towards a cause as opposed to showing Love towards another person. This is a great time to tug on those heartstrings where people may be a little bit more sensitive because it is a season of Love that can be a positive outlook for them.
  6. Let's look at the Love we have shared this year - This can be generic as the nonprofit can take this opportunity to reflect on everything it did in the previous year. Having a look at the Love we shared can be based upon the idea of everything that the nonprofit has done based upon its donations and how it's given back to the community etc. Sending out a generic email that includes a timeline of corporate events that have happened And maybe throwing in some additional quotes from those you've helped and how much they've loved the support of the nonprofit can go a long way and show those individuals that they are making a difference. It can also warm their hearts because they see that the world they're trying to better is appreciating them for the little steps that they are taking.
  7. Happy Valentines [Non-Profit] - This is similar to looking at the Love we've shared this year, but instead, it is making it individualized. Why does somebody donate money or donate their time? It needs to be recognized and pointed out as they go to do something for the greater good. Reflecting on how they've contributed in the recent year or their whole time with the nonprofit is a great way to remind them of the difference they make. Saying Happy Valentine's Day from [Non-Profit] is a way to show the individual that the nonprofit truly appreciates and loves them. What better way or time to do this than on a day centered around Love? 
  8. Thank Donors for their time - This is just a simple thank you. There is nothing about it, no other information or anything around it; just reaching out and saying thank you for showing appreciation. This seems super simplistic, as I'm sure thank yous are constantly passing around a nonprofit, but to hone in on reaching out from the organization itself and possibly incorporating a quote or an image from a recent project is a great way to warm somebody's heart. 
  9. Create a Donation campaign for a current disaster - This is an approach a nonprofit can take to Reach Out and make the holiday Valentine's Day more than just about themselves. As we all know, Valentine's Day is centered around the idea of Love, which can be expressed in any shape or form to anybody or anything. There are many ways to create a donation around Valentine's Day; for example, in 2023, there was flooding, and many homes were destroyed in California. There is the international option where you could donate to Ukraine if that is something that your nonprofit supports or even contribute to the coral reefs and animals. There are tons of different options which you can promote. Using Valentine's Day as a time to give back to something more significant than yourselves and pushing that idea as a nonprofit could be very beneficial as people typically have larger Hearts during that time. 
  10. Share the Love - This is a promotional campaign that a nonprofit could run in correlation to Valentine's Day. Sharing the Love by adding donors, adding subscribers, spreading the word, or even simply posting something is a fun way to involve your audience. Sharing the Love on Valentine's Day can be a social media campaign promoted through email marketing where if you share the link within the email to 10 of your friends, you enter to win something the nonprofit can't offer. This can be played with and adapted to whatever the state of the nonprofit is, but it is a fun way to spread the word, encourage a little competitiveness, and ultimately at the end of the Day, even if you get one, you subscribe to a new person who can help you and your cause. 

Now that there are tons of ideas from which you can create your nonprofit Valentine's Day email marketing campaign, be sure to only focus on one of the examples. You never want to overwhelm your audience and make them feel like all this information is being thrown at them, especially around a holiday. Make sure that the subject line is catchy when creating this email campaign and promotes whichever example you choose. For example, if you're choosing to donate in the name of Valentine's Day, then go ahead and include that in the subject line. This has a much higher chance of a click-opening rate than just another Valentine's Day thrown in their faces. 


There are many options in which you can approach a nonprofit Valentine's Day email marketing campaign. You can also focus your campaign's direction in many ways. With all that in mind, you want to ensure that the nonprofit's voice is never lost in the hustle and bustle of whatever you're promoting. Using a platform such as Mailsoftly allows for flexibility in the campaign and proofs every email before it is sent out. These features allow for a positive and reliable experience. When sending out an email marketing campaign, it can be hard to go through and pick out the errors; with Mailsoftly, that is made easy. As mentioned earlier in the post there are many ways that love can be expressed within the holiday of Valentine's Day besides just couple love.  Love can be working together to make the world a better place for someone besides themselves. Let's hope this article can encourage that for others.